Benefits and Advantages

            It can be assembled and disassembled for use as needed.

            If you stack it all together, it's only approx. 6" high

            3/16" (.190") Twice as thick as 12gauge steel and lighter.

            This will allow you to stay on top of the water if need be.

            It can be handed down to future generations or taken with you if moving.

            No one will know you own it. in the event of a very bad disaster others may harm you to get into it.

            Even a 6-8 year old child could understand the way it goes together and do it with help.   

            Because of it's hexagon shape, it's extremely crush proof, wind proof, and floats.

            The only shelter that is 100% water tight to allow for the worst of water conditions.

            Can be trailer mounted in it's assembled state, if travel becomes a must.

            The 4 corner hold downs will allow the shelter to be secured to the ground or any structure.

            They can also be removed from inside and plugged  if a water hazard happens.

            Easy to handle when shown how to assemble.

         Enough room for all your papers, photos, pets.