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FLORIDA DRIVER TURNS ONTO RAIL LINE, THEN GOESTO SLEEP: A 19-year-old Florida man facinga DUI told police he drove onto a portion of CSX track and was sideswipedby a passing commuter train. He was then found asleep, but said that hehad turned onto the right-of-way while following GPS directions. He wasnot injured, but he faces a number of charges. [U.S. News & WorldReport, 12-31-19]

GUINEA RAILWAY ORDERS 14 HEAVY-HAUL FREIGHTLOCOMOTIVES: Guinea Railway has orderedfrom CRRC 14 heavy-haul freight locomotives, class 3.28MW, to be deliveredin 2020 for use on the Dasheng Railway in northwestern Guinea. [InternationalRailway Journal, 12-31-19]

DELAWARE WANTS TO SAVE ABANDONED R.R. SWINGBRIDGE: Delaware officials want to preservean abandoned railroad swing bridge spanning the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal, butfinding a new home for it will be a challenge. The bridge was taken outof service in 2017, and has since dropped at least seven inches and erosionhas increased around the bridge. One solution is to move the structure toGreat Marsh Park, and the idea is being considered. The state departmentof transportation says if the a plan is not finalized soon, the bridge willneed to be demolished. [Railway Track & Structures, 12-30-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Fifty-three percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending December 29, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived onehour and two minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 12-30-19]

PATCO INSTALLS NEW ELEVATOR AT HADDONFIELD STATION: The Port Authority Transit Corp. has completed installationof a new elevator at the Haddonfield station in New Jersey, as part of a$31-million project to install elevators at all PATCO stations. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-30-19]

SOUTH DAKOTA TO SELL SIOUX VALLEY LINE: The South Dakota State Railroad Board has authorizedits department of transportation to negotiate the sale of Sioux Valley Lineto L.G. Everest Inc. [Progressive Railroading, 12-30-19]

SALE OF GENESEE & WYOMING IS COMPLETE: Freightwaves is reporting that the purchase of Genesee& Wyoming by affiliates of GIC and Brookfield Infrastructure is nowcomplete. [Railway Track & Structures, 12-30-19]

BEIJING METRO IS NOW THE WORLD'S LARGEST: The start of trial operation on two extensions to theBeijing Metro on Dec. 28 has made the city's metro the world's largest,displacing Shanghai. [International Railway Journal, 12-30-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN CREW SICKENED BY MIST IN VA.: Norfolk Southern train crew members became sickened aftertheir train passed through a 'mist' late Dec. 28 in Suffolk, Va., and afire and rescue team responded for a possible hazmat situation. The reportedmist was not found by the team, but the matter is under investigation. [13News, 12-28-19]

BICYCLIST STRUCK, KILLED BY AMTRAK TRAIN INVA.: A 55-year-old bicyclist was killedafter a collision with an Amtrak train Dec. 27 in Suffolk,Va. There were135 passengers on the train at the time, and nobody on the train was injured.The train was en route to Norfolk. [Washington Post, 12-28-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: In the week ending December 21, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 507,589 carloads and intermodal units, a drop of 10.5 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,12-27-19]

N.Y. GOVERNOR PROPOSES NEW HIGH-SPEED RAIL PLAN: New York Governor Cuomo has proposed a new plan for developinghigh-speed service on Amtrak's Empire corridor connecting New York City,Albany and Buffalo. Plans had been previously presented in other administrationsthat never came to fruition, but a new panel of engineers will review thosepast studies, as well as studies in other countries, to develop updatedrecommendations for the state. [Progressive Railroading, 12-27-19]

NEW ORLEANS RESTORES STREETCAR SERVICE TO AMTRAKSTATION: The New Orleans Regional TransitAuthority has restored streetcar service to Union Passenger Terminal Amtrakstation. Streetcars in the city suffered disruptions and suspensions onfour of five lines following the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel that wasunder construction near Canal street. Service has now resumed on Loyolaavenue via the 47-Canal Cemeteries line, and was extended on Canal streetvia the 2-Riverfront line. Canal street service will run from the FrenchMarket to a stop at Carondelet street. Service also resumed on the Riverfrontline in November. [Progressive Railroading, 12-27-19]

CHINA OPENS TWO MORE HIGH-SPEED RAIL LINES: China National Railways opened two more high-speed lineson Dec. 26: the Nanchang-Ganzhou section of the Beijing-Hong Kong line,and the Qianjiang-Changde Railway. [International Railway Journal, 12-27-19]

VIETNAM TO RENEW PASSENGER RAIL FLEET: Vietnam National Railways plans to purchase 300 new coachesand additional locomotives by 2023, and to upgrade its existing coaches.[International Railway Journal, 12-27-19]

MBTA TRAIN DERAILS, NO INJURIES: A coach of a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authoritytrain derailed at low speed Dec. 26 in Boston's Fenway neighborhood, butno injuries were reported. There were no passengers on the car that derailed,and it remained upright. The incident caused significant delays for theFramingham/Worcester line. [Boston Globe, 12-26-19]

MAN STRUCK, KILLED BY Q TRAIN IN BROOKLYN: A man was struck and killed by a Q train early Dec. 26at the Newkirk Plaza station near Foster avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y., resultingin delays on the B and Q lines. [NYC Patch, 12-26-19]

N.Y. TRANSIT TO MAKE 70 STATIONS ADA ACCESSIBLE: New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authorityhas added 20 stations to its previously-approved list of 50 stations forupgrading to ADA standards in its proposed 2020-2024 capital plan. The agencywill receive $5.2-billion toward the 70-station accessibility project. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-26-19]

CP HOLIDAY TRAIN RAISED OVER $1.49-M, COLLECTEDOVER 238,000 POUNDS OF FOOD: The 21st annualCanadian Pacific holiday train recently wrapped up its North American tour.While final numbers are still being calculated, it raised more than $1.49-million(C) and collected 238,393 pounds of food. [Railway Age, 12-26-19]

N.C. EXPECTS TO BENEFIT FROM VA. RAIL GROWTHPLAN: Virginia has landed a game-changingdeal with CSX, and North Carolina is hoping it spurs high-speed rail growthin its state. CSX is going to allow North Carolina to purchase about 10miles of right-of-way in Warren Coounty, and Virginia is going to get itshands on another 65 miles of CSX line. Tracks between Ridgeway and Petersburg,N.C., were removed over 30 years ago, and the line between Raleigh and Ridgeway,N.C., has experienced limited use by CSX. North Carolina wants to establisha high-speed route between Ridgeway and Petersburg on CSX's S-line, andis not ruling out a commuter rail service between the two points. [RailwayTrack & Structures, 12-26-19]

HANOI COMPLETES ITS FIRST METRO LINE: Construction of Hanoi's first metro line, an elevatedroute of eight miles, has reportedly been completed, with the final safetychecks currently underway. [International Railway Journal, 12-26-19]

TRANSPORT STRIKES IN FRANCE ENTER 20TH DAY: Tens of thousands of people hoping to spend Christmaswith their families in France face travel misery as crippling transportstrikes enter their 20th day. The country's national rail operator SNCFsays that up to 40 pct of high-speed trains have been canceled, along withup to 20 pct of regional rail services. [BBC, 12-24-2019]

TWO DIE AS TRAIN STRIKES SUV IN TENNESSEE: Two people are dead after a freight train struck an SUVat a rail crossing in Philadelphia, Loudon County, Tennessee just afternoon on Christmas Eve, authorities said. [Knox News 12-24-19]

FATAL BUS ACCIDENT IN INDONESIA: A 52-seat bus plunged into a 260-foot ravine and fast-flowingriver late Dec. 23 on Indonesia's Sumatra Island. At least 28 people diedand 13 others were injured, but there may have been other victims. Survivorssaid the vehicle's brakes apparently failed, but police are still investigatingthe accident. [The Guardian, 12-24-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-four percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending December 22, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived onehour and 17 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 12-23-19]

NYC TRANSIT REOPENS TWO STATIONS: New York City Transit has reopened the 168th street subwaystation after a nearly year-long project to replace and upgrade elevatorsat the 100-year-old station. The agency also reopened its elevated Astoriaboulevard station in Queens after a nine-month rehabilitation. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-23-19]

RUSSIA OPENS RAIL ROUTE TO CRIMEA: Russia on Dec. 23 opened a rail route linking Russia'stwo largest cities to Crimea. [N.Y. Times, 12-23-19]

CSX TRAIN DERAILS NEAR CINCINNATI: A CSX train derailed early Dec. 22 along the Ohio Riverwest of Cincinati, sending seven or eight cars off the tracks, and in turncaused another 11 to 12 cars from a parked train to derail. No injurieswere reported. [CNN, 12-22-19]

CP TRAIN STRUCK BY AVALANCHE: A Canadian Pacific train has been hit by an avalanchein Glacier Park east of Revelstoke, B.C. There were no injuries, accordingto the railroad. [Abbotsford News, 12-22-19]

WRONG-WAY DRIVER KILLED BY LIGHT-RAIL TRAININ PHOENIX: Police in Phoenix say a wrong-waydriver is dead after colliding with a light-rail train early Dec. 22. Therewere no injuries aboard the train, but the impact caused the train to derailand strike a light pole. [U.S. News & World Report, 12-22-19]

CSX TRAIN DERAILS ON BRIDGE AT HARPERS FERRY,TWO CARS TOPPLE INTO POTOMAC RIVER: A CSXfreight train crossing the Potomac River at the Maryland-West Virginia stateline in Harpers Ferry derailed seven cars early Dec. 21, with two cars fallinginto the river. There were no injuries and no hazardous materials were involved.The bridge shares a pedestrian walkway, which has been closed due to damage.[WTOP, 12-21-19]

MAN STRUCK, KILLED BY LIGHT-RAIL TRAIN IN DENVER: A man was struck and killed late Dec. 20 by a light-railtrain that travels between Denver and Golden, Colorado, authorities said.The train's operator saw the man and sounded the horn, but was unable tostop prior to impact. [U.S. News & World Report, 12-21-19]

VIRGINIA UNVEILS $3.7-B PLAN FOR PASSENGER RAILNETWORK: Virginia has unveiled a $3.7-billioninvestment plan to expand service across the state's rail network, whilesimultaneously creating a pathway to separate passenger and freight operationson the Washington-Richmond CSX corridor. Execution of the plan will beginbefore the end of next year, and includes a new Long Bridge spanning thePotomac River, acquisition of more than 350 miles of rail right-of-way and225 miles of track, and 37 miles of new track improvements including a Franconia-Springfieldbypass. Improvements to be phased in over the next 10 years include doublingthe number of Virginia Amtrak trains, providing nearly hourly Amtrak servicebetween Washington and Richmond, increasing Virginia Railway Express serviceby 75 percent along the I-95 corridor with 15-minute invervals during peakperiods, and adding weekend service. There will also be increases to NewportNews and Norfolk runs, and preserving an existing freight corridor betweenDoswell and the west for future passenger service. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 12-20-19]

FUNDING SECURED FOR MARC SERVICE IN W.VA. PANHANDLE: West Virginia has announced a $3.4-million agreementwith Maryland to continue MARC regional commuter service from Martinsburg,with stops in Duffields and Harpers Ferry, into Maryland and D.C.[RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 12-20-19]

FIRST SEGMENT OF MARYLAND'S PURPLE LIGHT-RAILLINE TO OPEN IN 2022: Transit officialshave announced that a five-mile stretch of the Purple light-rail line betweenNew Carrollton and College Park will open for revenue service in 2022, followedsix month later with opening of the remaining 16-miles. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 12-20-19]

AMTRAK SERVICE SUSPENDED BETWEEN SEATTLE ANDPORTLAND DUE TO LANDSLIDE: As of Dec. 20,Amtrak has suspended all rail service between Portland and Seattle due toa landslide caused by heavy rain. Officials say Cascade and Coast Starlightservice would be suspended for at least 48 hours between those points. [Oregonian,12-20-19]

U.S. FUNDING BILL BUDGETS $2-B FOR AMTRAK: Congressional appropriators have budgeted $2-billionfor Amtrak, an increase of $58-million over last year. Included are protectionsfor the national network, directions to more-closely work with rail advocacygroups, and funding for new equipment, restoration of station agents, andmore. However, there is a drop in some funding for key rail and transitprograms. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 12-20-19]

AMTRAK CONSIDERING AIRLINE-STYLE TICKETING PLAN: According to an internal memo seen by Business Insider,Amtrak is considering making its cheapest fares non-refundable and non-changeable.Other fares will see a 25 pct cancelation fee and 15 pct change fee within14 days of travel. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 12-20-19]

ONTARIO PREMIER CANCELS HAMILTON'S LIGHT-RAILPROJECT: The premier of Ontario has axedHamilton's design, build, finance, operate and maintain project to buildthe city's first nine-mile light-rail line due to spiraling costs, allegedlyup to five times its original estimate. [International Railway Journal,12-20-19]

AMTRAK TICKET OFFICE CLOSING AT KALAMAZOO: Effective Jan. 2, 2020, the Amtrak station in Kalamazoo,Michigan, will no longer have a staffed ticket window. Customers will continueto have access to the waiting room and restrooms. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 12-20-19]

METRA, UNION PACIFIC MOVING TO TRANSFER OPERATIONSOF CHICAGO COMMUTER LINES: Union Pacificis ready to transfer operations of trains over the U.P. North, West andNorthwest commuter lines out of Chicago to Metra when their current contractexpires early next year. Service will continue uninterrupted, officialssay, but the parties involved are negotiating a new agreement. [DailyHerald, 12-20-19]

READING & NORTHERN TO EXPAND COAL MARKETING: Reading & Northern plans to expand its coal-marketingdepartment, and Jim Cerulli, currently vice-president of operations planning,will be promoted to vice-president of coal marketing on January 1. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-19-19]

METRO-NORTH TO REPLACE MOUNT VERNON BRIDGE: Metro-North Railroad will replace the Third avenue vehicularand pedestrian bridge over the New Haven line in Mount Vernon, N.Y., ina $10.4-million project expected to be completed in 18 months. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-19-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: In the week ending December 14, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 520,589 carloads and intermodal units, down 8.5 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,12-18-19]

CN TO MOVE DISPATCHING OPERATIONS FROM MONTREALTO EDMONTON: Canadian National rail traffic-controloperations currently handled in Montreal will be transferred beginning inthe spring of 2020 to Edmonton, Alberta, the railroad has confirmed. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-18-19]

SPERRY RAIL MOVES HEADQUARTERS: Sperry Rail has relocated its headquarters to a new sitein Shelton, Connecticut, consolidating its operations from three buildingsto a two-building facility with office, warehouse and production space.[Progressive Railroading, 12-18-19]

DISNEY, BRIGHTLINE DISCUSS THEME-PARK STATION: Walt Disney Co. and Brightline officials have confirmedadvanced talks about a station on or near theme-park property as part ofa Virgin Trains rail route to Tampa. [Orlando Sentinel, 12-17-19]

UNION PACIFIC COMPLETES SYSTEM PTC PROJECT: Union Pacific has implemented positive train-controlon its final required track segment, and PTC is now active on all of thecompany's federally-mandated rail lines, including required passenger trainroutes. [Railway Track & Structures, 12-17-19]

TOYOTA SUES FOUR RAILROADS ALLEGING PRICE-FIXING: Toyota has filed suit against Norfolk Southern, BNSF,Union Pacific and CSX accusing the carriers of 'dramatically increasing'prices from 2003 through 2011 in imposing rail fuel surcharges exceedingactual costs. Toyota says its excessive costs were in the hundreds of millionsof dollars. [Jacksonville Business Journal, 12-17-19]

D.C. METRO TO REBUILD FOUR STATION PLATFORMSIN 2020: Washington DC Metro will reconstructplatforms at Vienna, Dunn Loring, East Falls Church and West Falls Churchin the summer of 2020.

W.VA. RAIL DEAL COULD BOOST STATE'S ECONOMY,PROPONENTS SAY: OmniTRAX purchased theWinchester & Western Railroad in September for $105-million. W&Wruns through a part of West Virginia's eastern panhandle, along one of itstwo divisions, and the purchase is expected to improve the state's economyand attract employment to the panhandle region, proponents say. The purchasegave OmniTRAX a total of 470 rail cars and seven locomotives. [W.Va.Public Broadcasting, 12-16-19]

CHINA OPENS TWO MORE HIGH-SPEED RAIL LINES: China National Railways on Dec. 16 opened the Xuzhou-Huai'an-Yancheng,and the Lianyugang-Huai'an high speed rail lines in Jiangsu province. [InternationalRailway Journal]

CN'S MONTREAL TRAIN DISPATCHERS TO MOVE TO EDMONTON,UNION SAYS: Over the past several weeks,CN supervisors have been telling workers that the railroad has plans tomove its rail traffic control center in Montreal to Edmonton, Alberta, TeamstersCanada officials say. More than 100 positions in Monreal are at risk, theunion says. CN currently has three rail traffic control centers in Canada:one in Toronto, one in Edmonton, and one in Montreal. The one in Torontois in the process of closing. [Progressive Railroading, 12-16-19]

CSX NAMES JEFFREY WALL V.P. LABOR RELATIONS: Jeffrey D. Wall, with more than 20 years of labor relationsand negotiating experience, has been appointed to the position of vice-presidentof labor relations for CSX. [Railway Age, 12-16-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS PLANS TO BEGIN BUILDING LINE TOLAS VEGAS IN 3-Q NEXT YEAR: Virgin TrainsUSA now believes that it can start construction of its 170-mile, $4.8-billionhigh-speed rail line from Victorville, California, to Las Vegas as earlyas third-quarter 2020. [Railway Track & Structures, 12-16-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-four percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending December 15, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived onehour and 12 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 12-16-19]

CSX EMPLOYEE KILLED BY TRAIN IN W.VA.: A CSX employee was struck and killed by a train lateSec. 14 near Parkersburg, West Virginia, the railroad has confirmed. [WTAP,12-15-19]

ROCKY MOUNTAINEER TAKES DELIVERY OF FINAL GOLDLEAFRAIL CAR: Rocky Mountaineer of Canada hasaccepted its tenth and final newly-built GoldLeaf rail car from Stadlerin Germany. Each of the new cars seat 72 riders and feature dome windows.The rail service has doubled its capacity over the past six years with theaddition of the GoldLeaf and 12 SilverLeaf rail cars. [Progressive Railroading,12-13-19]

ALSTOM LANDS AUSTRALIAN ORDER FOR C-SERIES TRAINS: Alstom has signed a contract with the Public TransportAuthority of Western Australia to design, manufacture, test and maintainthe next generation of C-series trains for Perth's rail network. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-13-19]

BRIGHTLINE TO ADD STOP AT BOCA RATON: Brightline - soon to be known as Virgin Trains - willlocate a train station in Boca Raton, Florida, now that the city's councilhas approved a long-term land-lease for its construction. By the end ofnext year, the facility is expected to be the third new station in Brightline'ssouth corridor. [Progressive Railroading, 12-12-19]

RENOVATION OF BWI AIRPORT RAIL STATION COMPLETED: Maryland's department of transportation has reopenedthe BWI Airport rail station along Amtrak's Northeast corridor followingcompletion of a 14-month, $4.7-million renovation project expanding thefacility. [Progressive Railroading, 12-12-19]

DRIVER OF CAR KILLED WHEN STRUCK BY AMTRAK TRAININ INDIANA: Police say a 41-year-old mandied when he drove his car across the track and was struck by an Amtraktrain late Dec. 11 at a crossing in Ligonier, Indiana. The victim died atthe scene. There were no other people in the car at the time, and no injurieswere reported aboard the train. [WPTA, 12-12-19]

CN TRAIN DERAILS IN DETROIT: Twelve cars of a Canadian National train derailed earlyDec. 12 on Scotten avenue near Clark street in Detroit. No injuries werereported, but five the derailed cars contained hazardous materials, accordingto the fire department. [Railway Track & Structures, 12-12-19]

SWISS-FRENCH LEMAN EXPRESS SERVICES BEGIN: Swiss Federal Railways on Dec. 12 officially launchedLeman Express services between the Geneva area and towns in France. Theentire 143-mile Leman Express network now operates on six lines serving45 stations. [International Railway Journal, 12-12-19]

AMTRAK'S RESTORATION OF CHICAGO UNION STATIONGETS SIX AWARDS: Amtrak's $22-million projectto restore the Great Hall at Chicago Union Station has reaped recognitionwith six awards from architectural, engineering, construction and real estateorganizations or publications. Now under construction is a new Clinton streetentrance to improve accessibilty with an elevator from street level, includingboth tiers of a food hall. The station handles about 120,000 on a typicalweekday. [Progressive Railroading, 12-11-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending Dec. 7, 2019, U.S. rail freight trafficwas 517,130 carloads and intermodal units, down 9.4 pct compared with thecorresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 12-11-19]

S.F. TO HIKE CABLE-CAR FARES: San Francisco's municipal transportation agency willincrease cable-car fares effective Jan. 1, 2020. Single-ride fare and one-daypasses will increase by $1, while three- and seven-day passes will increaseby $2. Cable-car fares were last changed in 2015. [Progressive Railroading,12-11-19]

UNION PACIFIC RESTRUCTURES MARKETING, SALES: Union Pacific has announced a new organizational structurefor marketing and sales, effective Jan. 1, 2020. It consolidates its businessgroups down from four into three: Bulk, Industrial and Premium. Bulk willcomprehend agricultural products, coal and co*ke; and liquefied petroleumgas, petroleum and sand products will be included in Industrial. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-10-19]

AMTRAK BEGINS RESILIENCE PROJECT CONSTRUCTIONAT COUNTY YARD IN N.J.: Amtrak crews havebegun early construction work on a major resilience project at County Yardin New Brunswick, N.J., along the Northeast corridor. The program includesan expansion of the yard and the Delco lead storage and service restorationproject. County Yard will serve as the future home of N.J. Transit's 'safehaven' rail storage and new inspection facility. [Progressive Railroading,12-10-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-four percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending December 8, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived 59 minuteslate. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 12-9-19]

MARYLAND'S TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY RESIGNS: Pete Rahn, Maryland's transportation secretary since2015, has resigned from his post. He will be replaced by George Slater,who has been the head of the state highway administration. [Railway Track& Structures, 12-9-19]

CP OIL TRAIN DERAILS IN SASKATCHEWAN: A Canadian Pacific crude oil train derailed early Dec.9 west of Guernsey, Saskatchewan, igniting a fire. No injuries were reported,but a section of highway 16 was closed. [Global News, 12-9-19]

FRENCH R.R. STRIKE IN FIFTH DAY: Paris commuters inched their way to work early Dec. 9through massive traffic jams as strikes halted trains and subways for afifth straight day. Only about one-sixth of French trains were running andinternational trains also saw disruptions. [Washington Post, 12-9-19]

CSX PICKS SELECT SITE IN KENTUCKY: CSX has designated the Henderson, Kentucky, Bypass RailSite as a 'CSX Select Site,' a development-ready property along the railnetwork where standard land use considerations and comprehensive due diligenceissues have been addressed. [Progressive Railroading, 12-6-19]

FUNDING SECURED FOR HOWARD STREET TUNNEL PROJECTIN BALTIMORE: CSX and the state of Marylandhave come up with enough funding to increase the clearance of Baltimore'sHoward Street Tunnel to accommodate double-track rail traffic. Verticalclearances will also be improved at 22 bridges between Baltimore and Philadelphia.[Railway Track & Structures, 12-6-19]

TORONTO TRANSIT ELIMINATES TICKET, TOKEN SALES: Toronto Transit has stopped selling tickets, tokens andday passes at its train stations as part of its transition to the Prestoreloadable fare card. Riders holding previously-purchased tickets and tokenswill still be able to use them, in the short-term. [Progressive Railroading,12-6-19]

NJT AWARDS CONTRACT FOR CONTROL, DATA UPGRADES: New Jersey Transit has awarded ARINC rail solutions teamat Collins Aerospace Systems a three-year contract to replace the agency'strain management and control, and supervisory control and data acquisitionsystems. [Railway Age, 12-6-19]

INTERCITY PASSENGER TRAINS CAN HELP COMBAT CLIMATECHANGE: Rail Passengers Association's JimMatthews spoke before industry leaders about how intercity passenger trainscan be used to battle climate change. He stressed that trains are important,not just for their superior energy efficiency over automobiles, but becausethey 'shape neighborhoods, cities and businesses.' Pollution from transportationaccounts for over 30 pct of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., he said,and Amtrak is 23.5 pct more energy-efficient per passenger mile than cars,and 31.4 pct more energy efficient than light trucks. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 12-6-19]

FIRST TEN WABTEC LOCOMOTIVES ARRIVE IN EGYPT: Egyptian National Railways has taken delivery of thefirst batch of 10 ES30ACi light passenger evolution-series locomotives fromWabtec. The delivery is part of a $575-million order for 100 locomotives,including a 15-year parts and tech package for those units and previously-suppliedunits supplied by GE Transportation. [International Railway Journal,12-6-19]

AMTRAK WORKER KILLED IN BRONX POWER SUBSTATION: An Amtrak worker was killed and two other people hadminor injuries Dec. 5 while working on a transformer at a power substationnear the tracks in the Bronx, N.Y. [U.S. News & World Report, 12-5-19]

NJT LAUNCHES PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD: New Jersey Transit has introduced a performance dashboardto display system data focusing on performance, mechanical reliability andcause of delays and cancelations. Called 'Progress by Numbers,' it displaysrail, light-rail and bus data from Jan. 2017 to Oct. 2019, and will be updatedmonthly. [Progressive Railroading, 12-5-19]

NOVEMBER 2019 U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. freight railroads originated 1,975,345 carloadsand intermodal units in November 2019, a decrease of 7.4 pct compared withNovember 2018. [Assn. of American Railroads, 12-4-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN COLORADO AFTERCOLLISION WITH SEMI: A Union Pacific traincollided with a tractor-trailer early Dec. 4 at a crossing south of Platteville,Colorado, causing two locomotives and 17 cars to derail. All lanes of U.S.highway 85 were blocked by the incident. The driver of the rig had minorinjuries, but nobody on the train was hurt. [Denver Post, 12-4-19]

SEPTA CARMEN RATIFY CONTRACT WITH TCU: The Brotherhood of Railway Carmen/Transportation CommunicationsUnion members who work for SEPTA have ratified a new labor contract. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-4-19]

ALSTON TO DELIVER 31 REGIONAL TRAINS TO ITALY'SLOMBARDY REGION: Alston has signed a nearly$215-million contract to deliver 31 regional trains to the Lombardy regionof Italy beginning in 2022. [Progressive Railroading, 12-4-19]

THANKSGIVING PERIOD AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAINPERFORMANCE: Thirty-six percent of Amtrak'snamed long-distance trains arrived at their scheduled final destinationon time or earlier in the six-day 2019 Thanksgiving period, November 27through December 2, inclusive. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 26 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statitical Dept., 12-3-19]

RAIL WORKER KILLED IN WICHITA YARD: A railroad yard employee died late Dec. 3 when he wasrun over by a rail car in north Wichita, Kansas. [KTEN, 12-3-19]

CP LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER KILLED ON THE JOB INB.C.: A Canadian Pacific locomotive engineerdied in an accident at the company's Port Coquitlam yard in British Columbiaon Dec. 2. The incident is under investigation. [Railway Track &Sructures]

VIA RAIL POSTS 3-Q RIDERSHIP INCREASE: VIA Rail Canada logged a nearly 7 pct increase in ridershipand a 1 pct increase in passenger revenue in the third-quarter 2019 comparedwith the same quarter last year. The increases represent the 15th straightquarter of increased ridership and the 22nd consecutive quarter of revenuegrowth. [Progressive Railroading, 12-3-19]

CN REVISES 2019 OUTLOOK TO INCLUDE IMPACT OFSTRIKE: Canadian National has estimatedits recent strike impact at 15 cents of earnings per share. The revised2019 financial outlook now calls for adjusted EPA growth in the low to midsingle-digit-range versus last year's adjusted EPS of $5.50 (C) and itsOct. 22 guidance in the high single-digit range. [Progressive Railroading,12-3-19]

CP BREAKS GRAIN MOVEMENT RECORD IN NOVEMBER: Canadian Pacific in November broke another record formoving Canadian grain and grain products by delivering 2.74 million metrictons during November. [Progressive Railroading, 12-3-19]

PA. NAMES YASSMIN GRAMIAN NEXT SECRETARY OFSTATE D.O.T.: Pennsylvania's governor sayshe intends to nominate Yassmin Gramian to be the next secretary of the state'sdepartment of transportation. She will replace Leslie Richards who is leavingthe department Dec. 6 to become general manager of SEPTA. [ProgressiveRailroading, 12-2-19]

METROLINK GETS $40-M TOWARD TORONTO AIRPORTLIGHT-RAIL EXTENSION: The Greater TorontoAirports Authority has committed $40-M (C) to Metrolinx to support the EglintonCrosstown West light-rail extension from Renforth to Toronto Pearson InternationalAirport. [Progressive Railroading, 12-2-19]

NOVEMBER 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-two percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in November2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hour and 22 minuteslate. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 12-1-19]

WUHAN-SHIYAN HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY OPENS: China's Wuhan-Shiyan high-speed railway was put intooperation Nov. 29. The line cuts half of the traveling time than before.[Xinhuanet, 11-29-19]

VIETNAM TO RENEW PASSENGER RAIL FLEET: Vietnam National Railways plans to purchase 300 new coachesand additional locomoitves by 2023, and to upgrade its existing coaches.[International Railway Journal, 11-27-19]

STRIKE ENDS AT CANADIAN NATIONAL: The strike at Canadian National, Canada's largest railroad,has ended with a tentative contract agreement, ending a week-long work stoppageinvolving about 3,200 conductors and yard crews across the country. Employeesare returning to work today [Nov. 26] with others returning to work earlytomorrow. Results of the ratification votes by workers are expected withineight weeks. [Progressive Railroading, 11-26-19]

BALTIMORE'S PENN STATION REDEVELOPMENT PROJECTGETS BOOST FROM STATE: The state of Marylandis awarding a $3-million historic tax credit toward the redevelopment ofBaltimore's Penn Station, potentially allowing construction to begin inthe first half of next year. [Baltimore Sun, 11-26-19]

RAIL EXCURSIONS SUSPENDED FROM JIM THORPE, PA.,OVER TAX DISPUTE: The tourist passengertrain excursions from Jim Thorpe, Pa., have ended, at least for now, butcommunity officials have pulled back a lawsuit demanding about $100,000in amusem*nt taxes from Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad.Talks are taking place 'behind the scenes' to possibly resume service nextyear, officials said. [KYW, 11-26-19]

TORONTO TO RETIRE ITS 'LEGACY' STREETCARS: The Toronto Transit Commission will retire its LegacySreetcars on December 29, with two of the cars making a final in-servicerun between Bathurst street and Greenwood avenue. Their retirement makesway for 204 new, low-floor, accessible vehicles from Bombardier. [ProgressiveRailroading, 11-26-19]

CLASS I RAIL EMPLOYMENT DROPS IN OCTOBER: Class I rail employment in October 2019 was 134,582,a 9.5 pct decline from October 2018, according to data from the U.S. SurfaceTransportion Board. [Railway Track & Structures, 11-26-19]

BRITAIN TO STUDY INTRODUCTION OF HYDROGEN-POWEREDTRAINS: Britain's rail safety and standardsboard has appointed a consultant to develop a plan to introduce hydrogen-poweredtrains on Britain's main line network. [International Railway Journal,11-26-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-nine percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending November 24, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived onehour and 15 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 11-25-19]

WOMAN, TWO GRANDSONS KILLED BY AMTRAK TRAININ FLORIDA: A Florida woman and her twograndsons were killed by an Amtrak train at a crossing near the entranceto a wildlife management area, to which their vehicle was headed for a CubScout camping trip, the afternoon of Nov. 23, near West Palm Beach. [U.S.News & World Report, 11-25-19]

CN STRIKE ENTERS SIXTH DAY:The strike at Canadian National is now into its sixth day. Workers at portsmay be vulnerable to layoffs as the railway now runs at just 10 pct capacity.The Canadian government has faced mounting pressure to resolve the impasse.[iheart Radio, 11-24-19]

LIRR TRAIN DERAILS, NO INJURIES: Two cars of an eastbound Long Island Rail Road trainderailed just east of Jamaica, N.Y., late Nov. 22. No injuries were reported,but the incident stranded hundreds of passengers and caused delays throughoutthe system. Service was restored the following morning. [U.S. News &World Report, 11-23-19/

READING & NORTHERN ACQUIRES TWO NORFOLKSOUTHERN F-UNITS: Regional carrier Reading& Northern has purchased F9A unit 270 and F7B unit 275 for use in touristtrain service. [Trains Magazine, 11-23-19]

METROLINK TRAIN CRASHES INTO RV, NOBODY HURT: Nobody was hurt after a Metrolink train crashed intoan RV early Nov. 22 in Santa Fe Springs, California, igniting a fire andshutting down the tracks between Buena Park and Norwalk. [KTLA, 11-22-19]

LESLIE RICHARDS NAMED SEPTA GENERAL MANAGER: Leslie Richards will assume the role of general managerat SEPTA in January. She will replace Jeffrey Knueppel, who is retiring.[Railway Age, 11-22-19]

CP CONSTRUCTING TRANSLOAD TERMINAL IN MONTREAL: Canadian Pacific is establishing a new multi-commoditytransload terminal that offers transportation and distribution servicesfrom its existing Cote Saint-Loc yard in Montreal. [Railway Track &Structures, 11-22-19]

IRON-ORE PROJECT IN GUINEA TO INCLUDE NEW RAILLINE: Boke Mining has won a tender involvingiron-ore deposits in Guinea, including construction of a 400-mile railwayand deep-water port. [International Railway Journal, 11-22-19]

BNSF CLAIMS 15 CALIFORNIA COUNTIES ASSESS UNLAWFULLYHIGH TAXES: BNSF has filed a complaintin federal court alleging that 15 California counties are unlawfully assessingit a higher tax rate than other commercial and industrial property owners.[Legal Newsline, 11-21-19]

CP TO ACQUIRE CENTRAL MAINE & QUEBEC RWY: Canadian Pacific says it will acquire the Central Quebec& Maine Railway, nearly 500 miles of track that stretches to ports inMaine and Saint John, N.B. The deal is expected to close at the end of thisyear. The line involved includes trackage at the center of the deadly Lac-Meganticrunaway train disaster in 2013. [CBC, 11-21-19]

NJT INCREASES FREQUENCY ON BROAD STREET LRTEXTENSION: New Jersey Transit on Nov. 19increased weekday peak-period service on the Newark light-rail Broad streetextension to schedule trains every 10 minutes. [Progressive Railroading,11-20-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending November 16, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 501,249 carloads and intermodal units, down 8.4 pct from thecorresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 11-20-19]

L.A. METRO ELIMINATING TOKENS: Los Angeles Metro will eliminate the use of tokens asof Nov. 30. Unused tokens may be transferred for use in fare cards for one-waytrips before Nov. 29. [Progressive Railroading, 11-20-19]

WILLIAM BELL NAMED CHAIRMAN OF N.C. RAILROADS: North Carolina Railroad's board has elected William Bellas chairman. He succeeds Michael Walters, who will remain on the board.[Progressive Railroading, 11-20-19]

ALASKA R.R. MAKING FINAL REPAIRS FOLLOWING 2018QUAKE: Alaska is executing the final roundof repairs following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck the regionin Nov. 2018. Crews are adding aggregate to help stabilize land around thetrack near South Anchorage, and work is expected to be finished by Christmas.[Railway Track & Structures, 11-20-19]

CN WORKERS GO ON STRIKE:About 3,000 workers at Canadian National went on strike early Nov. 19, laborunion Teamsters Canada said. [U.S. News & World Report, 11-19-19]

N.Y. CITY TRANSIT COMPLETES RENOVATION OF THREESTATIONS: New York City Transit has completeda three-station renovation project at Manhattan's 145th street station,and Bronx's 167th and 174th-175th street stations. [Progressive Railroading,11-19-19]

KCS DEPLOYS CLOUDMAYO ACROSS ITS SYSTEM: Kansas City Southern has deployed CloudMayo, which usesMicrosoft Azure Cloud which takes advantage of analytics, artificial intelligence,and machine-learning technologies aimed at safe operations and federal regulationsin both U.S. and Mexico. [Railway Track & Structures, 11-19-19]

EGYPT SIGNS LOCOMOTIVE DEAL WITH PROGRESS RAIL: Egyptian Rail has signed a $466-million deal with ProgressRail for the supply of 50 EMD diesel locomotives, modernizing 50 diesellocomotives, and overhauling another 41. The company will also take overresponsibility for the units' long-term maintenance. [International RailwayJournal, 11-19-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-four percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending November 17, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived onehour and 16 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 11-18-19]

FREIGHTCAR AMERICA ABOUT TO CLOSE ITS ROANOKEFACILITY: FreightCar America is about towrap up the last of its production orders at its Roanoke, Va., facility,with operations consolidated at Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The company hasbeen doing business in Roanoke for 15 years. [Railway Age, 11-18-19]

RICHARD DALTON APPOINTED ACTING CEO OF VRE: Richard Dalton, most recently chief operating officerand deputy CEO, has been installed as acting chief executive officer ofVirginia Railway Express. He fills the position vacated in October by DougAllen. [Progressive Railroading, 11-18-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN SPOKANE: Eight cars derailed outside Union Pacific's Spokane,Washington, yard late Nov. 15. There were no injuries or hazardous releases,but this was at least the fourth time since July there has been a derailementat that location. [KREM, 11-18-19]

WOMAN KILLED AS CAR WAS HIT BY BRIGHTLINE TRAIN: A woman died when her Mercedes SUV was struck by a Brightlinetrain at a crossing near Aventura, Florida, late Nov. 15. [WashingtonPost, 11-16-19]

MARTA TO BUY 254 NEW RAIL CARS: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit's board has approveda $646-million purchase of 254 new rail cars from Stadler Rail, with anoption for an additional 100. [Progressive Railroading, 11-15-19]

AMTRAK PAINTS LOCOMOTIVE IN COCA-COLA SCHEME: Amtrak has painted its ACS-64 electric locomotive 606into the colors of Coca-Cola. The scheme marks a new partnership with Coca-Cola,signaling the end of a long-running agreement for Pepsi to supply Amtraktrains. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 11-15-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TO PAY DERAILMENT DAMGES TOPORT AUTHORITY IN PITTSBURGH: The PortAuthority of Allegheny County, Pa., is expected to receive over $2.5-millionfrom Norfolk Southern for 2018 derailment damages when a train landed onlight-rail tracks at Station Square in Pittsburgh. [Railway Track &Structures, 11-15-19]

CHINA POISED TO OPEN 108-MILE AUTOMATED HIGH-SPEEDRAIL LINE: Automated operations are dueto start before the end of this year on a 108-mile high-speed line linkingBeijing with Zhangjiakou, one of the host cities for the 2022 winter olympics.Journey times with speeds of up to 217 MPH will be cut to around 50 minutescompared with about three hours by trains using the current conventionalline. [Railway Gazette, 11-15-19]

CN SLASHING JOBS:Canadian National confirms job cuts, but not disclosing how many, as thecompany deals with a weakening economy that is eroding demand for rail transportation.There will be reductions in both management and union job numbers, the railroadsays. [Canadian Press, 11-15-19]

COUNTRY'S FIRST HYDROGEN-POWERED TRAIN ON ORDER: San Bernardino County, California, Transportation Authorityhas awarded Stadler a contract for a hydrogen-powered train, the first forthe U.S. To be introduced in 2024, it will consist of a car on each of thesides of a short power-pack car. The train is slated to have a seating capacityfor 108 passengers. [International Railway Journal, 11-14-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffic in the week ending Nov. 9,2019, was 515,269 carloads and intermodal units, down 5.9 pct from the correspondingweek last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 11-13-19]

KCS ANNOUNCES NEW CAPITAL ALLOCATION POLICY: The board of Kansas City Southern has approved a newcapital allocation policy under which it intends to deploy available cashin the range of 40-50 pct to capital projects and strategic investments,and the range of 50-60 pct to share repurchases and dividends. Meanwhile,the board has increased its quarterly common stock dividend from 36 centsto 40 cents per share. [Railway Age, 11-13-19]

CHARLOTTE TAKES FIRST STEP TOWARD SILVER LINE: Charlotte, N.C., will now begin the design process towardits 26-mile light-rail Silver line to run from Matthews to uptown Charlotteand over to the airport in Gaston County. [Railway Track & Structures,11-13-19]

BNSF TRAIN DERAILS IN IOWA:About 20 to 30 cars of a BNSF freight train derailed early Nov. 13 in MontgomeryCounty, Iowa, near Red Oak. There were no injuries and no hazards to thepublic. [Radio Iowa, 11-13-19]

ALSTOM DELIVERS FIRST CORADIA STREAM TRAIN TOTRENITALIA: Alstom has delivered the firstof 46 Coradia Stream Trains to Trenitalia in the Italian regions of Venetoand Liguria. Veneto will receive 31 trains, and Liguria will receive 15.[Progressive Railroading, 11-13-19]

AT LEAST 15 DEAD AS TRAIN COLLIDE IN BANGLADESH: Two trains collided head-on early Nov. 12 in easternBangladesh, leaving at least 15 dead and dozens injured. [Deutsche Welle,11-12-19]

CP REPAINTS FIVE LOCOMOTIVES TO HONOR MILITARY: Canadian Pacific has unveiled five specially-paintedSD70ACU locomotives honoring military pride. Units 7020-7023 adorn the Canadianflag on one side and American on the other, with selected military elements;unit 6644 wears camouflage colors applied to Canadian spitfire planes flownin the invasion of Normandy. All five locomotives will circulate in regularservice across the CP system. [Railway Track & Structures, 11-12-19]

GERMAN RAIL TO PURCHASE 30 ADDITIONAL HIGH-SPEEDTRAINS: German Rail's supervisory boardhas approved the purchase of 30 high-speed trains to increase capacity betweenCologne and Frankfurt, and between Munich and Berlin. The purchase is inaddition to 177 trains already on order. [International Railway Journal,11-12-19]

AMTRAK MECHANICAL WORKER DIES IN CHICAGO ACCIDENT: An Amtrak worker was killed late Nov. 9 in an industrialaccident at the railroad's mechanical facility in Chicago. [Chicago CBSLocal, 11-11-19]

AMTRAK SUED OVER BREACH OF CONTRACT INVOLVINGRETIRED LOCOMOTIVES: Amtrak has been suedby financial institutions attempting to recover $92.9-million over allegedbreach of contract for a fleet of leased electric locomotives, claimingAmtrak took the locomoitves out of commission and stripped them for parts.[Railway Age, 11-11-19]

CN REOPENS JAMES STREET SWING BRIDGE TO PUBLICTRAFFIC: CN-owned James Street swing bridgespanning Kaministiquia River in Thunder Bay, Ontario, reopened Nov. 9 tomotor vehicle and pedestrian traffic after being closed for over six yearsfollowing a fire. Train traffic had reopened within a week of the fire,but the bridge remained closed to public traffic pending resolution of responsibilityfor repairs. [Progressive Railroading]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-three percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending November 10, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived onehour and 10 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 11-11-19]

THREE TRAINS INVOLVED IN NORFOLK SOUTHERN DERAILMENTIN PA.: Three trains were involved in aNov. 9 derailment on Norfolk Southern's main line in Hempfield, Pa., nearGreensburg. One train reportedly rear-ended a second train, causing carsto derail into the side of a third train. No hazardous materials were spilled,and there were no injuries. Tracks were cleared the following day. [RailwayAge, 11-11-19]

ONE KILLED IN CROSSING ACCIDENT IN N.Y. STATE: A man was killed Nov. 10 when his vehicle was struckat a crossing in Ballston, N.Y., by Amtrak's Adirondack train 69, officialssaid. [Daily Gazette, 11-10-19]

UNION PACIFIC TO DONATE GEORGE H.W. BUSH LOCOMOTIVETO PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY: Union Pacifichas announced the donation of locomotive 4141 honoring President GeorgeH.W. Bush to the Presidential Library and Museum, where it will be put onpermanent display. [Bryan College Station Eagle, 11-9-19]

FEDS GRANT $14-M TOWARD CARBONDALE TRANSIT HUB: Carbondale, Illinois, will receive $14-million from theU.S. Dept. of Transportation toward construction of a downtown transit hubto serve Amtrak and bus lines. The funds will also be used for demolishingthe existing Amtrak depot. [Hartford Courant, 11-9-19]

AMTRAK SETS FISCAL YEAR RIDERSHIP RECORDS: Amtrak carried a record 32.5 million passengers in fiscalyear 2019. Acela saw a 4.3 pct increase, Northeast Regional saw a 2.9 pctincrease, State-Supported services saw a 2.4 pct increase, and Long-Distancesaw a 1.0 pct increase. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 11-8-19]

BART PREPARES TO OPEN BERRYESSA EXTENSION: Bay Area Rapid Transit is planning to open its 10-mileextension from Warm Springs/South Fremont to Berryessa in Silicon Valley,with an intermediate stop in Milpitas, by the end of the year. [InternationalRailway Journal, 11-8-19]

WABTEC REPORTS 3-Q RESULTS:Wabtec reported third-quarter 2019 net income of $90.6-million, comparedwith $86-million in the same quarter last year. Adjusted earnings per sharewere $1.03. [Progressive Railroading, 11-8-19]

AMTRAK PLANS TO INCREASE NON-STOP ACELA SERVICE: Amtrak says it has plans to expand the non-stop Acelaservice it launched recently between New York and Washington by adding asecond non-stop train each way. Amtrak also would like to eventually havesome non-stop service between New York and Boston. [The Points Guy, 11-8-19]

NEW COMMUTER STATION OPENS AT CARY, ILLINOIS: Chicago's Metra opened a new station on the Union PacificNorth line Nov. 6 in Cary, Illinois. The new facilities were part of a projectto replace the original 1942 structure and boarding platforms. [ProgressiveRailroading, 11-7-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN LAYS OFF ANOTHER 95 WORKERSAT ALTOONA SHOP: Norfolk Southern laidoff 95 employees at the Juniata Shop in Altoona, Pa., on Nov. 5. The companyhad, back in September, laid off 100 workers. [Railway Track & Structures,11-6-19]

METRO-NORTH ADVANCES PTC ON 90 PCT OF HUDSONLINE: Metro-North Railroad said it hasimplemented positive train-control on almost 90 pct of the Hudson Line inNew York. All Hudson Line trains, including Amtrak and CSX, are now operatingwith PTC between Poughkeepsie and Marble Hill. Metro-North anticipates havingPTC across its entire territory by the third-quarter 2020. [ProgressiveRailroading, 11-6-19]

OCTOBER 2019 U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. railroads originated 2,556,421 carloads and intermodalunits in October 2019, down 8.1 pct from October 2018. Calculated spearately,carloads were down 8.4 pct, and intermodal was down 7.8 pct. [Assn. ofAmerican Railroads, 11-6-19]

CN LOGS RECORD GRAIN SHIPMENTS IN OCTOBER: CN's western Canadian grain movements broke a recordin October with shipments of 2.8 million metri tons of grain and processedgrain products. [Progressive Railroading, 11-6-19]

FEDS ANNOUNCE AVAILABILITY OF $24-M TOWARD INTERCITYPASSENGER RAIL: The Federal Railroad Administrationhas announced the availability of $24-million in grant funding to initiate,restore or enhance intercity passenger rail service around the country.[Railway Track & Structures, 11-6-19]

MBTA PLANNING MAJOR COMMUTER RAIL OVERHAUL: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is planningto spend as much as $28-billion in upgrades to commuter rail. Potentialupgrades include electrification of main commuter lines, frequency of every15 to 20 minutes all day, and building a tunnel linking North and Southstations in Boston. [U.S. News & World Report, 11-5-19]

CN-SERVED INTERMODAL TERMINAL OPENS IN SASKATCHEWAN: Canada's first privately-operated state-of-the-art intermodalterminal has opened in Chucka Creek Business Park in Regina, Saskatchewan.CN serves the facility, which is owned and operated by Mobil Grain, theprovince's largest shortline. [Progressive Railroading, 11-5-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN FURLOUGHS 58 IN CHATTANOOGA: Norfolk Southern has furloughed 58 workers at its DeButtsYard in Chattanooga as part of a company-wide cutback in diesel shop operations.[Chattanooga Times Free Press, 11-5-19]

FIRST HYUNDAI ROTEM EMU-250 TRAINSET DELIVEREDTO KORAIL: Hyundai Rotem delivered thefirst EMU-250 electric trainset with distributed traction to South Korea'sKorail on Nov. 4. The national operated ordered 19 of the six-car trainsetsin 2016, with five to be delivered by Aug. 2020, and the rest by the endof 2020. The units are designed for service with numerous stops on routesupgraded to 124 MPH operation. [Railway Gazette, 11-5-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending November 3, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 57 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 11-4-19]

LIRR PASSENGERS FACE DELAY AFTER PERSON KILLEDBY TRAIN: Long Island Rail Road passengersfaced delays early Nov. 4 after a westbound train struck and killed a personon the tracks near Baldwin station. Trains on the Babylon branch were delayedor canceled as a result. [Newsday, 11-4-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN IOWA: Nine cars of a Union Pacific train derailed late Nov.2 in Boone, Iowa, damaging several rail employee cars in a parking lot.Several business were evacuated in the area, as a precaution, but therewere no injuries. [Boone News Republican, 11-2-19]

WASHOUT IN UPSTATE N.Y. IMPACTS AMTRAK: Severe flooding in the Utica area has resulted in a washouton the CSX main route across upstate New York, affecting Empire service,Maple Leaf and Lake Shore Limited. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 11-1-19]

UNION PACIFIC COMPLETES PTC ON 93 PCT OF ROUTEMILES: Union Pacific implemented positivetrain-control on 1,113 route miles during the third-quarter, bringing PTC-requiredroute miles to 93 pct completion, including all passenger train routes.[Progressive Railroading, 11-1-19]

CALIFORNIA APPROVES FLOATING OF DESERT XPRESSDEVELOPMENT BONDS: California's Infrastructure& Economic Development Bank has given Virgin Trains the OK to float$3.25-billion in development bonds to link Victorville, California, andLas Vegas with the Desert Xpress high-speed train. It is the largest bondrequest in the history of California's public-sector development bank. [RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 11-1-19]

AMTRAK'S ROANOKE RIDERSHIP EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS: Since the 2017 launch of Amtrak service to Roanoke, Va.,more than 110,000 passengers have come into or out of the city, excedingexpectations. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 11-1-19]

NEW AMTRAK CARS DELIVERED:Amtrak, earlier this week, took delivery of the last of 10 new baggage-dormcars, and the second of 25 new sleeping cars from CAF. They have been movedto Hialeah, Florida, for inspection and testing. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 11-1-19]

OCTOBER 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-two percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in October2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hour and 17 minuteslate. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 11-1-19]

ALSTOM TO TEST HYDROGEN-POWERED PASSENGER TRAIN: Alstom will conduct a two-week test of its Coradia iLinthydrogen fuel cell-powered passenger train between Groningen and Leeuwarden,Netherlands, in the first-quarter 2020. [Progressive Railroading, 11-1-19]

FIRE ON TRAIN IN PAKISTAN KILLS SCORES: More than 70 people died and about 30 others were injuredearly Oc. 31 in a train that caught fire from an exploding gas canisterin Pakistan. [CNN, 10-31-19]

LIRR COMMISSIONS PTC ON FOUR BRANCHES: Select Long Island Rail Road trains are now operatingwith positive train-control on the Far Rockaway, Long Beach, Oyster Bayand West Hempstead branches. Sixty-five route miles, or 21.5 pct of thesystem, are now in PTC operation. [Progressive Railroading, 10-31-19]

CN TRANSPORTING HISTORIC KOREAN WAR TANK: CN is sponsoring the transportation from Nova Scotiato British Columbia of the last known Centurian tank in Canada to have beenon the front lines during the Korean War. [CN, 10-31-19]

PROGRESS RAIL TO ACQUIRE VOSSLOH'S CLEVELANDTRACK MATERIAL BUSINESS: Progress Railhas agreed to acquire the Cleveland Track Material business from VosslohNorth America. Acquired facilities are located in Cleveland, Reading andMemphis. [Progressive Railroading, 10-31-19]

BOMBARDIER REPORTS 3-Q RESULTS: Bombardier Transportation reported third-quarter consolidatedrevenues of $3.7-billion, representing 8 pct organic growth. The companyreported strong backlogs at Tansportation and Business Aircraft of $35.1-billionand $15.3-billion, respectively. [Railway Age, 10-31-19]

TEAMSTERS CONSIDER NOVEMBER STRIKE AGAINST CN: Teamsters Canada Rail Coference members at CN could goon strike by November 19. The previous labor agreement expired in July,and the next round of talks is set for November 12. [Progressive Railroading,10-31-19]

LIRR CRASH IN MAY 2019 CAUSED BY SIGNAL FAILURE,FRA SAYS: A collision involving two LongIsland Rail Road trains May 25 in Speonk, N.Y., was a 'signal-caused' accident,the Federal Railroad Administration said. A 14-car train had pulled intoa 13-car siding. The rear of the train still fouled the main track, butthe occupancy circuit cleared nonetheless. Examination revelled a non-insulatedrail joint with a single broken bond. [Railway Track & Structures,10-31-19]

BNSF IDENTIFIES SIX RAIL-SERVED SITES READYFOR DEVELOPMENT: BNSF has identified six'certified sites' ready for industrial development along its lines. Theyare in Becker, Minnesota; Hayti, Missouri; Holly Springs, Mississippi; Surprise,Arizona; Wilmington, Illinois; and Yorkville, Illinois. The certified siteprogram aims to address the demand for locations by developing various typesof facilities across the railroad's network. [Progressive Railroading,10-31-19]

MORRIS ROYAL DIES, FORMER BLE GENERAL CHAIRMAN: Morris Royal Sr., former Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineersgeneral chairman, died Oct. 29. He was 97. He was a former Union Pacificlocomotive engineer, and he retired from his union position in 1987. [Brotherhoodof Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, 10-31-19]

J.B. HUNT TO PAY BNSF $44-M IN ARBITRATION CASE: J.B. Hunt Transport Services is expected to pay $44.2-millionas a result of an arbitration case between itself and BNSF for charges claimedby the railroad. [Talk Business & Politics, 10-30-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffic in the week ending October26, 2019, was 513,147 carloads and intermodal units, down 8.8 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,10-30-19]

NEW STATION FOR NJT PLANNED ALONG NORTHEASTCORRIDOR: New Jersey and Middlesex Countyhave issued a memorandum of understanding for a new station serving NewJersey Transit along the Northeast corridor at North Brunswick Transit Village,a retail and residential center. [U.S. News & World Report, 10-30-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS TO SERVE PORTMIAMI CRUISE TERMINAL: Virgin Trains, Florida's high-speed rail system, is buildinga station at PortMiami, giving theme-park tourists the opportunity to connectto the busy cruise-ship destination. [Star Tribune, 10-30-19]

CSX SANTA TRAIN TO RUN NOVEMBER 23: The 2019 CSX Santa Train between Shelby, Kentucky, andKingsport, Tennessee, delivering food, toys and clothing on its 110-milejourney, will run November 23. [WTOP, 10-30-19]

PINSLY'S FLORIDA SHORT-LINES TO BE SOLD: Regional Rail LLC has agreed to acquire Pinsly Railroad'sFlorida operations, 208 miles of track, including Florida Central, FloridaMidland and Florida Northern railroads, subject to Surface TransportationBoard approval. [Progressive Railroading, 10-29-19]

SEPTEMBER RAIL EMPLOYMENT DROPS 7.6 PCT FROMLAST YEAR: The total number of railroademployees dropped by 11,306 employees from September last year to Septemberthis year, a decrease of over 7.6 pct. [Railway Track & Structures,10-29-19]

AMTRAK NAMES STEVE PREDMORE CHIEF SAFETY OFFICER: Steve Predmore, a 30-year aviation and bus safety official,has been named executive vice-president and chief safety officer at Amtrak.He succeeds Ken Hylander, who is retiring. [Railway Age, 10-29-19]

MURRAY ENERGY FILES FOR BANKRUPTCY: Murray Energy, the largest private coal mine companyin the U.S., filed for bankruptcy protection on October 29. [CNN Business,10-29-19]

SOUND TRANSIT IDENTIFIES ADDITIONAL ROUTES FORLIGHT-RAIL EXTENSIONS: Seattle's SoundTransit has identified additional routes for light-rail extension projects.Alternatives include an elevated alignment along the Yancy-Andover corridorwith a station in the Delridge district, and construction of an elevatedstation in the South of Downtown area while retaining the existing stationat grade. [Progressive Railroading, 10-28-19]

TWO KILLED WHEN AMTRAK TRAIN STRIKES CAR INN.C.: Two people were killed Oct. 28 afteran Amtrak train collided with a car in Harrisburg, North Carolina. No oneaboard the train was injured. [WBTV, 10-28-19]

FUNDS ADVANCED FOR PORT AUTHORITY OF N.Y. &N.J. INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS: The boardof the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has advanced $4.5-billionin infrastructure projects, including funding for the new AirTrain programat LaGuardia international Airport and a project to replace the existingAirTrain system at Newark Liberty international Airport. [ProgressiveRailroading, 10-28-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PEFORMANCE: Thirty-one percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending October 27, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand six minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 10-28-19]

SOUND TRANSIT ABANDONS PRICEY SEATTLE LIGHT-RAILTUNNELS: Sound Transit has abandoned ideasfor a $450-million tunnel into Seattle's historic Central Ballard, a $200-millionbored tunnel through West Seattle's Pigeon Park neighborhood, and an elevatedtrackway in Sodo that would have blocked light-rail travel during construction.[U.S. News & World Report, 10-25-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN EL PASO: A Union Pacific train derailed Oct. 25 causing majortraffic backups in the Five Points area of central El Paso, Texas. [ElPaso Times, 10-25-19]

AMTRAK COULD SAVE $42-M A YEAR IF 75 PCT OFTRAINS WERE ON TIME, REPORT SAYS: Amtrak'sInspector General reported that making 75 pct of its trains on time couldsave Amtrak $42-million a year. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 10-25-19]

HIGH-SPEED RAIL SERVICE BETWEEN ATLANTA ANDCHARLOTTE BEING STUDIED: A draft studyrecently released by the state of Georgia and the Federal Railroad Administrationstates that a high-speed rail service could move passengers between Atlantaand Charlotte in a little over two hours. Three possible routes were studied,and the cost could reach over $15-billion. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,10-25-19]

PERSON STRUCK, KILLED BY AMTRAK TRAIN IN CONNECTICUT: A person died after being struck by an Amtrak train inHartford, Connecticut, the afternoon of Oct. 25. [WFSB, 10-25-19]

ALSTOM TO SUPPLY 39 ADDITIONAL CORADIA POLYVALENTTRAINS TO FRANCE: Alstom has entered intoa nearly $400-million contract to supply 39 additional Coradia Polyvalenttrains to the Grand Est region in France. The region previously ordered40 of the trains, 36 of which have already been delivered. [ProgressiveRailroading, 10-25-19]

CP REPORTS 3-Q RESULTS:Canadian Pacific announced third-quarter revenues of $1.98-billion, a 4pct increase from the same quarter last year, and an adjusted diluted earningsper share of $4.61. The company also achieved a record-low quarterly operatingratio of 56.1 pct. [CP, 10-23-19]

CN REPORTS 3-Q RESULTS:Canadian National reported third-quarter revenues of $3.83-billion (C),an increase of 4 pct from the same quarter 2018. Diluted earnings per sharewere $1.66, and operating ratio was 57.9 pct. [CN, 10-23-19]

VRE TRAIN STRIKES VEHICLE:A Virginia Railway Express commuter train struck a vehicle between the Backlickand Alexandria stops early Oct. 23. There were no serious injuries, accordingto police. [Washington Post, 10-23-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending October 19, 2019, U.S. railroadsoriginated 507,381 carloads and intermodal units, down 8.6 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,10-23-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN REPORTS 3-Q EARNINGS: Norfolk Southern reported third-quarter net income of$657-million and diluted earnings per share of $2.49. Operating ratio was64.9 pct, a third-quarter record for the company. Operating revenues of$2.8-billion decreased 4 pct compared with the same quarter last year. [NorfolkSouthern, 10-23-19]

FEDS PROPOSE ALLOWING LIQUEFIED NATURAL GASTO MOVE BY RAIL: The U.S. Dept. of Transportationis moving ahead with a proposal to allow liquefied natural gas to be movedby rail in DOT-113 tank cars. Currently, the gas may be transported by railonly in a portable tank, with approval from the Federal Railroad Administration.[Progressive Railroading, 10-21-19]

VRE'S CEO ANNOUNCES DEPARTURE: Doug Allen, CEO of Virginia Railway Express, has announcedhis resignation from the agency. He will be replaced on an interim basisby Rich Dalton. [Progressive Railroading, 10-21-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PEFORMANCE: Thirty-one percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending October 20, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 15 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 10-21-19]

KCS REPORTS 3-Q EARNINGS:Kansas City Southern has reported record revenues of $747.7-million in thethird-quarter 2019, an increase of 7 pct from the same quarter last year.Record adjusted operating income of $294-million was up 15 pct comparedwith the prior year, excluding restructuring charges related to precisionscheduled railroading initiatives and a gain on insurance recoveries fromhurricane damage a year ago. Operating expenses were $465.7-million. [KansasCity Southern, 10-18-19]

PROJECT TO BRING VIRGIN TRAIN TO AVENTURA MALL,FLORIDA, APPROVED: Miami-Dade commissionershave voted to approve a $76-million project to bring Virgin Train USA (Brightline)service to Aventura Mall, Florida. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 10-18-19]

W.VA. EASTERN PANHANDLE GOVERNMENTS MOVE TOMAINTAIN MARC SERVICE: Representativesof seven Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia towns and counties have approveda tentative plan to contribute a total of $300,000 toward continuation ofMARC commuter service. The plan was in response to the state's governor'swillingness to help fund the program if the impacted local governments cameup with a portion of the funding. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 10-18-19]

BICYCLES ARE NOW WELCOME ON AMTRAK'S PENNSYLVANIAN: Bicycles may now be taken along with travel on Amtrak'sPennsylvanian to or from New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg,Altoona, Johnstown and Pittsburgh, for an additional $20. Reservations arerequired. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 10-18-19]

WILDCAT RAILROAD STRIKE IN FRANCE: An unplanned strike by workers from France's nationalrail company SNCF wreaked havoc in several cities Oct. 18 just hours beforeschool holidays were due to start. The employees were angry over safetystandards following an accident at a rail crossing in which 11 people wereinjured when a truck collided with a regional passenger train. [RFI,10-18-19]

VIRGINIA EYES EAST-WEST RAIL ROUTE: Virginia passenger rail advocates and other groups wantto resurrect a long-defunct east-west rail line that would run from theBlue Ridge mountains to Virginia Beach. The 'Commonwealth Corridor' wouldconnect Christiansburg and the New River Valley with Hampton Roads, andwould include stops in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Charlottesville and Richmond.[Greater Greater Washington, 10-17-19]

UNION PACIFIC REPORTS 3-Q RESULTS: Union Pacific has reported 2019 third-quarter net incomeof $1.6-billion or $2.22 per diluted share. This compares with $1.6-billionor $2.15 per diluted share in the same quarter last year. Operating ratioof 59.5 pct improved 2.2 points, and operating revenue of $5.5-billion wasdown 7 pct. [Union Pacific, 10-17-19]

LEHIGH GORGE SCENIC RWY TO END RIDES FROM JIMTHORPE, PA.: A tax dispute with the JimThorpe, Pa., borough council's efforts to collect an amusem*nt tax fromthe railroad has prompted Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway to end passenger trainrides out of the community starting in late November. The railroad has beenoffering passenger rides from Jim Thorpe for 15 years. The decision, however,will not affect Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern passenger operationsfrom other locations to Jim Thorpe, officials said. [Progressive Railroading,10-17-19]

METRA'S TICKET OFFICE IN EVANSTON TO CLOSE: Metra says that on Oct. 31, Union Pacific will closethe on-site ticket office at the Evanston Central Street station in Illinoisdue to declining on-site sales. Located on the UP North line, the stationsold an average of 940 tickets per month this year, the fewest tickets ofall UP's ticket agent-staffed locations. [Progressive Railroading, 10-17-19]

KENYA OPENS STANDARD-GAUGE RAIL EXTENSION: Kenya officially opened the 75-mile Phase 2A of its standard-gaugerailway from Nairobi to Naivasha on Oct. 16. Phase 2A will eventually have12 stations. [International Railway Journal, 10-17-19]

N.C. GETS GRANT TO RENOVATE 1920'S JIM CROWRAIL CAR: North Carolina has received afederal grant of more than $287,000 to renovate a 1920's rail car that wasbuilt to comply with racist Jim Crow laws. The 44-seat coach, partitionedinto two 22-seat sections for racial separation, is currently at the N.C.Transportation Museum in Spencer. It needs extensive renovation, includingasbestos removal. [U.S. News & World Report, 10-16-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffic for the week ending October12, 2019, was 510,820 carloads and intermodal units, down 7 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. Calculated separately, carloads weredown 7.5 pct, and intermodal was down 6.6 pct. [Assn. of American Railroads,10-16-19]

NJT GRADUATES SEVEN LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS: Seven locomotive engineers graduated NJ Transit trainclasses Oct. 15, helping to deliver on the promise of adding a total of25 to fill depleted ranks in New Jersey. [NJ.com, 10-16-19]

CSX REPORTS 3-Q EARNINGS:CSX has announced third-quarter 2019 net earnings of $856-million or $1.08per share, compared with $894-million or $1.05 per share in the same quarterlast year. Revenue in the quarter decreased by 5 pct to $2.98-billion, asmerchandise revenue growth was more than offset by coal and intermodal declines.Expenses decreased 8 pct and operating income was roughly flat at $1.29-billion.[CSX, 10-16-19]

UTAH TROOPER PULLS DRIVER FROM CAR JUST BEFOREIT WAS STRUCK BY A TRAIN: A car crashedthrough fencing along an interstate highway in Salt Lake City, Utah, earlyOct. 16, but a Utah highway patrol trooper pulled the driver out of thevehicle just before it was struck by a FrontRunner train. [Salt LakeTribune, 10-16-19]

CONNECTICUT SEEKS IMPROVEMENTS FOR METRO-NORTH: It might take a decade, but Connecticut's governor wantsto put more speed into the Metro-North Railroad. An announcement is pendingon a 10-year, $18-billion program to update the state's transportation system,and it includes a $5-billion plan to accelerate service on Metro-North.Included are rebuilt tracks from Greenwich to New Haven, to cut travel times,and the purchase of more than 100 rail cars and three rail bridge replacements.[Railway Track & Structures, 10-16-19]

ALSTOM LANDS ORDER TO SUPPLY 42 METROPOLIS TRAINSFOR BARCELONA: Alstom has signed a $287-millioncontract to design and manufacture 42 five-car Metropolis trains for theBarcelona, Spain, metro system. [Progressive Railroading, 10-16-19]

CP ANNOUNCES HOLIDAY TRAIN PROGRAM: Entering its 21st year, the CP Holiday train uses musicand community spirit to raise money and generate healthy food donationsfor food banks in communities along the railroad's network. Beginning inMontreal Nov. 25 and 26, two trains make their journeys, traveling throughboth U.S. and Canada, ending their respective tours Dec. 17 and 18. Newcommunities this year include Menands, N.Y.; Caledonia, Wisconsin; and Ossian,Iowa. [Canadian Pacific, 10-16-19]

BANGLADESH APPROVES ADDITIONAL RAPID TRANSITLINES: Bangladesh has approved two massrapid transit projects in Dhaka worth $11-billion. The 19.4-mile line 1will run from Hazrat Shahjalal international airport to Kamalapur railwaystation, and the 12.4-mile line 5 will run from Hemayatpur to Bhatara. Theaim is to build five metro lines in the capital and surrounding area by2030. [International Railway Journal, 10-16-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN DEVELOPS 'VIRTUAL' PTC TESTINGLAB IN ATLANTA: Norfolk Southern has createda virtual positive train-control lab with a sophisticated way to test thetechnology without having to do it with live trains. The lab, located atthe company's operations center in Atlanta, enables engineers to test hardwareand software that forms a PTC system, and do so economically. [RailwayTrack & Structures, 10-15-19]

HURON CENTRAL RAILWAY TO CLOSE: Genesee & Wyoming Canada says it will cease operationon its Huron Central Railway subsidiary in 2020 after failing to securecapital investment from the government to keep the 173-mile line open. [InternationalRailway Journal, 10-15-19]

LIRR BEGINS REPLACING TWO RAIL BRIDGES IN EASTHAMPTON: Long Island Rail Road crews havebegun the final stage of work to replace two century-old rail bridges inEast Hampton, N.Y., North Main street and Accabonac road. Both bridges havelow-hanging clearances and have been the site of many accidents caused byoversized trucks. Buses will substitute train service during construction.[Progressive Railroading, 10-15-19]

NJT TO RESUME WEEKDAY, OFF-PEAK, RARITAN VALLEYSERVICE TO N.Y. PENN: New Jersey Transitwill resume weekday off-peak, one-seat Raritan Valley line service to NewYork Penn Station beginning Nov. 4. The commuter-rail service was suspendedin Sept. 2018 to allow the agency to install positive train-control ontoits rail fleet. [Progressive Railroading, 10-15-19]

UNION PACIFIC TO CUT 200 JOBS AT KANSAS CITY,MISSOURI: Union Pacific is switching itsoperations from Kansas City, Missouri, to Kansas City, Kansas, which willeliminate about 200 jobs. Some of the workers will be allowed to transferto other yards the company said. [KCTV, 10-15-19]

FORMER NORFOLK SOUTHERN EMPLOYEE SUES RAILROADSAYING HIS JOB CAUSED CANCER: A man whoworked as an employee of Norfolk Southern from 1979 to 2012 is suing thecompany saying the job caused his cancer. The suit says that he was exposedto various taxic substances such as diesel exhaust and asbestos. [WRCB-TV,10-15-19]

REHAB WORK BEGINNING AT FOUR NORTHEAST CORRIDORSTATIONS IN N.J.: Amtrak and N.J. Transitare kicking off construction work at four stations on the Northeast corridor.New Brunswick is getting elevator improvements, platform extension, rehabof its exterior facade, new lighting and windows, and an escalator; Elizabethis getting two new elevators and updating of two others, ramps and new platforms;Trenton Transit Center is getting platform improvements; and Princeton Junctionis getting platform and stairway improvements. [NJ 101.5, 10-15-19]

GOLDMAN SACHS LOWERS OUTLOOK ON FREIGHT TRANSPORTATIONSECTOR EARNINGS: Freightwaves is reportingthat Goldman Sachs has revised its outlook on 2020 earnings in the freighttransportation sector. Among the companies the investment firm says willhave lower earnings per share than originally predicted are CSX, CN, CP,Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific. [Railway Track & Structures,10-15-19]

UTAH TRANSIT CLEARS $463-M FOR PROJECTS: A five-year, $463-million construction plan approvedby the Utah Transit Authority board includes a bus rapid-transit line, afueling station and relocation of a rail station at Salt Lake City internationalairport. Also included is double-tracking for a train line in Utah Countyto accommodate a station in Vineyard. [Salt Lake Tribune]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-two percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending October 13, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 22 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 10-14-19]

TWIN CITIES RAIL SUPPORTERS PUSH FOR STATE FUNDING: Supporters of passenger rail service in Minnesota areplotting their push for state funding to keep expansion efforts alive. Includedin their wish-list are restoration of service from the Twin Cities to Duluth,and an additional train to Chicago. Amtrak could operate both services.Rail planners say local and state funding is critical to coaxing federalgrant dollars to the state. [Star-Tribune, 10-14-19]

NEW ORLEANS STREETCAR SERVICE SUSPENDED FOLLOWINGBUILDING COLLAPSE: Streetcar service hasbeen suspended along the Riverfront and Rampart-St. Claude routes and portionsof the Canal-Cemeteries and Canal-City Park routes of New Orleans followingthe partial collapse Oct. 12 of the Hard Rock Hotel under construction.[Progressive Railroading, 10-14-19]

R.J. CORMAN TO PROVIDE SWITCHING, TRANSLOADINGAT TEXAS INDUSTRIAL PARK: R.J. Corman SwitchingCo. had been awarded a contract to serve as the switching and transloadingprovider for the Union Pacific-served Hempstead Logistics Park near Houston.[Progressive Railroading, 10-14-19]

BNSF TRAIN DERAILS EAST OF FLAGSTAFF: BNSF reports a derailed freight train closed both maintracks east of Flagstaff, Arizona, early Oct. 14. Fourteen cars were derailed.No chemicals were spilled, and there were no injuries. [Arizona DailySun, 10-14-19]

BRITISH GOVERNMENT TO PROCEED WITH RAIL REFORMIN 2020: Significant reforms to Britain'srail franchising system are in the government's new legislative agenda announcedOct. 14. Included are measures focusing on customer service and performance,simplified fares and ticketing, a new industry structure, a new commercialmodel, and addressing people-related challenges. [International RailwayJournal, 10-14-19]

HIGH-SPEED STEAM PROGRAM EXTENDED IN POLAND: A planned conversion to a short, low-speed steam touristrailroad in Poland will not happen in 2020. To ensure that the steam operationswill be viable in 2021, it has been decided to maintain the current levelof steam service. Two 60-mile Wolsztyn-Leszno trains will operate each weekday,and two 100-mile Wolsztyn-Poznan trains will run on most Saturdays. Wolsztynis the only place in the world running daily (except Sunday) high-speedsteam service. [Carl Franz, Wolsztyn Experience, 10-14-19]

TYPHOON BATTERS JAPANESE TRAIN SYSTEM: Japan's nationwide high-speed Shinkansen train systemfelt the brunt of cyclone Hagibis after flooding, relentless rain and mudslides.Many train service shutdowns and cancelations resulted. [Mashable, 10-14-19]

LIRR WORK TRAIN DERAILS:A Long Island Rail Road work train derailed Oct. 13 near its busy JamaicoJunction. Two cars of the train came off of the tracks just east of Jamaicaaround 9 A.M. There were no injuries. [Newsday, 10-13-19]

MAN INJURED ATTEMPTING TO JUMP ONTO STEAM INTOHISTORY TRAIN IN PA.: A man believed tobe intoxicated tried to jump onto a Steam Into History train in Glen Rock,Pa., late Oct. 10. The train was in motion and ran over the man's leg, authoritiessaid. Steam Into History operates excursions on the right-of-way of theformer Northern Central Railway. [York Dispatch, 10-11-19]

NJT TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS PERSON. A fatal train strike happened early Oct. 11 just eastof Millburn station as an unidentified man was killed by a Manhattan-boundNew Jersey Transit train. Service was suspended on the Morris-Essex andGladstone lines. [NewJersey.com, 10-11-19]

NEW AMTRAK STATION BUILDING AT BWI OPENED: Amtrak has opened a new station building at the BWI ThurgoodMarshall Rail station on the Northeast corridor in Maryland. The $4.7-millionproject involved an entirely new waiting room, ticket office and restroomfacility. MARC trains also use the station. The building is situated toaccommodate a planned future addition of a fourth main track and islandplatforms. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 10-11-19]

UPGRADED STATION AT MOUNT JOY, PA., OPENED: Amtrak, on Oct. 7, opened its upgraded station at MountJoy, Pa, on the Keystone corridor. The $27.5-million project included anew overhead pedestrian bridge, two 500-foot boarding platforms, two towerseach with an elevator, and other improvements. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 10-11-19]

ONE ADDITIONAL ROUND-TRIP ADDED TO PACIFIC SURFLINER: Amtrak,on Oct. 14, will add a 13th daily Pacific Surflinertrain in each direction between Los Angeles and San Diego, designed to filla gap in the line's afternoon schedule. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,10-11-19]

HYBRID 'GRAPPLE TRUCK' INTRODUCED FOR MOVINGTRAINS: Brown Industries has introduceda patent-pending 'grapple truck' designed to pull multiple loaded trains.The hybrid vehicle can generate more tha 20,000 pounds of tractive effort,and allows railroads to move rail cars in one day and conduct track maintenancethe next day, the company said. [Progressive Railroading, 10-11-19]

S.F. THRUWAY STOP MOVING TO NEW LOCATION: Effective Oct. 28, Amtrak Thruway buses will stop atthe Salesforce Plaza instead of the Transbay Temporary Terminal stop. Itis an unstaffed, curbside stop on the south side of Mission at Fremont,adjacent to the aerial tramway gondola to the top of Salesforce TransitCenter Terminal. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 10-11-19]

UNION PACIFIC TO INCREASE NUMBER OF TRAINS ALONGROUTE IN CALIFORNIA: Union Pacific hasput Manteca, California, on notice to expect 135 trains, eventually, topass through the city each day. This is an enormous leap from current traffic,about 56 trains per day. The city has nine at-grade street crossings thatwill be impacted. [Manteca Bulletin, 10-11-19]

OVERNIGHT TRAINS TO RETURN TO THE NETHERLANDS: Regular overnight trains are set to return to the Netherlandslate next year with the launch of daily service between Amsterdam, Munichand Wien. The last overnight train to Amsterdam was withdrawn with the abandonmentof CityNightLine in Dec. 2016. [Railway Gazette, 10-11-19]

POWER PLANTS EXPECTED TO CONSUME LESS COAL NEXTYEAR: U.S. power plants are expected toconsume less coal next year than at any point since the Carter administration.Coal continues to lose ground to cleaner and less-expensive alternatives.[CNN Business, 10-10-19]

SOUND TRANSIT TO UPGRADE ACCESS TO KENT, WASHINGTON,RAIL STATION: Sound Transit has completeda conceptual design for proposed parking and access improvements at theSounder commuter rail station in Kent, Washington. Completion is set forcompletion by 2024. [Progressive Railroading, 10-10-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffic was 515,061 carloads and intermodalunits in the week ending October 5, 2019, down 7.1 pct compared with thecorresponding week last year. Calculated separately, carloads dropped 8.5pct, and intermodal volume was down 5.8 pct. [Assn. of American Railroads,10-9-19]

N.Y. SUBWAY TRAIN SPEEDS MAY INCREASE ON CERTAINTRACK: New York's Metropolitan TransportationAuthority has released preliminary findings of the train speed and safetytask force demonstrating that subway train speeds on certain sections oftrack may be increased by as much as 50 pct. [Railway Age, 10-9-19]

EXPORT FACILITY TO BE BUILT AT CSX SELECT SITEIN S.C.: A&R Logistics has announcedplans to build an export facility in the West Branch Commerce Park in BerkleyCounty, S.C. The facility has been designated as a CSX Select Site, andis being developed in cooperation with the South Carolina Ports Authority.[Progressive Railroading, 10-9-19]

SACRAMENTO RENAMES 39TH STREET LIGHT-RAIL STATION: Sacramento, California, has renamed its 39th street light-railstation to 39th street/UC Davis Health station. [Progressive Railroading,10-9-19]

CALTRAIN RAMPS UP CONSTRUCTION ON ELECTRIFICATIONPROJECT: Caltrain in the coming monthswill continue foundation installation and begin the installation of polesalong the rail corridor in Sunnyvale, California. Construction also continueson the paralleling station facility. Replacing diesel-hauled trains withelectric will improve system performance, the agency says. [ProgressiveRailroading, 10-9-19]

VEHICLE STRIKES R.R. CROSSING APPARTUS IN SCHENECTADY,DELAYING AMTRAK: A minivan struck a railroadcrossing arm apparatus Oct. 9 in Schenectady and the driver was taken toa hospital by ambulance. The accident delayed an Amtrak train. [SchenectadyDaily Gazette, 10-9-19]

GERMAN RAIL TO INTRODUCE NEW ROSTOCK-DRESDENSERVICE: German Rail plans to introducea new intercity service linking Rostock, Berlin and Dresden with the newtimetable on Dec. 15. Ten trains per day will be offered initially in eachdirection. [International Railway Journal, 10-9-19]

DESIGN CONTRACT AWARDED FOR NEW RAIL LINE INGREECE: Greece has awarded a contract tocarry out preliminary design work for construction of the Thessaloniki-Amfipolis-NeaKarvali Railway. [International Railway Journal, 10-9-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TRAINS CRASH IN OHIO: Two Norfolk Southern trains reportedly collided in Fairfield,Ohio, near Cincinnati, early Oct. 8. Two crew members were injured. Theincident closed a road, and schools delayed their opening by two hours.[Fox 18, 10-8-19]

METRA TO SPEND NEARLY $2.6-M IN NEXT FIVE YEARSON EQUIPMENT, IMPROVEMENTS: Chicago's Metraexpects to spend close to $2.6-billion in the next five ears on locomotives,rail cars, bridges, stations and other improvements. More than half of thefunding will come from a capital program passed by the state legislatureearlier this year. [Chicago Tribune, 10-8-19]

STB ADDRESSES RAILCAR DEMURRAGE ISSUES: The Surface Transportation Board is recommending thatshippers and railroads work together to calm tempers over demurrage practices.Precision Scheduled Railroading has lengthened train hauls and put morepressure on shippers to move more within a 24-hour window. The agency saysdemurrage rules and changes are not reasonable when they do not incentivizethe behavior of customers to encourage the efficient use of rail assets.Charges should reflect reasonable financial incentives; revenue is not itselfthe purpose. [Railway Track & Structures, 10-8-19]

COAST GUARD AGREES TO RESTRICTIONS ON PORTALBRIDGE OPENINGS: The. U.S. Coast Guardhas agreed to place permanent restrictions on when ships may pass underthe Portal Bridge, a century-old swing-bridge rail crossing in New Jerseythat has caused major delays on the Northeast corridor, particularly whenthe bridge gets stuck in the open position. [Politico, 10-8-19]

COURT STRIKES DOWN WISCONSIN INTANGIBLE PROPERTYTAX ON RAILROADS: Wisconsin's effort totax a railroad's custom software has been ruled unlawful by a federal appealscourt. The state had claimed Union Pacific owed $2.6-million on its customsoftware in intangible personal property tax. The court agreed that thetax, which exempted the same property for all other manufacturing and commercialentities, singled out railroads and utilities and violated a 1976 law. [MilwaukeeJournal Sentinel, 10-8-19]

ARGENTINA COMPLETES SAN MARTIN RAIL LINE UPGRADING: Argentine Trains infrastructure has completed a $27-millionproject to upgrade a 79-mile section of the San Martin rail line betweenCabred and Buenos Aires. [International Railway Journal, 10-8-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-five percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending October 6, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 13 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 10-7-19]

ALASKA R.R. SEEKS TO EXPAND CRUISE SHIP FACILITYIN SEWARD: Alaska Railroad is looking fora partner to help it update and expand its cruise ship facility in Seward.Its current pile-supported dock is 735 feet long, and it would be replacedby a floating dock up to 1,080 feet long, along with a new terminal buildingwith space to accommodate up to 1,500 people. Cruise season is May to September,and 95 cruise ships docked in 2019, a number that is expected to increase.[U.S. News & World Report, 10-5-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN MESA, ARIZONA,BLOCKING MAJOR ROAD: A Union Pacific trainderailed about 13 cars late Oct. 3 in Mesa, Arizona, blocking a major road.No injuries were reported. [Arizona Republic, 10-4-19]

METRA TO CONSTRUCT THIRD TRACK AT MAYWOOD ONUNION PACIFIC WEST LINE: Crews will beginconstructing a third track on Metra's Union Paciific West commuter railline through Maywood, Illinois, on Oct. 8. [Progressive Railroading,10-4-19]

MARYLAND'S GOVENOR PROPOSES $345-M CUT IN PUBLICTRANSPORTATION FUNDING: Md. Governor LarryHogan has proposed a $345-million cut to the state agency overseeing publictransportation, including for Baltimore's subway and light-rail lines, andMARC commuter trains. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 10-4-19]

DENVER'S LIGHT-RAIL SYSTEM IMPACTED BY SHORTAGEOF OPERATORS: Denver's RTD light-rail servicehas been forced to cancel a number of runs due to a shortage of train operators.The system lost 25 operators since June, with 30 pct of their 216 light-railoperator positions unfilled. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 10-4-19]

CONTRACT SIGNED TO UPGRADE CUBAN RAILWAYS: A 10-year, $1.88-billion contract has been signed forRussian Railways to upgrade more than 620 miles of the Cuban rail network.[International Railway Journal, 10-4-19]

CHINA OPENS 1,127-MILE HEAVY-HAUL RAILWAY: China has officially opened the Haoji Railway, a 1,127-mileelectrified heavy-haul coal line between Ordos City and Ji'an. It has amaximum speed of 75 MPH. [International Railway Journal, 10-4-19]

CHINA TO BUILD HIGH-SPEED MAGLEV TEST LINE: China plans to start construction next year on a 125-milemaglev line in Hubei province to test operation of a prototype maglev trainat speeds in excess of 370 MPH. [International Railway Journal, 10-4-19]

FOUR MAJOR RAILROADS SUED OVER FUEL SURCHARGES: BNSF, Union Pacific, CSX and Norfolk Southern got slammedwith lawsuits this week from shippers of various industries alleging thatbetween 2003 and 2008 the railroads engaged in price-fixing by assessingfuel surcharges, saying they were part of a fuel-cost recovery program,thus violating the Sherman Act. More than two dozen suits may have beenfiled on the issue. Plaintiffs include power and chemical companies andauto makers. [Freight Waves, 10-3-19]

CSX ANNOUNCES TWO SENIOR EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENTS: CSX has appointed Kevin Boone executive vice-presidentand chief financial officer, and Jamie Boychuk as executive vice-presidentof operations. [Progressive Railroading, 10-3-19]

CHICAGO TRANSIT BREAKS GROUND ON RED & PURPLELINE MODERNIZATION PROJECT: Constructionhas begun on Chicago Transit Authority's Red and Purple line modernizationproject which includes building a bypass bridge to ease bottleneck congestion.The $2.1-billion project, the largest in the agency's history, is scheduledto be completed in 2025. [Progressive Railroading, 10-3-19]

METROLINX TESTING ANTI-TRESPASSING RUBBER PANELS: Toronto's Metrolinx has begun testing the use of specializedrubber panels on track sections as part of an effort to deter people fromtrespassing. The panels are of hard rubber in a cone-shape pattern makingit difficult to walk over. So far this year, more than 15 deaths have occurredon Metrolinx-owned tracks involving GO Transit trains, officials said. [ProgressiveRailroading, 10-3-19]

N.J. SENATE TO INVESTIGATE NJT FAILURES: The New Jersey state senate has formed a select committeeto investigate New Jersey Transit's failures and to develop an action planfor improving the commuter rail service. [Progressive Railroading, 10-3-19]

WARREN COUNTY, N.Y., SEEKS SARATOGA & NORTHCREEK RWY FOR STONE HAULING: Warren County,N.Y., officials are asking the Surface Transportation Board to retain a30-mile section of the Saratoga & North Creek Railway for use in haulingstone from abandoned mines, rather than abandoning the line and convertingit into trail use. [Railway Track & Structures, 10-3-19]

INDIAN RAILWAYS PLANS PRIVATIZATION OF PASSENGERTRAINS: Indian Railways has announced plansto invite private and international operators to bid to operate passengertrains on a lease basis on 25 selected routes covering distances from 310to 435 miles. [International Railway Journal, 10-3-19]

SEPTEMBER 2019 U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: Combined U.S. carload and intermodal originations inSeptember 2019 were 2,054,025, down 6.4 pct from the same month last year.[Assn. of American Railroads, 10-2-19]

BLET, D&H REACH TENTATIVE AGREEMENT: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen hasreached a tentative agreement with Delaware & Hudson Railway governingrates of pay, benefits and work rules, subject to ratification of eligiblemembers. [Progressive Railroading, 10-2-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN BRIDGE IN MISSOURI DESTROYEDBY FLOOD, DEBRIS: The Norfolk Southernrailroad bridge over the Grand River at Brunswick, Missouri, between Moberlyand Kansas City, was washed out early Oct. 1 due to debris caused by heavyrains. [KCHI, 10-2-19]

SEPTEMBER 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-six percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in September2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hour and 16 minuteslate. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 10-1-19]

EASTERN LONG-DISTANCE TRAINS GETTING DININGOPTION CHANGES: Beginning Oct. 1, sleepingcar passengers on the Capitol Limited, Cardinal, City of New Orleans, Crescent,Lake Shore Limited and Silver Meteor will be offered selections from a new'Flexible' menu in a dedicated dining car (either a Superliner 'Cross CountryCafe' car or a Viewliner Dining car). This is an improvement for the Cardinal,which has operated with only one food service car for a number of years.Coach passengers will have access solely to the Cafe car with items availablefor purchase. The Silver Star is currently excluded from the new diningcar plan, but will be included sometime next year with the addition of aViewliner diner for sleeping car passengers. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,9-27-19]

FREIGHTCAR AMERICA BUILDING FACTORY IN MEXICO: FreightCar America is building a new manufacturing factoryin Castanos, Mexico, which is exected to start producting rail cars in mid-2020.The project is a joint venture with Fasemex, and the two companies willevenly share profits and losses. [Progressive Railroading, 9-27-19]

FEDS GRANT $75-M TO STREETCAR PROJECT IN TEMPE,ARIZONA: The Federal Transit Administrationhas announced a $75-million grant to Valley Metro for the Tempe, Arizona,Streetcar project. The project involves a three-mile line with 14 stations.[Progressive Railroading, 9-26-19]

GERMANY TESTING PAINTING OF RAILS TO HELP CUTHEAT EXPANSION: German Rail has begun trialpainting of rails with white paint to reduce the effects of heat expansionduring operation. The testing is on a double-track bridge which is exposedto high levels of solar radiation, one of the tracks being painted and theother left unpainted to allow comparison. [International Railway Journal,9-26-19]

ROB KNIGHT, CFO OF UNION PACIFIC, TO RETIRE: Rob Knight, chief financial officer of Union Pacificsince 2004, plans to retire at the end of this year. Jennifer Hamann hasbeen appointed to replace him. [Union Pacific, 9-26-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffic for the week ending Sept. 21,2019, was 528,670 carloads and intermodal units, down 6.8 pct compared withthe corresponding week last year. Calculated separately, carloads dropped8 pct, while intermodal units were down 5.7 pct. [Assn. of American Railroads,9-25-19]

RIDERSHIP ON RAIL TRANSIT INCREASES IN 2-Q: American Public Transportation Association data showeda 1.44 pct increase in ridership on heavy-rail systems, and a 3.54 pct increaseon commuter-rail systems in the U.S. and Canada in the second quarter 2019.[Progressive Railroading, 9-25-19]

DOOR OPENS WHILE MBTA TRAIN IS IN MOTION: The new Orange line MBTA train cars are out of serviceafter a door opened while the train was in motion. The agency said one ofthe door leaves (half of each set of doors) opened Sept. 20, causing thetrain to automatically come to a stop, as it is designed to do. [BostonHerald, 9-25-19]

DURANGO & SILVERTON STEAM LOCOMOTIVE STARTEDMANY FIRES, JUDGE SAYS: A coal-poweredsteam Durango & Silverton tourist train started as many as 50 firesin spring 2018, a U.S. judge said. The largest fire, on June 1, 2018, burnedmore than 54,000 acres of national forest lands, and the judge said therailroad was aware of the risk of fires due to drought conditions. The U.S.government is seeking $25-million in firefighting costs. If a settlementis not reached, a jury trial could be scheduled for late next year. [RailwayTrack & Structures, 9-25-19]

LATE CANADIAN GRAIN HARVEST CHALLENGES RAILROADS: A delayed grain crop in Canada is causing headaches forrailways, elevator operators and farmers following a dry spring and wetsummer. Grain carloads at the two major Canadian rail companies are down11 pct so far in the quarter ending Sept. 30. [Canadian Press, 9-25-19]

MBTA TO PURCHASE 80 DOUBLE-DECK COACHES: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has awardedHyundai Rotem a sole-source contract to supply 80 double-deck coaches toreplace older single-deck cars and increase capacity on the Boston commuterrail network by more than 14,000 seats per day. [Railway Gazette, 9-24-19]

RAILROAD STRIKE IN FRANCE:Trains were disrupted across France Sept. 24 as labor unions went on strikeover plans to overhaul the country's pension system. Hundreds of trainswere canceled, with rail operator SNCF expecting just two out of five intercitytrains to run, and three of five regional lines to operate. Commuter linesserving Paris were hit hard, leading to massive traffic jams. [France24, 9-24-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-four percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending September 22, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived onehour and 21 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 9-23-19]

INDIANA COUNTIES BACK FUNDING FOR SOUTH SHORERAIL PROJECT: The final Indiana countybeing asked to commit money toward major upgrades to the South Shore commuterline between South Bend and Chicago has agreed to do so. South Bend andSt. Joseph counties have reached agreement for splitting $18-million forthe project's local contribution. The estimated $312-million project wouldadd a second set of tracks between Gary and Michigan City. [U.S. News& World Report]

SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE PASSES 2020TRANSPORTATION FUNDING BILL: The SenateAppropriations Committee has passed an $86.6-billion FY 2020 transportationfunding bill, an increase of $167-million over this year's levels, $58-millionof which goes to increased funding for Amtrak. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 9-20-19]

L.A. UNION STATION GETS FUNDING FOR RUN-THROUGHCAPABILITY: An agreement has been reachedto direct more than $400-million towards a project to enable trains to enterand exit Los Angeles Union Station via. both the existing northern tracksand new tracks to the south. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 9-20-19]

STONEBRIAR TO PURCHASE 3,000 NEW RAIL CARS FROMGREENBRIER: Stonebriar Commercial Financehas agreed with The Greenbrier Cos. to purchase 3,00 rail cars. The orderinvolves both tank and freight cars over four years. [Progressive Railroading,9-20-19]

ALSTOM TO EXPAND HORNELL MANUFACTURING PLANT: Alstom has announced the expansion of its Hornell, N.Y.,manufacturing plant where the Acela II trainsets are currently in production.The expansion will lead to the hiring of up to 200 new employees. [RailPassengers Assn., 9-20-19]

GERMAN RAIL ORDERS 30 HIGH-SPEED TRAINS: German Rail announced on Sept. 20 that it is placingan order for 30 high-speed trains. [International Railway Journal, 9-20-19]

TIMKEN TO ACQUIRE BEKA LUBRICATION: Timken Co. has agreed to acquire BEKA Lubrication for$165-million. BEKA is a global automatic lubrication systems supplier servingrail and other industrial sectors. The sale is subject to regulatory approvalin Germany. [Progressive Railroading, 9-20-19]

HARSCO LANDS $290-M GERMAN RAIL CONTRACT: Harsco's rail division has signed a even-year $290-millioncontract with DB Netz for developing up to 56 catenary intervention andmaintenance vehicles to replace the German railway system's aging fleet.[Progressive Railroading, 9-20-19]

CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL ADOPTS PREFERREDNORTHERN ROUTE ALTERNATIVES: CaliforniaHigh-Speed Rail Authority has adopted preferred alternatives for the plannedroutes in northern California. The San Jose-Merced section will use a blendedconfiguration between San Jose and Gilroy in the existing Caltrain and UnionPacific corridors before continuing to a dedicated alignment through PachecoPass; the San Francisco-San Jose section will use a blended configurationbetween San Francisco and San Jose within the existing Caltrain corridor.[Progressive Railroading, 9-19-19]

MOTIVEPOWER TO CLOSE PLANT IN IDAHO, MOVE OPERATIONSTO PA.: Locomotive manufacturer MotivePowerwill close its Boise, Idaho, plant, its parent company Wabtec says. Wabtec,formerly Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies, said Boise's manufacturingoperations will be consolidated with Wabtec's plant in Erie, Pa. [IdahoStaesman, 9-19-19]

DALLAS BREAKS GROUND ON SILVER LINE: Groundbreaking was held Sept. 19 along the Cotton Beltregional rail corridor north of Dallas to mark the start of constructionon the DART commuter rail Silver line. [International Railway Journal,9-19-19]

CLASS I RAIL EMPLOYMENT DIPS IN AUGUST: In mid-August 2019, U.S. Class I railroads employed 139,284workers, down 1.01 pct from mid-July, and down 5.98 pct from mid-August2018, said the Surface Transportation Board. [Progressive Railroading,9-19-19]

U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffic for the week ending September14, 2019, was 526,734 carloads and intermodal units, down 4.8 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. Calculated separately, carloads weredown 6.1 pct, and intermodal units were down 3.5 pct. [Assn. of AmericanRailroads, 9-18-19]

OTTAWA OPENS CONFEDERATION LIGHT-RAIL LINE: Ottawa officials have announced the opening of the O-Train'sConfederation Line, marking the expansion of light-rail across the city.It is a 7.7-mile line connecting 13 stations, and is expected to carry upto 10,700 passengers per hour in each direction during peak weekday periods.That will make it the busiest light-rail line in North America. [ProgressiveRailroading, 9-18-19]

BLACKLANDS R.R. FILES FOR DISCONTINUANCE OFSERVICE: Blacklands Railroad has fileda petition to discontinue service on the line owned by Texas Rural RailTransportation District between Greenville and Winfield, Texas. [MountVernon Optic Herald, 9-18-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN POLICE INCREASE PATROLS INLOUISVILLE DUE TO TRESPASSING: An uptickin railway trespassing has police patrollng the tracks and talking to residentsabout safety in Louisville. According the Norfolk Southern, one person wasinjured on its tracks in Louisville last year, more than 60 were caughttrespassing, and eight of those turned into arrests. [WLKY, 9-18-19]

BONDS APPROVED FOR CALIFORNIA-LAS VEGAS HIGH-SPEEDRAIL: California Debt Limit Allocationcommittee has approved $300-million in tax-exempt private activity bondsfor Virgin Trains USA to build its high-speed line from southern Californiato Las Vegas. The bonds would apply this year with a similar amount for2020, allowing Virgin to issue a total of $2,4-billion in debt, about halfthe total needed. [The Bond Buyer, 9-18-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-six percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending September 15, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived onehour and 22 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 9-16-19]

GA. PORTS AUTHORITY EXPANDING RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE,OFFERINGS: Georgia Ports Authority is spending$220-million to expand on-terminal rail infrastructure. The Mason Mega Railterminal, under construction, will be the largest on-dock rail facilityat any North American port. Meanwhile, the authority plans to offer dualrail service via CSX and Norfolk Southern to move cargo to Chicago in lessthan three days. [Progressive Railroading, 9-13-19]

AMTRAK TO UPGRADE EASTERN DINING-CAR SERVICEMODEL: Amtrak is taking steps to improveits dining-car service model applying to Eastern long-distance trains. Meal-specifictrays will replace the current box, bag and takeout presentation; additionalhot options will become available; and coach passengers may once again buyfood from the diner. No changes are planned for Western long-distance trains.[Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 9-13-19]

FEDS ISSUE POSITIVE 'RECORD OF DECISION' FORTHIRD MAIN TRACK RICHMOND TO ALEXANDRIA:Virginia has received a positive 'record of decision' from the Federal RailroadAdministration for the DC2RVA high-speed rail project, permitting constructionof a third main track between Richmond and Alexandria. The project willalso allow maximum speed to increase to 90 MPH. A fourth main track is alsoplanned from Alexandria and the Potomac River bridge into D.C. [RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 9-13-19]

METROLINX ORDERS 36 BILEVEL CARS FROM BOMBARDIER: Metrolinx has announced it will purchase 36 additionalbilevel rail cars for GO Transit from Bombardier Transportation. The orderadds 31 standard and five accessible cars to an existing 125-car order,and the cars will be built in Thunder Bay, Ontario. [Progressive Railroading,9-13-19]

BYPASS TRACK TO REPLACE DELAY-PRONE CHICAGOTRANSIT JUNCTION: A 112-year-old ChicagoTransit rail junction on the northside of Chicago is set to be replacedin the single largest project in the agency's history. The $2.1-billionprogram will fix one of the worst track and signal bottlenecks in the entiresystem by creating a bypass track north of the Belmont station for northboundBrown line trains. The bypass will allow for an additional eight Red linetrains per hour during the rush period and a 60 pct increase in train speeds.The project is scheduled for completion in 2025. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 9-13-19]

EUROPEAN UNION COMMITS $669-M TOWARD POLISHRAIL INFRASTRUCTURE: Grants totaling $669-millionhave been approved from the European Union cohesion fund for the modernizationof Poland's railway infrastructure. Included are funds to support the introductionof European Railway Traffic Management system to more lines, and reopeningand electrifying the Tarnowskie Gory-Zawiercie line with a maximum passengertrain speed of 87 MPH. [International Railway Journal, 9-13-19]

AMTRAK UPDATES MOBILE APP WITH TICKETING FEATURES: Amtrak has updated its mobile application to improvebooking and travel management features. Customers may now save multiplecredit cards to their account to improve ticket purchasing convenience,redeem guest rewards points, and purchase parking fares. [ProgressiveRailroading, 9-12-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN ILLINOIS CAUSINGFIRE, EVACUATIONS: A Union Pacific trainbearing a flammable liquid derailed Sept. 10 in Dupo, Illinois, a suburbof St. Louis, causing a fire that sent thick, black smoke into the areaprompting the evacuation of schools and residences. No injuries were reported.[South East Missourian, 9-11-19]

LIRR INTRODUCES NEW TRAIN CARS: Long Island Rail Road is rolling out their first newM9 train cars in 17 years. As a result, the railroad says some of its busiestroutes will have longer 10- and 12-car trains. [WABC, 9-11-19]

OMNITRAX COMPLETES WINCHESTER & WESTERNACQUISITION: An OmniTrax affiliate hascompleted its acquisition of Winchester & Western Railroad from CoviaHoldings. Winchester & Western operates in Virginia, West Virginia,Maryland and New Jersey. [Progressive Railroading, 9-11-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffic in the week ending Sept. 7,2019, was 469,285 carloads and intermodal units, down 6.6 pct compared withthe corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 9-11-19]

TAIWAN PROPOSES HIGH-SPEED RAIL LINE EXTENSION: Proposals to extend the 217-mile Taipei-Kaohsiung high-speedrail line from its southern terminus across the Gaoping River to serve PingtungCounty were unveiled Sept. 10 by Taiwan's premier. Four alignments are beingconsidered. [International Railway Journal, 9-11-19]

MISSOURI GIRL AWARDED $17-M IN SUIT AGAINSTBNSF IN ACCIDENT AT CROSSING: A Missourigirl has been awarded $17-million in a personal injury case against BNSF.A crash involved a concrete traffic barrier at a crossing which, accordingto the suit, violated state design standards for the road that the barrierwas protecting. [KFVS12, 9-11-19]

CN TRAIN HITS TRAILER AT CROSSING IN IOWA: A Canadian National train hit the rear wheels of a trailerhitched to a truck at a crossing just west of Fort Dodge, Iowa, Sept. 11.There were no injuries. [Messenger News, 9-11-19]

VA. GROUPS CALL FOR NEW EAST-WEST TRAINS: A new report by five groups finds that expanding Virginia'srail service to add an east-west corridor would make colleges and universitiesacross the state more accessible, increase economic development and tourism,and give 3.7 million citizens additional access to passenger rail. [Virginiansfor High-Speed Rail, 9-10-19]

BNSF TO TEST BATTERY-ELECTRIC ROAD LOCOMOTIVEIN 2020: BNSF has teamed with Wabtec todevelop a battery-electric high-horsepower road locomotive to begin performancetesting in late 2020. Formerly only used in switching yards, a battery-electriclocomotive can now be developed and tested as a road unit due to the availabilityof more powerful and reliable batteries, BNSF says. [Progressive Railroading,9-10-19]

SEPTA COMPLETES REPLACEMENT OF WOODLAND AVENUEBRIDGE: SEPTA on Sept. 9 announced itscrews have completed work to replace the Woodland avenue bridge in Philadelphia.It is used by two trolley lines, vehicles and pedestrians, and crosses overover the Media-Elwyn regional rail line. The original bridge was built inthe 1920's. [Progressive Railroading, 9-10-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-nine percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending September 8, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived 59 minuteslate. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 9-9-19]

MISSED TEST ON DEFECTIVE RAIL RESULTED IN AUG.2018 NORFOLK SOUTHERN DERAILMENT, FRA SAYS:A Norfolk Southern train derailment at Pittsburgh's Station Square Aug.5, 2018, could have been prevented, says the Federal Railroad Administration,as a broken rail had been discovered weeks before the accident. In its report,the FRA concluded that Sperry Rail Service failed to investigage furtherafter an ultrasound inspection revealed a progressive break beginning ator near the rail surface. The tracks were closed for four days followingthe derailment, and a light-rail line below the freight line, which wasimpacted by the derailment, was shut down for three weeks. [Railway Track& Structures, 9-6-19]

R.J. CORMAN R.R. TO LEASE, OPERATE SHORT LINEIN ALABAMA: R.J. Corman Railroad has finalizeda long-term lease and operate the 13.3-mile Childersburg short line railroadlocated in Coosa Pines, Alabama. Previously, the line was jointly-operatedby Norfolk Southern and CSX. [Railway Age, 9-6-19]

DRAFT REPORT RECOMMENDS ADDING SECOND R.R. BRIDGESPANNING POTOMAC RIVER D.C. TO VA.: FederalRailroad Administration and District Dept. of Transportation have publishedkey environmental and partnership documents for the Long Bridge project.It is recommended that a second two-track bridge be built, and that thepresent bridge be retained, to accommodate four tracks spanning the PotomacRiver between D.C. and Virginia, increasing capacity and allowing serviceexpansion. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 9-6-19]

FEDS APPROVE HONOLULU PASSENGER RAIL PROJECTRECOVERY PLAN: The Federal Transit Administrationhas approved a recovery plan for the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transitpassenger rail project. Approval was key to receiving $744-million thathad been held pending confdence that the plan could minimize further delaysand contain costs for construction of a 20-mile elevated passenger railsystem. [Progressive Railroading, 9-6-19]

POWERRAIL LANDS NJT CONTRACT FOR JOURNAL ADAPTERBOXES: PowerRail has been awarded a multiyear$1.9-million contract from New Jersey Transit to manufacture passenger railcar journal adapter boxes. PowerRail specializes in new and remanufacturedbearings and journal boxes for locomotives, passenger rail cars and light-railvehicles. [Progressive Railroading, 9-6-19]

TRINITY INDUSTRIES PRESIDENT RETIRING: Timothy Wallace, president and chief executive officerof Trinity Industries, is planning to retire. He joined Trinity in 1975and has been its president and CEO since 1999. Trinity, headquartered inDallas, owns business that are providers of rail transportation productsand services in North America. [Business Wire, 9-6-19]

INITIAL TEST RUN OF JERUSALEM-TEL AVIV RAILWAYA SUCCESS: Israel Railways on Sept. 6 successfullyexecutived the first test run on its newly-electrified line between TelAviv and Jerusalem. [Jerusalem Post, 9-6-19]

SUBURBAN D.C. PURPLE LINE LAYS FIRST SEGMENTOF RAIL FOR PURPLE LINE: Maryland's governorand other officials celebrated the laying of the first segment of rail forthe Purple light-rail line early Sept. 5. The line will connect New Carrolltonto Bethesda, serving 21 stations. [WTOP, 9-5-19]

KOCHI OPENS NEW METRO EXTENSION: A 3.4-mile extension to the Kochi metro in India openedSept. 4, extending the city's initial line to 15.8 miles. [InternationalRailway Journal, 9-5-19]

VIA RAIL RIDERSHIP, REVENUE ROSE IN 2-Q: Via Rail Canada logged a 6.4 pct increase in ridershipand a nearly 5 pct increase in passenger revenue in the second-quarter comparedwith the same period last year. The increase represents the 14th straightquarter of increased ridership and the 21st consecutive quarter of revenuegrowth, officials said. [Progressive Railroading, 9-4-19]

SOUND TRANSIT BREAKS GROUND ON LYNWOOD LIGHT-RAILEXTENSION: Sound Transit has broken groundon its Lynwood Link light-rail network project which will extend existinginfrastructure from Northgate to Lynwood City Center adding four new stations.[International Railway Journal, 9-4-19]

UNION PACIFIC DONATES RAIL CAR FOR STUDENT TRAINING: Union Pacific has donated a rail car to the ExcelsiorSprings Job Corps Center in Missouri. Students enrolled in the TransportationCommunications Union/ International Association of Machinists and AerospaceWorkers trade will now be able to learn the skills of their craft by practicingon an actual rail car stationed on campus. [Progressive Railroading,9-4-19]

AUGUST 2019 U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: There were 2,145,235 combined U.S.rail carload and intermodaloriginations in August 2019, down 5 pct from the same month last year. [Assn.of American Railroads, 9-4-19]

STADLER LANDS SWISS LIGHT-RAIL VEHICLE ORDER: Bern, Switzerland, public transport operator Bernmobilhas awarded Stadler a contract to supply up to 50 Tramlink meter-gauge light-railvehicles, with 27 of the vehicles to be supplied in the first batch. [InternationalRailway Journal, 9-4-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRIMS VOLUME OUTLOOK FOR RESTOF 2019: Union Pacific says it expectsto haul less freight in the second half of the year than previously predicted,down by a mid-single-digit percentage. Analysts surveyed by FactSet predictedthe railroad's volume will fall 3.8 pct in the third-quarter. [WTOP,9-4-19]

COAL DEMAND TO DROP BY ONE-HALF OVER 10 YEARS,REPORT SHOWS: U.S. railroads are facingroughly $5-billion in lost revenues as utility coal demand declines to roughlyhalf the 2020 level in 2030, according to a Moody's report issued Sept.4. BNSF and Union Pacific have the greatest exposure to a decline of thermalcoal demand, while CN and Kansas City Southern have the least exposure.[S&P Global Platts, 9-4-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN FURLOUGHS 130 LOCOMOTIVE SHOPEMPLOYEES IN ROANOKE: Norfolk Southernhas furloughed about 130 locomotive shop workers in Roanoke, Va. The railroadsays a decreased demand for locomotive repair led to the furlough, and ithas now trimmed its staffing at that facility three times so far this year.[Railway Track & Structures, 9-3-19]

CHICAGO-ST. LOUIS HIGH-SPEED RAIL UPGRADE GETTINGFURTHER DELAY: Faster Amtrak service betweenChicago and St. Louis has been delayed as a result of ongoing work to installand test positive train-control. The state of Illinois had planned thatthe service would see its speed increase from 79 MPH sometime this summer,but an increase to 90 MPH is not expected to be implemented until sometimenext year. Eventually speed is to increase to 110 MPH, but there is currentlyno reliable estimate on when that will be. [Progressive Railroading,9-3-19]

CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL AUTHORITY CREATES3,000 CONSTRUCTION JOBS: California High-SpeedRail Authority last week announced its Central Valley rail project has createdmore than 3,000 construction jobs. [Progressive Railroading, 9-3-19]

TEXAS CALLS FOR CONTINUED REHAB OF SOUTH ORIENTRAIL LINE: Texas Transportation Commissionhas approved a 10-year transportation plan which includes $59.7-millionin projects to rehabilitate more than 205 miles of projects along the state-ownedSouth Orient rail line. Texas Pacifico operates the line under a lease agreement.[Progressive Railroading, 9-3-19]

HURRICANE DORIAN PROMPTS SUSPENSION OF PASSENGERRAIL SERVICE IN FLORIDA: Several passengerrail lines in Florida have closed due to severe weather as hurricane Dorianapproaches south Florida. Suspensions include Amtrak, Tri-Rail, SunRailand Brightline. [Progressive Railroading, 9-3-19]

FIRE AT MBTA COMMUTER RAIL FACILITY: Firefighters extinguished a small blaze at a MassachusettsBay commuter rail maintenance facility in Somerville early Sept. 3. Therewere no injuries. [Boston Globe, 9-3-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN FURLOUGHS OVER 50 AT CONWAYYARD IN PA.: Approximately 55 mechanicaldepartment workers at Norfolk Southern's Conway Yard in Beaver County, Pa.,were furloughed Sept. 3 as the railroad continues to restructure resourcesand combat industry changes. [Times Online, 9-3-19]

REGIOJET ORDERS 15 BOMBARDIER LOCOMOTIVES: Czech open-access operator RegioJet has selected Bombardierto supply 15 Traxx MS3 multi-system locomotives to support the company'sexpansion in the country's regional market, along with extensions of internationalservice to Hungary. [International Railway Journal, 9-3-19]

AUGUST 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-five percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainstracked by the Bull Sheet for performance arrived at their scheduled finaldestination on time or earlier in August 2019. The remaining trains, onaverage, arrived one hour and 32 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 9-1-19]

FEDS GRANT $4.36-M TO SOUTHERN RAIL COMMISSIONFOR RESTORATION OF NEW ORLEANS-MOBILE TRAINS:The Federal Railroad Administration has awarded $4.36-million to the SouthernRail Commission for the restoration of at least one year of passenger railservice between New Orleans and Mobile. Two daily round-trips are planned,and would be a first step toward eventual restoration of through serviceto Florida. Mississippi and Louisiana have already commited to a necessarylocal match to support the proposed service, but Alabama has not yet agreedto a similar match. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-30-19]

COSTS FOR HUDSON RIVER GATEWAY PROJECT TRIMMEDBY $1.4-B: An updated Gateway project financialplan has been submitted to the Federal Transit Administration. The newly-projectedcosts place the construction and rehabilitation of the Hudson River Tunnelsabout $1.4-billion less than originally planned, with the overall projectcost at an estimated $11.3-billion. The funding levels from Amtrak havealso been adjusted. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-30-19]

TWO MORE AMTRAK BAGGAGE-DORM CARS DELIVERED: Amtrak took delivery of two additional Viewliner-II baggage-dormcars from CAF this week. The delivery of new sleeping cars is expected toget underway this fall. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-30-19]

LORIE TEKORIUS NAMED PRESIDENT OF GREENBRIERCOS.: The Greenbrier Cos. has promotedLorie Tekorius to president and chief operating officer. Formerly she wasexecutive vice-president and chief operating officer, and has been withGreenbrier for 24 years. [Progressive Railroading, 8-30-19]

VOSSLOH OPENS RAIL PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING FACILITYIN B.C.: Vossloh Tie Technologies has openeda rail products manufacturing facility in Monte Lake, B.C., to produce prestressedconcrete rail ties for the Canadian market. [Progressive Railroading,8-30-19]

ALSTOM DELIVERS FIVE CORADIA POLYVALENT TRAINSTO FRANCE: Alstom has delivered five CoradiaPolyvalent trains to SNCF, France's national railway. The trains are thefirst of a 17-train order, which will run on the Switzerland-France LemanExpress beginning in December. [Progressive Railroading, 8-30-19]

CALIFORNIA RAIL PROJECT TO CUT OVER 22,000 METRICTONS OF VEHICLE FUEL EMISSIONS EACH YEAR:The anticipated San Jose extension of California's Bay Area Rapid Transitis expected to cut 27 million miles of car travel and 22,340 metric tonsof vehicle fuel emissions each year. [San Jose Mercury News, 8-29-19]

FEDS ALLOCATE $125-M TO SANTA CLARA VALLEY TRANSPORTATIONAUTHORITY: Federal Transit Administrationhas announced the allocation of $125-million to the Santa Clara Valley TransportationAuthority for the Bay Area Rapid Transit and Silicon Valley Phase II projectin California. The 6.5-mile extension of heavy-rail from San Jose to SantaClara is the first project to receive an allocation under FTA's expediteddelivery pilot program. [Progressive Railroading, 8-29-19]

ADDING TRAINS TO AMTRAK'S PENNSYLVANIAN ROUTEDISCUSSED IN HEARING: At a hearing Aug.28 in Altoona, a Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation official reportedthat a recently completed study showed that the state costs alone wouldmake it financially unfeasible to add two daily round-trip trains betweenAltoona and Pittsburgh, the route of the once-daily Pennsylvanian. The costwould be from $1.2-billion to $3.7-billion. There will, however, be a followupstudy of accommodating just one more train, not two. [Altoona Mirror,8-29-19]

CN BUYS 220-MILE MASSENA RAIL LINE FROM CSX: Canadian National has purchased 220 miles of track knownas the Massena rail line from CSX. The line runs through Quebec and NewYork State, and 60 CSX employees are affected by the sale. [WWNY, 8-29-19]

PRORAIL WARNS OF TRACTION POWER SHORTAGES ONDUTCH RAIL NETWORK: Dutch infrastructuremanager Prorail is warning its 1,300-mile electrified network faces problemsmeeting demand for traction power due to the introduction of new and longertrains and increased frequencies. Netherlands Railways warned the networkfaces a capacity crunch by 2027 without additional investment in infrastructure.[International Railway Journal, 8-29-19]

VALLEY FLYER RAIL SERVICE TO BEGIN IN MASSACHUSETTS: Amtrak, in conjunction with the state of Massachusetts,is beginning a new state-supported, seven-day-a-week passenger service ina two-year pilot program Aug. 30 to be called 'Valley Flyer.' The trainswill run between Greenfield and Springfield. Trains involved are numbered400, 461, 471, 478, 488, 494, 495 and 499. [Railway Age, 8-28-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN NAMES MARK GEORGE CHIEF FINANCIALOFFICER: Norfolk Southern is appointingMark George executive vice-president and chief financial officer effectiveNov. 1. He succeeds Cindy Earhart, who is retiring. [Norfolk Southern,8-28-19]

PHOENIX VOTERS ENDORSE EXPANSION OF LIGHT-RAIL: Phoenix voters went to the polls Aug. 27 to cast ballotson a proposition to end funding for any new light-rail extensions and divertthose funds to other transportation projects. As of late in the evening,the vote was failing by about 62 percent, thus endorsing continued expansion,particularly from downtown to South Phoenix. [Progressive Railroading,8-28-19]

GASPESIE RWY SEGMENT IN QUEBEC GETTING REHAB: Infrastructure Canada will spend $45.8-million (C) torehabilitate segments of the Gaspesie Railway in Quebec. The rail link mostin need of repair is between Port-Daniel-Gascons and Gaspe, and has notbeen used since 2015. The project will help re-establish rail transportto Gaspe. [Progressive Railroading, 8-28-19]

COMPANY LAUNCHES TRACK STABILIZATION SYSTEM: Geopier Foundation Co. has launched a new intermediatefoundation solution to stabilize weak track subgrades without the need toremove track, ties or ballast. The system utilizes polymer shells betweencrossties, and when railcars pass over the system, energy is transferreddown to a stronger-bearing layer, creating greater support capacity andsettlement control. [Progressive Railroading, 8-28-19]

RAILWORKS LANDS FIVE-YEAR ALAMEDA CORRIDOR INSPECTION,MAINTENANCE CONTRACT: RailWorks has signeda five-year contract with the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authorityto inspect ad maintain more than 65 miles of freight-rail track in southernCalifornia. [Progressive Railroading, 8-28-19]

MICHIGAN GETS GRANT FOR IMPROVEMENTS TO CHICAGO-DETROIT-PONTIACRAIL CORRIDOR: U.S. Dept. of Transportationhas announced a grant of more than $23-million to Michigan to improve thestate-owned rail line segment of the Chicago-Detroit-Pontiac corridor insupport of Amtrak's Wolverine service, which carries nearly 500,000 annualpassengers. [Railway Age, 8-28-19]

TEKTRACKING INSTALLS WAYSIDE MONITORING SITEFOR CONTROL POINT AND GRADE CROSSING: TekTrackinghas installed a wayside infrastructure asset condition monitoring site ata six-switch interlocking control point and a separate grade crossing locationfor an unidentified transit agency on the East Coast. The agency will nowhave access to real-time asset condition data collected in the field, andto receive alerts when device performance degrades. [Progressive Railroading,8-28-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffic for the week ending August24, 2019, was 532,483 carloads and intermodal units, down 5.9 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,8-28-19]

FIRST STATE INVESTMENTS TO ACQUIRE PATRIOT RAIL: Global infrastructure investor First State Investmentshas agreed to acquire 100 pct of equity of Patriot Rail and Ports, whichoperates 12 short lines across 14 states. Patriot's operations include linehaul and local rail service, rail-car storage, transloading, rail-car cleaning,scrapping, repair, maintenance and contract switching. [Progressive Railroading,8-27-19]

METRA CANCELS SCHEDULE CHANGES ON UNION PACIFICWEST LINE: Chicago's Metra and Union Pacifichave agreed to cancel a previously announced schedule change on the UP Westline, which would have adjusted departure times of some trains. It was determinedthat the proposed changes could result in conflicts with freight trainsalong the corridor. Minor schedule changes on four other lines, includingone other UP line, will still take place as planned. [Progressive Railroading,8-27-19]

ALAN LONGSON NAMED V.P. ENERGY AT CSX: CSX has announced that Adam Longson will join the company'ssales and marketing team as vice-president of energy, effective Sept. 9.Most recently, he served as director of commodity research and hedging atContinental Resources. [Progressive Railroading, 8-27-19]

OMNITRAX TO ACQUIRE CLEVELAND COMMERCIAL R.R.: An OmniTrax affiliate has agreed to acquire ClevelandCommercial Railroad and its subsidiary Cleveland Harbor Belt Railroad. ClevelandCommercial operates 35 miles of track in northern Ohio, and Cleveland HarborBelt manages the port of Cleveland's rail-switching service. [ProgressiveRailroading, 8-27-19]

LIRR BRIDGE REPLACED IN JUST TWO DAYS: Crews used accelerated construction techniques to replacea Long Island Rail Road bridge in just two days in New York City's New HydePark. Rail service was suspended on the main line Aug. 24 and 25 as crewsremoved tracks, excavated and set the prefabricated bridge using hydraulicjacks, and then installed tracks in time for Monday service Aug. 26. Theinstallation was part of a $2.6-billion project involving a third trackbetween Floral Park and Hicksville. [Railway Track & Structures,8-27-19]

CSX TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS PERSON IN CHICAGO: A person described as a 'pedestrian trespasser' was struckand killed by a CSX freight train early Aug. 27 on Chicago's Southwest side.[Chicago Sun-Times, 8-27-19]

CHILE TO UPGRADE SANTIAGO-CHILLAN RAIL SERVICE: Chile has announced a $115-million project to upgradethe 247-mile train service between Santiago and Chillan to reduce the journeytime and increase service frequency. Express trains will be able to makethe run in two hours and 40 minutes once the project is completed. [InternationalRailway Journal, 8-27-19]

VOSSLOH TO SELL LOCOMOTIVE BUSINESS UNIT TOCHINESE COMPANY: Vossloh has agreed tosell its locomotive business unit to CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., a subsidiaryof China Railway Rolling Stock Corp. The transaction is subject to authorities'approval in Europe and China. [Progressive Railroading, 8-27-19]

TURKISH OPERATOR ORDERS STADLER ELECTRO-DIESELLOCOMOTIVES: Korfez Ulastirma rail transportsubsidiary of Tupras has awarded Stadler a contract to supply seven Eurodualelectro-diesel locomotives. Stadler says they will be the first electro-diesellocomotives in the country. [Railway Gazette, 8-27-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty (20) percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending August 25, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 32 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 8-26-19]

PITTSBURGH'S MOUNT WASHINGTON TUNNEL REOPENSTO LIGHT-RAIL SERVICE: Port Authority ofAllegheny County, Pa., has reopened Pittsburgh's Mount Wshington Transittunnel, which had been closed for a month, to accommodate light-rail trackreplacement. The tunnel is used by buses and light-rail trains as a shortcutbetween downtown and South Hill Junction. [Progressive Railroading, 8-26-19]

BROKEN RAIL DISRUPTS MTA SERVICE IN QUEENS: A broken rail near Queensboro Plaza knocked out servicefor much of the 7 line early Aug. 26. Commuters en route to Manhattan byway of Queens were advised to transfer to the Long Island Rail Road. [Gothamist,8-26-19]

CLEVELAND'S RED LINE REOPENS FOLLOWING RETAININGWALL REPAIRS: Greater Cleveland RegionalTransit Authority has reopened the Red line between Cleveland Hopkins InternationalAirport and Tower City Rapid station following retaining wall repairs. Aportion of the line between the airport and west Boulevard-Cudell had beenclosed for nearly three months. [Progressive Railroading, 8-26-19]

ONE DEAD AS BRIGHTLINE TRAIN HITS CAR IN POMPANOBEACH: A Brightline train struck a carin a deadly crash Aug. 25 in Pompano Beach, Florida. Police are investigating.[Sun Sentinel, 8-25-19]

LIRR TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS PERSON ON HEMPSTEADBRANCH: Long Island Rail Road train servicehas been restored following suspension of operations after a person wasstruck and killed by a train near the Stewart Manor crossing on the Hempsteadbranch early Aug. 25. [Newsday, 8-25-19]

CSX INTRODUCES SPIRIT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT LOCOMOTIVE: CSX has unveiled its Spirit of Our Law Enforcement commemorativelocomotive. ES44AH unit 3194 was renamed to honor the nation's police officers,and joins the railroad's collection of Pride in Service locomotives honoringour Armed Forces and our First Responders. [Progressive Railroading,8-23-19]

NEW ORLEANS UNION STATION GETTING PLATFORM IMPROVEMENTS: A federal grant of $3.7-million will complete final designand construction to upgrade the platforms of New Orleans Union Station,currently serving Amtrak's Crescent, City of New Orleans and Sunset Limited.Increased level boarding will improve accessibility to nearly 200,000 passengersannually. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-23-19]

PIEDMONT RAIL SERVICE IN N.C. TO GET 13 NEWPASSENGER COACHES: North Carolina willreceive over $23-million in a federal grant toward acquisition of 13 newpassenger coaches for use in the Piedmont service, and an expansion of theCharlotte locomotive and railcar maintenance facility. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 8-23-19]

BNSF GOES TO COURT OVER OKLAHOMA LAW OVER BLOCKEDCROSSINGS: BNSF is challenging in federalcourt an Oklahoma law requiring railroads to minimize blocking grade crossingsfor longer than 10 minutes without good reason. The railroad asserts thatrailroad operations are governed by federal agencies. [Progressive Railroading,8-23-19]

LIGHT-RAIL TRAIN DERAILMENT IN SACRAMENTO INJURES27: Twenty-seven people were injured Aug.23 when a light-rail train derailed in Sacramento. It was reported thatthe derailment was the result of a collision between a passenger train anda maintenance train. Thirteen of the people were taken to hospitals. [ABCNews, 8-23-19]

SEPTA'S GENERAL MANAGER RETIRING AT THE ENDOF THE YEAR: SEPTA general manager JeffKnueppel is retiring from the agency the end of 2019 following a 32-yearcareer. [Railway Age, 8-23-19]

PHILADELPHIA'S ZOO INTERLOCKING TO GET UPGRADES: Zoo Interlocking in Philadelphia, at the junction ofAmtrak's Northeast and Keystone corridors, is slated for upgrades. Includedare slope stabilization and reconstruction of retaining walls, rehabilitationof an underutilized track, and switch and signal reconfiguration. Maximumoperating speeds will increase. The project is getting over $15-millionin federal grant money. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-23-19]

NJT'S PASCACK VALLEY LINE TO RESUME REGULARSERVICE: N.J. Transit's Pascack Valleyrail line is resuming regular service Aug. 25 after more than a month ofconstruction. The schedule will be the same as it was prior to construction.[U.S. News & World Report, 8-23-19]

CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, TRAIN STATION TO GET RENOVATION: Beginning Sept. 3, the Carbondale, Illinois, train stationwill be undergoing plaza and ramp access construction and renovation forabout six weeks. Normal access to the station will be limited. [RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 8-23-19]

MONTREAL GETTING BORDER INSPECTION FACILITY: A treaty ratified by Canada's parliament will clear theway for addition of a border inspection facility at Montreal's Central Station.The facility, when completed, will reduce overall trip time for Amtrak'sAdirondack by at least an hour. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-23-19]

LIRR TO END ON-BOARD CASH TICKET SALES: Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, on-board cash ticket sales willbe abolished on Long Island Rail Road. Onboard payments will only be byelectronic tickets, credit or debit card. Meanwhile, the number of staffedticket offices will be reduced to fewer than 20. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 8-23-19]

S.D. TO SELL ALL STATE-OWNED RAIL LINES: South Dakota is looking for prospective buyers of allof its state-owned rail lines. Six different segments, ranging from 4.2miles to 285 miles in length, are being offered, with bids due in November.[Progressive Railroading, 8-22-19]

GREENBRIER HAS NEW GOALS FOR FREIGHT CAR DESIGN: FreightWaves is reporting that railcar manufacturer Greenbrierhas new goals for freight car design. One goal is to reduce the tare weightand shortening the length so more cars can be moved on a given train, yetthe volume of cargo held by each car would remain the same as currently.The company is also working on articulated cars that will share axles withother cars, which will reduce slack throughout the train and allow for betteracceleration and braking. [Railway Track & Structures, 8-22-19]

NEW RAILCARS FOR AMTRAK'S CASCADES: The state of Washington is getting about $38-millionto procure new railcars for the Amtrak Cascades route, which was a recommendationfrom the National Transportation Safety Board following the fatal 2017 derailmentin Dupont, Washington. [KUOW, 8-22-19]

BOMBARDIER LANDS DRESDEN LRV CONTRACT: Dresden Public Transport Saxony has signed a contractwith Bombardier to supply and maintain 30 Flexity light-rail vehicles whichwill be equipped with collision prevention. The new vehicles are wider thanthe current fleet with a 10 pct increase in capacity. [InternationalRailway Journal, 8-22-19]

BARBARA WILSON NAMED PRESIDENT OF RAILUSA: RailUSA has named Barbara Wilson president and chieffinancial officer. She is a 26-year veteran of the rail industry, previouslypresident of Wells Fargo Rail. [Progressive Railroading, 8-21-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending August 17, 2019, 537,617 carloadsand intermodal units originated on U.S. railroads, down 5.2 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,8-21-19]

PA. TO HOLD HEARING ON SECOND AMTRAK TRAIN ACROSSSTATE: A Pennsylvania state subcommitteeon railroads will hold a hearing later this month on whether a second dailyservice should be added to Amtrak's Pennsylvanian train schedule. A representativefrom Norfolk Southern is scheduled to talk about initiatives to improvefreight service, while representatives of the Western Pennsylvanians forPassenger Rail are slated to speak on the potential for enchanced passengerrail. [Progressive Railroading, 8-20-19]

R.I. GETS FUNDING PACKAGE TO RENOVATE PROVIDENCEAMTRAK STATION: Rhode Island has announceda $25-million funding package to begin renovation of Amtrak's train stationin Providence. The project will be financed with grants from the FederalRailroad Administration, Amtrak, and the state of Rhode Island. The facilityranks 11th out of 530 Amtrak stations nationwide for ridership. [ProgressiveRailroading, 8-20-19]

UNION PACIFIC ELIMINATES MORE JOBS AT BAILEYYARD IN NEBRASKA: Union Pacific's BaileyYard at North Platte, Nebraska, has received its fifth round of furloughsor job eliminations in less than a year. An unspecified number of mechanicalemployees have been furloughed, but unofficial sources say about 50 employeeswere affected. This would raise the total job losses this year to about250, with employment there now below 2,000. [North Platte Telegraph,8-20-19]

NEWARK, N.J., PENN STATION TO GET $18.4-M UPGRADE: U.S. Dept. of Transportation has granted more than $18.4-millionto rehabilitate and enhance service at Newark, N.J., Penn Station. Includedwill be repairs to platform D, which serves tracks 3 and 4, a crucial transferpoint for both Amtrak and NJ Transit. [Patch.com, 8-20-19]

HIAWATHA SERVICE TO GET NEW CARS: Wisconsin will be awarded up to $25.7-million for theupgrade of rail cars on the Hiawatha line. The project will replace currentcars with three single-level cab-coach cars and six single-level coach cars,increasing seating capacity and equipment reliability, and improving accessibilityof passengers with disabilities. [Fox6Now, 8-20-19]

GREYHOUND BUS CATCHES FIRE IN MARYLAND: A southbound Greyhound bus caught fire early Aug. 20near Rosedale along Interstate 95 in Maryland, near Baltimore. All 32 passengersaboard the bus were able to escape safely, according to Maryland State Police.[WMAR, 8-20-19]

KCS ANNOUNCES 2019 HOLIDAY EXPRESS: Kansas City Southern has announced the schedule of its19th annual holiday express train. It will stop in 20 communities in fivestates on 25 dates. Visitiors can board the train to meet Santa and hiselves and tour the inside of three cars of the six-car train. The holidayexpress begins Nov. 27 in Shreveport, Louisiana, and ends Dec. 22 in KansasCity, Missouri. Other states on the circuit include Oklahoma, Arkansas andKansas. [Kansas City Southern, 8-20-19]

TRANSASIA EXPRESS RELAUNCHED BETWEEN TEHRANAND ANKARA: The Transasis Express passengerrail service between Tehran and Ankara has been relaunched after a four-yearsuspension. The train is scheduled to run once per week, but the frequencycould be increased if there is sufficient demand. [Railway Gazette, 8-20-19]

AMTRAK ADDING N.E. CORRIDOR STOPS IN N.J.: Beginning Aug. 19, Amtrak will add to service at NewBrunswick and Princeton Junction, New Jersey. Weekday trains 89, 111, 138,148, 171 and 177 will serve New Brunswick, and those same trains plus train193 will serve Princeton Junction. [Delaware Business Now, 8-19-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-one percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending August 18, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 35 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 8-19-19]

TWO BNSF TRAINS DERAIL IN KANSAS: Two BNSF trains derailed near Walton, Kansas, late Aug.17 during a heavy thunderstorm with high winds. About 90 cars of one trainand 50 cars of the other derailed. No injuries were reported. [WichitaEagle, 8-18-19]

LAS VEGAS EXPRESS SLATED TO BEGIN SERVICE NEXTSUMMER: Las Vegas Expess, the company behindthe former X-Train between Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada, hasannounced that the service expects to be running as an Amtrak train by July2020. Service is planned Friday through Sunday, and will be the first passengerrail service in Las Vegas since 1997. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,8-16-19]

AMTRAK'S MAPLE LEAF TO BE IMPACTED BY WHIRLPOOLRAPIDS BRIDGE WORK: A planned closure andreconstruction of the rail deck on the Whirlpool Rapids bridge over theNiagara River will force Amtrak's Maple Leaf to originate and terminatein Niagara Falls, N.Y., Sept. 9 through Nov. 1. Substitute bus service willbe offered between that point and Toronto, but other stations listed inthe timetable in Ontario will not be served. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,8-16-19]

SOUND TRANSIT COMPLETES EAST LINK LIGHT-RAILEXTENSION GUIDEWAY: Sound Transit contractorcrews have begun removing temporary steel columns and beams that were usedduring construction of the elevated East Link light-rail extension guidewayin Bellevue, Washington. The project marks the next step in preparing forsafety testing and pre-operation checks by 2020, with operation scheduledby 2023. The East Link will extend 14 miles from downtown Seattle. [ProgressiveRailroading, 8-15-19]

OUT OF SERVICE METRA TRAIN DERAILS IN SOUTHLOOP YARD: AMetra train partially derailedin a train yard Aug.15 in Chicago's South Loop. A single car slipped offthe rails, but remained upright. There were no passengers aboard, as thetrain was still in the yard, and no employees were injured. [ChicagoSun-Times, 8-15-19]

UNION OPPOSES FINGER SCANNING OF METRO-NORTHWORKERS: The Association of Commuter RailEmployees has complained over Metro-North's effort to scan the finers ofemployees when they check in and out. The effort was unveiled several monthsago to catch overtime cheats. The union says a 2010 Labor Department opinionbans finger scanning, unless the employee voluntarily agrees. [Rockland/WestChester Journal News, 8-15-19]

CN EMPLOYEE DIES WHEN PINNED BENEATH DERAILINGRAIL CAR: Police say a Canadian Nationalemployee died after a rail car derailed, pinning him beneath it as it flippedon its side, early Aug. 15 in Vaughan, Ontario. [Canadian Press, 8-15-19]

AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS OF GENESEE & WYOMINGTO BE ACQUIRED: Existing shareholders MacquarieInfrastructure & Real Assets, and PGGM have agreed to assume full ownershipof the Genesee & Wyoming Australia business. The transaction is subjectto G&W's acquisition by Brookfield Infrastructure and GIC, expectedto close by early next year. [Railway Gazette, 8-15-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN NAMES TWO TO NEW EXECUTIVEPOSITIONS: Norfolk Southern has named MichaelFarrell senior vice-president operations and mechanical, and Vanessa Sutherlandsenior vice-president government relations and chief legal officer. [NorfolkSouthern, 8-14-19]

DULUTH RECOMMENDS SCENIC RAILROAD BE PRESERVED: The Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad would bepreserved in its entirety under a recommendation by the city as part ofa 'trail-with-rail' solution along a seven-mile extension of the WesternWaterfront Trail using a right-of-way owned by the city. [Duluth NewsTribune, 8-14-19]

RAIL ACQUISITION NEGOTIATIONS MOVE FORWARD INSPRING GROVE, PA.: York County, Pa., RailTrain Authority and Genesee & Wyoming are moving closer to a final salesagreement for 8.5 miles of dormant rail line east and west of Spring Grove,Pa., to be a part of the Hanover Trolley Trail. The railroad is expectedto remove the rails within six months of the sale, while structures suchas bridges will be rehabilitated to offer views of the nearby Oil Creek.[York County Rail Trail Authority, 8-14-19]

GENESEE & WYOMING OPENS BULK TRANSFER TERMINALIN GEORGIA: Genesee & Wyoming has openeda Choice Terminal bulk transfer facility at its Georgia Southwestern Railroadsubsidiary in Bainbridge, Ga. It is located on 15 acres with two tracksaccommodating 19 total rail cars and open-truck access. [ProgressiveRailroading, 8-14-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending Aug. 10, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 533,190 carloads and intermodal units, a decrease of 4.3 pctcompared with the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,8-14-19]

HOUSTON METRO ADVANCES LIGHT-RAIL EXPANSIONPLAN: The Metropolitan Transportation Authorityof Harris County, Texas, has approved a plan to include 16 additional milesof light-rail. It will be placed as a referundum of the Nov. 5 ballot for$3.5-billion bonding authority to finance the plan. [Progressive Railroading,8-14-19]

NEW YORK'S MTA APPROVES REORGANIZATION PLAN: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New Yorkhas approved a reorganization plan for its entire system, including measuresaimed at improving subway service. The state legislature had mandated theplan, and the agency had not been reorganized in 51 years. [ProgressiveRailroading, 8-13-19]

GREENBRIER TO EXPAND RAILCAR MANUFACTURING FACILITYIN ARKANSAS: Greenbrier Cos. will invest$16-million to expand its railcar manufacturing facility in Marmaduke, Arkansas.Greenbrier acquired the facility when it bought American Railcar Industriesin July. [Progressive Railroading, 8-13-19]

ILLINOIS PASSES LAW REQUIRING TWO-PERSON RAILCREWS: Illinois' governor has sign a two-personcrew bill into law, becoming the third state to pass such a railroad billin 2019. [Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen, 8-13-19]

NEW FUNDS ADVANCE SEATTLE STREETCAR PROJECT: Seattle's Center City Connector streetcar project isoving forward with a newly-approved $9-million loan from the city. The fundswill be used for design work and to help deterine a new baseline for additionalcosts. Completion date for the project is now 2025. [Curbed Seattle,8-13-19]

CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL FINISHING DESIGNSON ALIGNMENT INTO S.F.: Two major detailsneed to be sorted out as the California High-Speed rail project completesits designs on the route to connect San Francisco via Caltrain's Peninsulacorridor: the location of a maintenance yard on either the east or westside of the mainline in Brisbane, and if there is a need for additionalpassing tracks between San Mateo and Redwood City. [Streetsblog San Francisco,8-13-19]

BELGIAN RAIL WORKERS PLAN STRIKE AUG. 17: A union representing railway workers in Belgium has submitteda strike notice for Saturday, Aug. 17. Workers are expected to strike nationwide.[Garda World, 8-13-19]

HISTORIC RIO GRANDE SIGN REMOVED IN SALT LAKECITY: A landmark that welcomed rail travelersto Salt Lake City for decades was removed Aug. 12. Crews used a massivecrane to bring the Rio Grande depot's neon sign and its scaffolding down.The sign had suffered from maintenance issues for years and its scaffoldingwas dilapidated. [Salt Lake Tribune, 8-12-19]

BNSF TRAIN HITS BOULDERS IN OREGON, DERAILS: An 80-car train struck two large boulders that fell ontoBNSF tracks early Aug. 12 in a remote area about 20 miles north of Madras,Oregon, causing five locomotives and a rail car to derail, spilling dieselfuel. [KTVZ, 8-12-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-nine percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending August 11, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 36 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 8-10-19]

CAR STRIKES AMTRAK TRAIN IN FLORIDA: Police in Jacksonville, Florida, say a woman escapedinjury when her car crashed into Amtrak's southbound Silver Star betweenits two locomotives early Aug. 11 at a crossing about two miles north ofthe train station in Jacksonville. No injuries were reported aboard thetrain. [Florida Times-Union, 8-11-19]

CSX TO SERVE SOUTH ALABAMA MEGA SITE: CSX and Alabama Power are contributing $5-million towardimprovements to the South Alabama Mega Site for industrial development.The funds will help pay for a new rail spur off the rail line that runsalong the site's sourthern border. [Progressive Railroading, 8-9-19]

CSX, CN TO BEGIN NEW INTERMODAL SERVICE FROMONTARIO TO PORTS IN PA., N.Y., N.J.: OnOct. 7, CSX and CN will launch a new intermodal service linking CN's greaterMontreal and southern Ontario areas with CSX-served ports in Philadelphia,New York and New Jersey. [Railway Age, 8-9-19]

CSX BRIDGE SPANNING SUSQUEHANNA RIVER IN MD.CATCHES FIRE: No injuries were reportedand railway operations resumed after a fire on the CSX bridge spanning theSusquehanna River between Harford and Cecil counties was extinguished lateAug. 9. [Baltimore Sun, 8-9-19]

EXPANDED PLATFORM OPENS AT CHASE CENTER IN S.F.: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has markedthe opening of an expanded platform at the Chase Center light-rail station,which can now accommodate 700 riders and enable four trains of two carseach to load simultaneously. [Progressive Railroading, 8-8-19]

CANADIAN PACIFIC ANNOUNCES PERSONNEL CHANGES: Canadian Pacific has reported that Mark Redd will beginhis new role as executive vice-president of operations on Sept. 1, succeedingRobert Johnson who is retiring; Tracy Miller will become senior vice-presidentof Eastern Region operations, succeeding Tony Marquis who is retiring; beginningSept. 1, Chad Rolstad, vice-president of human resources, will add the positionof chief culture officer; and James Clements will become senior vice-presidentof strategic planning and technology transformation. [Progressive Railroading,8-8-19]

CSX TRAIN DERAILS IN INDIANA: According to CSX, 15 rail cars containing co*ke derailedin the Rosedale area of Parke County, Indiana, late Aug. 8. Ten cars wereon their side, and the other five were upright. Police say a 41-year oldrailroader fell down a 40-foot ravine near the derailment. [WTHI, 8-8-19]

AMSTERDAM-BRUSSELS TRAINSETS ORDERED: Netherlands national operator NS has awarded Alstom acontract to supply a further 18 intercity New Generation 200 KMH electricmultiple-units, which will provide it with a pool of 20 units equipped foruse on Amsterdam-Brussels services, as well as domestic routes. [RailwayGazette, 8-8-19]

TIMES SQUARE SUBWAY SHUTTLE TO BE UPGRADED: Beginning Aug. 16, crews will replace the Times Squareshuttle terminal with a larger and more accessible station, reconfigureplatforms at Grand Central Terminal, and upgrade electrical infrastructure,signals and improve track operations to allow longer trains to use the 42ndstreet shuttle service. [Progressive Railroading, 8-7-19]

AMTRAK SEEKS FOOD VENUE AT CHICAGO UNION STATION: Amtrak is seeking operators to add an upscale food hallto Chicago Union Station, specifically into space along the Clinton streetside that has been off limits to the public since a fire in 1980. [ChicagoSun-Times, 8-7-19]

JULY 2019 U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. railroads originated 2,578,433 carloads and intermodalunits in July 2019, a decrease of 5.5 pct compared with the same month lastyear. [Assn. of American Railroads, 8-7-19]

GENESEE & WYOMING REPORTS 2-Q DROP IN OPERATINGINCOME: Shortline operator Genesee &Wyoming reported an 8.7 pct decline in operating income in the second-quarter2019 amid year-over-year declines in freight revenue from its Australianand European operations. [Freight Waves, 8-7-19]

PLANS FOR OKLAHOMA CITY-TULSA AMTRAK SERVICEHIT SNAG: Hopes for Amtrak service linkingOklahoma City and Tulsa has suffered a major setback. Stillwater CentralRailroad failed to meet a deadline for establishing a six-month pilot programfor the daily service between Del City and Sapulpa, the Oklahoma Dept. ofTransportation said. [Oklahoman, 8-6-19]

SEPTA'S TROLLEY TUNNEL TO CLOSE 10 DAYS FORMAINTENANCE: SEPTA will close its five-miletrolley tunnel from 13th to 40th streets in Philadelphia for 10 days beginningAug. 9 to perform repairs and preventive maintenance. [Progressive Railroading,8-6-19]

BART TO UPGRADE LIGHT-RAIL POWER SYSTEM IN DOWNTOWNS.F.: Bay Area Rapid Transit crews willbegin Aug. 25 work to upgrade the electrical traction power system in downtownSan Francisco. Cables that power trains will be replaced by those with modernshielding. Meanwhile, on Aug. 17, crews will begin repairing the track betweenOrinda and Walnut Creek. Work will be performed on most weekends throughOctober. [Progressive Railroading, 8-6-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-five percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending August 4, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 37 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 8-5-19]

LIRR TRAIN HITS, KILLS PERSON ON PORT WASHINGTONBRANCH: Full service was restored on LongIsland Rail Road's Port Washington branch about three and one-half hoursafter a train struck and killed a person on the tracks between Little Neckand Great Neck stations early Aug. 5. No passengers were injured. [Newsday,8-5-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN FURLOUGHS 20 AT RAIL YARD INWILLIAMSON, W.VA.: Norfolk Southern hasfurloughed 20 of its employees at the rail yard in Williamson, West Virginia.The company had laid off 10 workers at that yard as recently as 2012, and200 positions in total within the state, citing a weakness in the coal market.[Huntington Herald-Dispatch, 8-5-19]

TRAIN DERAILS INTO WASHOUT IN S.D.: Two crew members had to be rescued early Aug. 2 aftera Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad freight train derailed afterhitting a washout caused by flash flooding in New Underwood, South Dakota.Three locomotives and about 15 cars derailed, with the lead locomotive endingup on its side and partially submerged in water. [CBS Minnesota, 8-4-19]

CP TRAIN DERAILS IN ALBERTA: A number of rail cars of a CP train derailed late Aug.2 near Irvine, Alberta, causing an evacuation order for a four-mile radiusaround the area over a risk of chemical esposure, which was later lifted.The nearby Trans-Canada Highway was also closed for several hours. No injurieswere reported. [CTV News Calgary, 8-3-19]

BRX PURCHASES PIONEER RAILCORP: Related Fund Management, Brookhaven Rail Partners andStephens Capital Partners have acquired Pioneer Railcorp, wich owns shortline railroads and several other rail-related businesses. [Railway Age,8-2-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS SEEKS TO ISSUE $3.6-B IN TAX-EXEMPTBONDS FOR TRAIN LINE TO LAS VEGAS: VirginTrains USA is asking California and Nevada for permission to issue up to$3.6-billion in tax-exempt bonds in support of its plan to link SouthernCalifornia to Las Vegas. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-2-19]

SHORE LINE EAST COMMUTER TRAINS RETURNING TOFULL SERVICE: Connecticut's Shore LineEast commuter trains will return to full service August 5 following a year-longinfrastructure improvement program which had required schedule adjustmentsand some bus substitutions. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-2-19]

NEW RIVER GORGE TRAIN TO OPERATE AGAIN THISFALL: The New River Gorge train is setto operate this fall under new management. Trains will reportedly run October25-27. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-2-19]

CP NIXES INCREASE IN HIAWATHA SERVICE WITHOUTADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENTS: Canadian Pacific,host carrier of Amtrak's Hiawatha service between Chicago and Milwaukee,says it will not support additional service without additional infrastructureimprovements in Illinois. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-2-19]

AMTRAK'S CITY OF NEW ORLEANS RESUMES RUN OVERENTIRE ROUTE: Amtrak's City of New Orleanshas resumed service over its entire route between Chicago and New Orleansafter flooding in the lower Mississippi River subsided enough for the BonnetCarre Spillway to be closed. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 8-2-19]

ALSTOM TO SUPPLY 13 TRAINS FOR CDG EXPRESS INFRANCE: Alstom will supply 13 trains tothe Hello Paris consortium in charge of operating the CDG Express in France.The trains will be built based on the Caradia Polyvalent range, but willbe unique to CDG in terms of interior fitting and on-board information.[Progressive Railroading, 8-2-19]

CZECH RAIL LINE TO BE UPGRADED FOR 99 MPH: Work has begun to electrify and modernize the 18-mileOlomouc-Unicov rail line in Czech Republic to allow 99 MPH operation. [RailwayGazette, 8-2-19]

JULY 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Eighteen (18) percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inJuly 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hour and 58 minuteslate. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 8-1-19]

SPANISH RAIL STRIKE DISRUPTS TRAVELERS: Spanish national rail operator Renfe has canceled hundredsof trains on one of the busiest travel days of the year due to a strikeover staffing levels. The company said more than 700 trains would not operateJuly 31. Walkouts have been slated in two periods of four hours each; othersare planned for Aug. 14 and 31, and Sept. 1. [Washington Post, 7-31-19]

SOUND TRANSIT IDENTIFIES PREFERRED ALTERNATIVESFOR TACOMA DOME LINE: Sound Transit hasidentified four perferred and other alternatives to study as part of a draftenvironmental impact statement of the Tacoma, Washington, Dome Link projectto extend light-rail nearly 10 miles between Federal Way and Tacoma. Theproject calls for construction of four elevated light-rail stations alongthe route. The agency plans to begin service in 2030. [Progressive Railroading,7-30-19]

CN MOVES RECORD GRAIN VOLUME: Canadian National moved more Canadian grain during the2018-19 crop year than ever before. It set multiple records despite restrictionson canola exports to China, and despite extreme weather conditions duringthe peak demand period. CN moved more than 27 million metric tons of grain,compared with the previous record of 26 million metric tons set two yearsearlier. [Progressive Railroading, 7-29-19]

ONE KILLED AS AMTRAK TRAIN HITS TRUCK NEAR CHICAGO: Amtrak train 393 en route to Carbondale, Illinois, wasinvolved in a grade crossing accident late July 28 in University Park, asouth suburban area of Chicago. The five-car train derailed, but remainedupright, after striking a box truck, killing the driver. Two of the 297passengers on board had minor injuries. [Railway Track & Structures,7-29-19]

CSX FREIGHT TRAINS DISRUPT VRE, MARC SERVICE: Delays along CSX lines have worsened D.C. area rail commutesand have led to an overall decrease in ridership, Virginia Railway Expressand Maryland Area Regional Commuter agencies say. On time performance hasdropped significantly this summer compared to last year due to due to anumber of factors, but officials say an increase in CSX freight trains isthe main cause for delays and congestion. [WTOP, 7-29-19]

AMTRAK TO BEGIN NON-STOP ACELA EXPRESS TRAINSEACH WAY BETWEEN N.Y. AND WASHINGTON: BeginningSept. 23, there will be a new weekday non-stop Acela Express round-tripbetween New York and Washington. The morning southbound train will makethe run in two hours and 37 minutes, and the afternoon northbound trainwill make the run in two hours and 35 minutes. Amtrak is finalizing detailson new amenities to be offered on the trains. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 7-26-19]

OMNITRAX AFFILIATE TO ACQUIRE WINCHESTER &WESTERN: An OmniTrax affiliate has agreedto acquire the Winchester & Western Railroad from Covia Holdings Corp.in a $105-million transaction. Winchester & Western operates about 100miles of track in Maryland, New Jersey, West Virginia and Virginia. [ProgressiveRailroading, 7-26-19]

N.J., N.Y. SIGN LEGISLATION TO CREATE GATEWAYDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION: The governors ofNew Jersey and New York have signed into law legislation to create the bi-stateGateway Development Commission, a statuatory entity that will facilitateconstruction of the Hudson River tunnel project. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 7-26-19]

RECONFIGURATION OF LIGHT-RAIL LINE TO HOUSTON'SHOBBY AIRPORT TO CUT $400-M FROM COST:A reconfiguration of a light-rail expansion to Hobby Airport gives Houston'sMTA an extra $400-million for other bus and rail projects. The plan willextend both the Green and Purple lines into a single route. With a new pricetag of $1-billion, it is a decrease of $400-million from the original cost.[Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 7-26-19]

N.Y. PENN STATION IMPROVEMENTS ON SCHEDULE TOFINISH BY LABOR DAY: Amtrak says the currentprogram is on schedule to finish improvements to New York's Penn Stationby Labor Day. It is focused on the renewal of the switches in JO Interlocking,which provides access to tracks 14, 15 and 16. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 7-26-19]

AMTRAK, METRA NEGOTIATIONS OVER CHICAGO UNIONSTATION LEASE REACH AN IMPASSE: In whatamounts to a lawsuit, Amtrak has asked the U.S. Surface Transportation Boardto impose new lease terms on Metra's use of Amtrak's Chicago Union Station.The current contract expires July 29, and the parties have reached an 'impasse.'[Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 7-26-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TRAIN DERAILS IN N.C.: A Norfolk Southern train with nine rail cars carryingethanol derailed late July 25 in Greensboro, N.C. There were no injuries,and none of the cars were leaking. [Fox 8 News, 7-26-19]

BOSTON SECTION OF LAKE SHORE LIMITED BACK TODAILY OPERATION: Amtrak's Boston sectionof the Lake Shore Limited is back to daily operation following extensivetrackwork. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 7-26-19]

AMTRAK'S STOP IN CRESTON, IOWA, MOVING TO HISTORICSTATION: Beginning August 1, Amtrak's servicein Creston, Iowa, will move to the newly-restored, historic station at 116west Adams street. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 7-26-19]

RUSSIAN RAILWAYS BEGINS KOREA-EUROPE FREIGHTSERVICE: Russian Railways and Russian transportgroup Fesco have launched a freight service operating from Korea to Europevia the Trans-Siberian Landbridge. Total transport time is about 21 days,twice as fast as shipping via the Suez Canal. The new service follows thelaunch of a run from Yokohama, Japan, to Wroclaw, Poland, which takes 11days. [International Railway Journal, 7-26-19]

UNION PACIFIC HIKES DIVIDEND 10 PCT: The board of Union Pacific has voted to increase itsquarterly dividend on the company's common shares by 10 pct, to 97 centsper share. [Union Pacific, 7-25-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS 70 CARS IN MISSOURI: Seventy cars of a Union Pacific train derailed July 25near Mercer, Missouri, about 125 miles northeast of Kansas City, near theIowa border. There were no injuries, and not hazardous materials were involved.[U.S. News & World Report, 7-25-19]

RAILROADS FACE FREIGHT SLOWDOWN: Railroads are warning investors that freight shipmentswill continue to fall this year as the White House's trade fights hamperexports and cheap natural gas causes coal deliveries to decline. Moreover,bad weather and flooding have hurt crop production, which also impacts shippingvolumes. [Albany Times Union, 7-25-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN REPORTS 2-Q RESULTS: Norfolk Southern reports second-quarter net income was$722-million, up 2 pct year-over-year. Diluted earnings per share were $2,70,up 8 pct year-over-year, and a second-quarter record. [Norfolk Southern,7-24-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending July 20, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 526,010 carloads and intermodal units, down 4.9 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,7-24-19]

FEDS GRANT $125-M TOWARD BALTIMORE'S HOWARDSTREET TUNNEL PROJECT: Maryland will receivea $125-million grant from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation that will enablethe long-planned Howard Street tunnel project to start shortly in Baltimore.The more than $450-million project, in partnership with CSX, calls for increasedclearance for double-stack intermodal rail cars in the tunnel and under22 bridges between Baltimore and Philadelphia. [Progressive Railroading,7-23-19]

NEW ESTIMATE INFLATES PRICE FOR L.A. RAIL LINE: It could cost between $9.4-billion and $13.8-billionto build a rail line across the Santa Monica Mountains to connect the SanFernando Valley and the west side of Los Angeles, according to the L.A.County MTA. The agency is exploring four routes - three subway and one monorail- for the project, which currently only has $5.7-billion earmarked. [L.A.Times, 7-23-19]

CSX AT FAULT IN AMTRAK WRECK IN S.C., NTSB SAYS: The National Transportation Sfety Board said the failureto fully implement a train safety system delayed seven times in the pastdecade contributed to a wreck in South Carolina in Febr. 2018 that killedtwo Amtrak crew members and injured almost 100 passengers. The agency saidthe railroad did not have a proper safety plan for the signals being suspended,and its workers failed to follow steps to assure to flip the track backto the main line before the Amtrak train passed. [ABC Columbia, 7-23-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Sixteen (16) percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending July 21, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedtwo hours and six minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 7-22-19]

BICYCLIST DIES AFTER FALLING ONTO ELECTRIC TRAINTHIRD-RAIL: A bicyclist has died afterfalling onto an electrically-charged rapid train third-rail in Chicago.The man was riding on the platform at a Chicago Transit Blue Line stationlate July 19. [U.S. News & World Report, 7-20-19]

KCS REPORTS 2-Q RESULTS:Kansas City Southern reported second-quarter revenue of $714-million, a5 pct increase on flat volumes compared with the same quarter last year.Adjusted diluted earnings per share was $1.64, up 6 pct from a year ago.[Progressive Railroading, 7-19-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN KEEPING 'IRON CURTAIN' BRIDGEIN CLEVELAND IN RAISED POSITION: Aftermuch complaining that the lift bridge over the Cuyahoga River in Clevelandcreated huge delays and potential safety issues in the down position, NorfolkSouthern had decided its NS1 span, known as the 'Iron Curtain,' will nowremain in the raised position, dropping only to serve rail traffic. [RailwayTrack & Structures, 7-19-19]

COMMUTER RAIL REPORT CALLS FOR $175-M IN IMPROVEMENTSTO L.A.-BURBANK-GLENDALE CORRIDOR: A LosAngeles Metro commuter rail report is recommending $175-million in improvementsto the LA-Burbank-Glendale corridor with a goal of running a train every30 minutes. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 7-19-19]

CANCELLATIONS, DELAYS STILL PLAGUE N.Y. TRANSITRAIL COMMUTERS: A year after officialsvowed to fix the problem, N.J. Transit says 373 trains were canceled inJune, a 52 pct increase from the same month last year. A shortage of engineershas contributed to cancellations in recent weeks. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 7-19-19]

AMTRAK TAKES DELIVERY OF TWO NEW VIEWLINER BAGGAGE-DORMCARS: Two additional Viewliner-II baggage-dormitorycars were delivered to Amtrak earlier this week. A total of 10 of the carsare included in the order with CAF in Elmira Heights, N.Y. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 7-19-19]

AMTRAK TESTS VIEWLINER TRAIN ON S.W. CHIEF ROUTE: Amtrak has operated a test train on the Southwest Chiefroute with a consist including six Viewliner-II cars pulled by two new Chargerlocomotives. Amtrak is considering converting a western train with single-levelequipment once the new Viewliner sleepers are delivered. Currently, allwestern long-distance trains run with Superliners. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 7-19-19]

SUNRAIL SEEKS FUNDING TOWARD EXTENSION TO DELAND,FLORIDA: Orlando's Sunrail is advancingefforts for a 12-mile extension to DeLand, Florida, and is hoping to learnthis summer whether it will qualify for federal funding. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 7-19-19]

PLANS ADVANCE FOR INCREASE IN HIAWATHA SERVICE: Plans are advancing to expand Amtrak's Chicago-Milwaukeeservice from seven to ten round-trips in the next five years - one round-tripwithin three years, and two more in the two years following that. [RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 7-19-19]

METRA ORDERS AUTOMATED PANTOGRAPH INSPECTIONSYSTEM: Duos Technologies has receiveda purchase order from Chicago's Metra to provide an automated pantographinspection system designed to capture high-resolution digital video of pantographson top of rail cars. The imagery inspects for visual damage in the formof cracks, chips and bends. [Progressive Railroading, 7-19-19]

MADRID TO EXTEND METRO LINE 11: The regional government of Madrid has announced plansfor a 3.9-mile extension of Metro Line 11 from its current terminus at PlazaEliotica to a connection with Line 6 at Conde de Casal. [InternationalRailway Journal, 7-19-19]

UNION PACIFIC IDLES HUMP AT PROVISO YARD: Union Pacific has confirmed that it has shut down thehump at Proviso Yard in Chicago, and curtailed operations at several otheryards across its system as the company reduces the number of times carsare handled en route. [Trains Magazine, 7-18-19]

COURT REJECTS COPPER MINE CLEANUP CLAIM AGAINSTUNION PACIFIC: Copper minor Asarco cannotrecover part of its estimated $485-million in cleanup costs at a superfundsite in Idaho from Union Pacific because Asarco released its claims againstthe company in a previous settlement, a federal appeals court has ruled.[Reuters, 7-18-19]

SHORT LINE SAFETY INSTITUTE LAUNCHES LEADERSHIPPROGRAM: The Short Line Safety Institutehas launched a leadership program focused on developing new and experiencedrailway managers' soft skills including communication, mentoring and coaching.The program is available free of charge, and can be made available to individualoperators or groups of railways. [Railway Gazette, 7-18-19]

UNION PACIFIC REPORTS 2-Q RESULTS: Union Pacific reported 2019 second-quarter net incomeof $1.6-billion or $2.22 per diluted share. This compares to $1.5-billionor $1.98 per diluted share in the same quarter last year. Operating revenueof $5.6-billion was down 1 pct, quarterly freight revenue declined 2 pct,and operating ratio improved 3.4 points to 59.6 pct. [Union Pacific,7-18-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending July 13, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 527,908 carloads and intermodal units, down 5.6 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,7-17-19]

CSX REPORTS 2-Q EARNINGS:CSX's second-quarter revenue fell 1 pct to $3.06-billion compared with thesame quarter last year. The company posted net earnings of $870-millionor $1.08 per share. Operating income grew 2 pct to $1.31-billion, and itsoperating ratio improved to 57.4 pct from 58.6 pct. [Progressive Railroading,7-17-19]

LIRR TO PLACE PRE-ASSEMBLED BRIDGE IN NEW CASSEL,N.Y.: Between July 20 and 21, crews workingon the Long Island Rail Road expansion project will move a new pre-assembledbridge into place at Urban avenue in New Cassel, N.Y. [Progressive Railroading,7-17-19]

CN TO REBUILD STEEN RIVER BRIDGE IN ALBERTA: CN will rebuild the rail bridge over the Steen Riverin Alberta. The bridge is a commercial link for many communities near GreatSlave Lake in the Northwest Territories. [Progressive Railroading, 7-17-19]

VA. STRESSES NEED FOR ENHANCED PASSENGER RAIL: Virginia's secretary of transportation has presenteda report on the state's Interstate-95 corridor improvement plan, explainingthat 70 pct of the delays on I-95 north of Fredericksburg are due to toomany cars on the road. Enhanced passenger rail has a huge role to play improvingmobility, the report said. [Virginian's for High-Speed Rail, 7-17-19]

CHINESE TRAIN DEVELOPER TESTS OPERATION IN HEATOF QATAR: China's major train-maker, CRRCZhuzhou Locomotive, is running a high-temperature test in Qatar on a vehicledeveloped for the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit System. The trackless vehicle- a cross between a train, tram and bus - is tested on a 43.5-mile stretchof road in tempoeratures of 140 degrees F and a tire operating temperatureof up to 194 degrees F. [XinhuaNet, 7-17-19]

AMTRAK TO BEGIN CUSTOMER-SERVICE CHANGES TOAUTO TRAIN IN JANUARY: Amtrak will launchcustomer service changes to its Auto Train starting in Jan. 2020. They willinclude an expansion of sleeping-car accommodation availability, and addeddining options with its 'Cross-Country Cafe.' Coach passengers will no longerhave complimentary dinner service, but will receive a complimentary breakfastin the morning. Food trucks will be available onsite at the Lorton and Sanfordend points. [Progressive Railroading, 7-16-19]

SEPTA TO INTRODUCE 'RIDER-FRIENDLY' TRANSITTOOLS: SEPTA is expanding its use of newmaps and communication tools to make it easier for riders to use transit.The agency is adding frequency-based transit maps that will be installedat stations with route colors to correspond to frequency of service. Theywill incorporate the Market-Frankford line, Broad Street line, six trolleylines and 19 frequent bus routes. [Progressive Railroading, 7-16-19]

UNITED RAIL ACQUIRES KEY HOLIDAYS, KEY TOURS: United Rail, a short-line consolidator, has acquiredthe assets of California-based Key Holidays and Key Tours International.Key Holidays is designated as a ticketing and regional tour operator forAmtrak tours in the western United States. Key charter trains are a combinationof Amtrak cars and private rail cars with optional hotel package. [ProgressiveRailroading, 7-16-19]

CP REPORTS RECORD 2-Q RESULTS: Canadian Pacific reported a record-setting second-quarter,during which revenue climbed 13 pct comapred with the same quarter lastyear to $1.98-billion (C). Adjusted income was $602-million or $4.30 pershare, and operating ration was 58.4 pct. [Progressive Railroading, 7-16-19]

CREWS CONTINUE TO CLEAN UP FROM NORFOLK SOUTHERNDERAILMENT IN GREAT DISMAL SWAMP: Cleanupcrews in Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp continue making slow progress followingthe Norfolk Southern train derailment June 25 when 36 cars carrying 3,500tons of coal fell into the swamp. The company says it will be another weekor two for the cleanup to be complete, weather permitting. [Virginian-Pilot,7-16-19]

HYUNDAI ROTEM DEVELOPS HEAT-RESISTANT TRACTIONMOTOR: Korean manufacturer Hyundai Rotemhas developed a class 220 insulated heat-resistant electric traction motor,which it says performs normal insulation functions in environments of upto 428 degrees F. The company says the class 220 ensures high reliabilityin tropical climates and during summer heat waves. [International RailwayJournal, 7-16-19]

POWER OUTAGE SNARLS N.Y. SUBWAY TRAINS: Part of the New York City subway system in Manhattanwas cloaked in darkness as part of a massive power outage late July 13.Trains stopped and lights went out just before 7PM, and power began to berestored around 10PM. [Railway Track & Structures, 7-15-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN RETURNING TO NORMAL INNEW ORLEANS FOLLOWING STORM: NorfolkSouthern says it is returning to normal operations in the New Orleans areafollowing hurricane Barry. Traffic headed to or through the city will bedelayed 24 to 48 hours, the railroad said. [Railway Track & Structures,7-15-19]

MBTA BEGINS TRACK, SIGNAL WORK ON GREENLINE: Massachusetts Bay TransportationAuthority has begun track and signal work on the Green line between NewtonHighlands and Kenmore. Work is expected to be finished by Dec. 20. [ProgressiveRailroading, 7-15-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Fifteen (15) percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending July 14, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedtwo hours and three minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 7-15-19]

CUBA'S CHINESE-MADE TRAIN STARTS ITS FIRSTRUN: Cuba's first new train cars torun in over four decades pulled out of Havana July 13 to begin their 516-mile,15-hour journey to Guantanamo on the eastern end of the island. Cuba receiveda shipment of 80 shiny blue Chinese-made rail cars as part of the government'srail modernization project, with a total of 250 pieces of equipment dueto arrive by the end of the year. In the meantime, tracks need to be upgradedbefore the trains may be allowed to operate at full speeds. [DeutscheWelle, 7-13-19]

AMTRAK TO EXPAND 'CONTEMPORARY' DININGSERVICE: Beginning October 1, Amtrakwill expand its contemporary dining service (which it had previously introducedto the Capitol and Lake Shore limiteds) to the other long-distance trainscurrently having dining cars east of the Mississippi River. Western long-distancetrains are not affected by the change. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,7-12-19]

PERSON STRUCK BY METRA TRAIN: Service was halted early July 12 on Metra's BNSF lineafter inbound train 1250 hit a pedestrian near the Berwyn, Illinois, station.Train service was halted for at least one hour until one of the tracks wasreopened. [Chicago Sun-Times, 7-12-19]

REDLANDS PASSENGER RAIL PROJECT CONSTRUCTIONBEGINS: The San Bernardino CountyTransportation Authority has begun construction on the $355-million RedlandsPassenger Rail Project for a nine-mile regional route to operate betweenSan Bernardino and Redlands, California. [Progressive Railroading, 7-12-19]

WALK BRIDGE PROJECT IN CONNECTICUT MAYPROCEED, COURT RULES: A U.S. DistrictCourt judge has rejected arguments by opponents of a the planned projectto replace the 122-year-old movable railroad bridge in Norwalk, Connecticut,clearing the way for the project to move ahead. The opponents had arguedthat there are less expensive alternatives for replacing of repairing thespan. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 7-12-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS TO IDENTIFY NEW STATIONSFOR MIAMI-W. PALM BEACH ROUTE: VirginTrains USA reportedly plans to announce up to three new stations to be addedto the existing Miami to West Palm Beach route before the end of the year.Hollywood and Boca Raton are likely to be included. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 7-12-19]

W.VA. MAY LOSE TWO OF THREE MARC TRAINSSERVING MARTINSBURG: Negotiationsbetween West Virginia and Maryland over MARC trains serving Martinsburg,Duffields and Harpers Ferry are reportedly now focusing on which trainswill be eliminated. Currently three weekday round-trips are offered, butwith a shortfall in funding by West Virginia it is likely that service willbe reduced to just one round-trip, possibly beginning this fall. [RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 7-12-19]

SINKHOLE SHUTS DOWN LIGHT-RAIL OPERATIONSIN BALTIMORE: It has been a week ofwater-related havoc in Baltimore, which has disrupted its light-rail service.Two water mains broke, and a train derailed in the Howard street tunnel.A light-rail platform collapsed as a result of the sinkhole, and flowablefill was being pumped below ground in an attempt to stabilize the area.It could take weeks before light-rail will be up and running through thecity. [Railway Track & Structures, 7-12-19]

EUROPEAN UNION TO FUND LATVIAN RAIL ELECTRIFICATIONPROJECT: The European Union cohesionfund will invest $359-million to electrify 191 miles of Latvia's main east-westrailway network and replace diesel locomotives. [International RailwayJournal, 7-12-19]

SAN MARTIN LINE VIADUCT OPENS IN BUENOSAIRES: Passenger trains have begunoperating along a new three-track elevated section of the San Martin linein Buenos Aires as part of a $500-million project to upgrade and electrifythe line. The three-mile elevated section has eliminated 11 grade crossings.[International Railway Journal, 7-12-19]

DEADLY TRAIN WRECK IN PAKISTAN: A passenger train rammed into a freight train at a railwaystation in southern Pakistan July 11, killing at least 20 people and injuringabout 74 others, some critically. The freight train was stationary whenthe speeding passenger train struck it at Walhur station in Punjab province.[Spectrum Bay News, 7-11-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending July 6, 2019, U.S. rail freight trafficwas 448,459 carloads and intermodal units, down 7.5 pct compared with thecorresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 7-10-19]

WABTEC TO PROVIDE PTC FOR IOWA NORTHERN: Wabec has been selected to provide fully integrated positivetrain-control, digital imaging and data transfer and analytics capabilitiesfor Iowa Northern Railway. [Railway Age, 7-10-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN NEVADA: Dozens of brand-new autos and pickup trucks that wereen route to destination by Union Pacific train were destroyed July 10 after33 rail cars derailed near Caliente, Nevada. The train also had cars withhazardous materials, but they were not impacted by the incident. [Fox13 Salt Lake City, 7-10-19]

RAIL WORKER STRUCK, KILLED BY TRAIN INPHILADELPHIA: A54-year-old commuterrailroad worker in Philadelphia was struck and killed by a train while workingon the tracks late July 8 at SEPTA's Erie station on the Broad Street line.Another worker was taken to a hospital with minor injuries, investigatorssaid. [Virginian-Pilot, 7-9-19]

LIRR STATION TO BE BUILT AT ELMONT, N.Y.: A Long Island Rail Road station will be built to servethe Elmont community as part of a project to redevelop Belmont Park, N.Y.,into an arena and entertainment complex. It will be located between theQueens Village and Bellerose stations. [Progressive Railroading, 7-9-19]

KENNETH LAWSON DIES, RAIL RESEARCH, PLANNINGOFFICIAL: Kenneth L. Lawson, 90, whohad a distinguished career in railway engineering, planning, research anddevelopment, died last month. His career spanned work with the Federal RailroadAdministration as senior engineer of rail systems research and development;was instrumental in establishing the transportation test center at Pueblo,Colorado; oversaw development and testing of the original Metroliner trains;initiated track and dynamics research for high-speed rail; and providedtechnical support for the creation of Amtrak. [Railway Age, 7-9-19]

NEW TRAINS TO BE ORDERED FOR ESTONIA: Estonia's passenger rail operator Elron will be orderingfour bi-mode multiple-units and two electric multiple-units to supplementit* fleet of Stadler Flirt trains in response to increasing demand. [InternationalRailway Journal, 7-9-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: The Bull Sheet has calculated that 18 percent of Amtrak'snamed long-distance trains arrived at their scheduled final destinationon time or earlier in the week ending July 7, 2019. The remaining trains,on average, arrived one hour and 39 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 7-8-19]

PASSENGER RAIL RETURNS TO FREIGHT-ONLYLINE IN GERMANY: Passenger rail servicewas reintroduced July 6 on the 17-mile Bad Bentheim-Neuenhaus route in Germanyfollowing an upgrade to a freight-only line that had no passenger trainssince 1974. [Railway Gazette, 7-8-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TRAIN DERAILS AT HORSESHOECURVE: There were no injuries in a derailmentof 11 cars late July 5 at Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania. Norfolk Southerncrews continued clearing the tracks July 6. All cars were empty, and eightwere on their sides. [Altoona Mirror, 7-7-19]

KCS PRESIDENT, CEO GETTING RAILROAD INNOVATORAWARD: Progressive Railroading andRailTrends have named Kansas City Southern president and CEO Patrick Ottensmeyerthe 2019 recipient of the Railroad Innovator Award. [RailTrends, 7-8-19]

U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC DECLINES IN JUNE: U.S. railroads remained in a rut last month. June wasthe fifth straight month that carloads and intermodal traffic declined ona year-over-year basis, according to the Association of American Railroads.Carload traffic dropped 5.3 pct, and intermodal traffic was down 7.2 pct,compared with June 2018 figures. [Progressive Railroading, 7-5-19]

CREWS REMOVING LAST DERAILED TRAIN CAR IN PORTHURON TUNNEL: CN rail crews are reportedlyremoving the last train car derailed June 28 in the international tunelbetween Port Huron, Michigan, and Canada. About 40 cars derailed in thetunnel, spurring the spill of more than 13,000 gallons of surfuric acid.[Times Herald, 7-5-19]

BNSF SUED OVER MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION: A group of unions is suing BNSF alleging its practicesfor requiring medical documentation violate the American With DisabilitiesAct. The suit alleges the practices require a new diagnosis for a numberof health issues and to require employees to provide new medical informationin violation of regulations. [Cook County Record, 7-5-19]

HEARTLAND INTERMODAL GATEWAY IN W.VA. MAY HAVETO CLOSE: Once touted as a key economicdevelopment tool in West Virginia, the $32-million Heartland IntermodalGateway. the only intermodal facility in the state, is likely to shut downthis fall. Norfolk Southern, which donated much of the property for thefacility, says it will stop service to it in October unless the railroadis able to reach a 15,000-container annual threshold. Only 68 containerswere handled in May. The state is losing about $500,000 a year operatingthe facility. [Transport Topics, 7-3-19]

TRI-VALLEY RELEASES STUDY FOR VALLEY LINK: The board of Tri-Valley-San Joaquin Valley Regional RailAuthority has released a feasibility study for Valley Link, which wouldconnect San Joaquin communities with Bay Area Rapid Transit and AltamontCorridor Express. The report examines options for alignment of the 41-milecorridor, placement for seven train stations, and system integration. Theproject is expected to cost $1.8-billion and take up to seven years to complete.[Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 7-3-19]

AMTRAK ADDS THRUWAY BUS BETWEEN MILWAUKEE ANDGREEN BAY: Amtrak has initiated new thruwaybus service between Milwaukee and Green Bay. It will also include intermediatestops in De Pere, Appleton, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac along the Int-41 corridorwith two daily round-trips, and connect with Hiawatha service. [RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 7-3-19]

RECOMMENDED ALIGNMENTS FOR NORTHERN CALIFORNIAHIGH-SPEED SECTIONS PUBLISHED: CaliforniaHigh-Speed Rail Authority has published its recommended alignments for twosections of its planned line in northern California. The alignment of the51-mile San Francisco-San Jose section is as previously defined, with trainsto share tracks with commuter service. The 83-mile San Jose-Merced sectionis recommended to share existing Union Pacific corridor to Gilroy with twopassenger tracks designed for maximum speed of 109 MPH, and a third trackfor freights. [Railway Gazette, 7-3-19]

STEEL TIES OFFER COST, OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: Railroads have a variety of crosstie options - wood,concrete, composite, and steel. Wood ties have disposal costs, a tighteningsupply, concerns about durability, and environmental impact of creosote.Concrete and composite ties can be quite expensive. Steel ties address manyof the concerns operators focus on, including lower installation and lifecyclecosts, reduced environmental impact, and longer in-service life. [ProgressiveRailroading, 7-3-19]

SOUTH SHORE DOUBLE-TRACK PROJECT MOVES FORWARD: The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation Districthas completed the development phase of the capital investment grant programfor its double-track project along the South Shore line from Gray to MichiganCity, Indiana. It includes 17 miles of new track, four new bridges, stationand parking improvements at five stations, street-running removal, and theclosure of 21 grade crossings in Michigan City. [Progressive Railroading,7-3-19]

RAFAEL SANTANA NAMED PRESIDENT, CEO OF WABTEC: Wabtec has announced that Rafael Santana will take overas president and chief executive officer, replacing Ray Belter, who is retiring.[Progressive Railroading, 7-3-19]

GREENBRIER COS REPORTS 3-Q EARNINGS: The Greenbrier Cos. reported net earnings of $15.2-millionor 46 cents per diluted share, and revenue of $856.2-million in its thirdfiscal quarter. Greenbrier received orders for about 6,500 new rail cars,valued at $730-million in the quarter. [Progressive Railroading, 7-3-19]

EAGLE RAILCAR SERVICES EXPANDING WITH ACQUISITION: Eagle Railcar Services has entered into a purchase agreementto acquire the assets and personnel of the Rescar Cos. plant services division.The acquisition adds five full-service railcar repair and maintenance facilitiesto Eagle's current network. [Progressive Railroading, 7-3-19]

JIMMY MAY NAMED DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS OF BIRMINGHAMRAIL & LOCOMOTIVE: Birmingham Rail& Locomotive has named Jimmy May director of operations for its locomotivedivision. He joined the company from CSX, where he had worked as a mechanicalmanager. [Progressive Railroading, 7-3-19]

MBTA BREAKS GROUND ON SOUTH COAST RAIL LINE: The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has brokenground on Phase 1 of its South Coast Rail Line. This phase will connectTaunton, Fall River, New Bedford and the surrounding areas to Boston, withservice planned to begin in 2023. [Railway Track & Structures, 7-2-19]

JUNE 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-one percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in June2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hour and 47 minuteslate. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 7-1-19]

GENESEE & WYOMING TO BE ACQUIRED: Genesee & Wyoming has agreed to be acquired by BrookfieldInfrastructure Partners, subject to approval by at least two-thirds of itsstockholders, and become a privately-held company by early 2020. The transactionis valued at about $8.4-billion, including outstanding debt. [ProgressiveRailroading, 7-1-19]

BNSF TRAIN DERAILS INTO MISSISSIPPI RIVER: A mudslide caused a BNSF freight train to derail andfall into the Mississippi River in Glen Haven, Wisconsin, July 1. Therewere no injuries. [WMTV, 7-1-19]

RUSH-HOUR RAIL SERVICE ON AMTRAK'S NORTHEASTCORRIDOR IN N.J. DISRUPTED BY FIRE: A fireon board an Amtrak maintenance-of-way train forced the suspension of serviceon the Northeast Corridor during the height of the evening commute July1. Trains were halted for about two hours between Trenton and Jersey avenue,and the backup was described as 'massive.' [ABC7 NY, 7-1-19]

COAL STILL BEING MOVED FROM GREAT DISMAL SWAMPFOLLOWING NORFOLK SOUTHERN DERAILMENT:Cleanup crews working in the Great Dismal Swamp removed about 15 truck loadsof coal over the weekend following the July 25 derailment near Norfolk,said the swamp's refuge manager. The coal will be removed before the 36damaged railroad cars are hauled out, a process that could take up to threeweeks. Meanwhile, soil and water samples are being tested for contamination.[Virginian-Pilot, 7-1-19]

MIDDLE-SCHOOL STUDENT HAS PLAN FOR MAGNETSAS ENERGY-EFFICIENCY TOOL FOR TRAINS:One of ten middle-school students reaching the finals of the 3M Young ScientistChallenge, Caroline Crouchley, introduced an idea involving using magnetsto make trains more energy-efficient. [Fast Company online, 7-1-19]

HOOSIER STATE TO MAKE FINAL RUN JUNE 30: Colonial Crafts, a private rail car that once was partof Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway Limited between New York and Chicago,is slated to run on Amtrak's Hoosier State train between Indianapolis andChicago on Sunday, June 30. The Hoosier State will stop running after thatday because Indiana cut $3-million funding for the train. [LafayetteJournal & Courier, 6-28-19]

TRAIN DERAILS IN PORT HURON TUNNEL, LEAKINGACID: Crews on both sides of the St. ClairRiver are working with CN Rail in Port Huron, Michigan, to clean up a sulfuricacid spill in the train tunnel that runs under 10th street to Canada aftera derailment of around 40 cars and a locomotive early June 28. Accordingto the railroad, 13,700 gallons of the acid leaked. [Port Huron TimesHerald, 6-28-19]

ALASKA R.R. PENS AGREEMENT ON RAIL CONNECTIONTO LOWER 48 STATES: Alaska Railroad andAlaska to Alberta Railway Development Corp. have signed a master agreementto cooperate to build a 1,500-mile connection between the Alaska Railroadand Canadian railroads that serve the Lower 48. [Must Read Alaska, 6-27-19]

AMTRAK SEEKS TO RAISE SEPTA'S ANNUAL RENT FORLAND TO $1.5-M: SEPTA has paid Amtrak onedollar a year for the past 32 years to use land along the tracks. Now Amtrakwants to raise the rent to $1.5-million, and is suing to get the money.The land involved is used by SEPTA for stations and parking, not for useof the tracks themselves, which is covered under a separate agreement. [PhiladelphiaInquirer, 6-26-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending June 22, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 525,116 carloads and intermodal units, down 5.8 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,6-26-19]

WAYLAND BROWN DIES, RAIL ENTHUSIAST: WaylandYoder Brown, formerly of Savannah, Georgia, diedJune 8 in South Carolina. A former Catholic priest and mathematics teacher,he had been a frequent correspondent with letters about railroads to theeditor of the Bull Sheet in the 1990's. According to press reports, he wasan inmate in a South Carolina prison at the time of his death. [BullSheet, 6-26-19]

FRA TO BEGIN APP-BASED INSPECTION SYSTEM TOREPLACE HANDWRITTEN NOTES: The FederalRailroad Administration has partnered with DMI to launch an app-based inspectionsystem designed to replace handwritten notes and outdated palm devices togather defect data. Called the portable inspection reporting tool, the systemwill use voice-recognition software. [Progressive Railroading, 6-25-19]

VIRGIN TRANS BREAKS GROUND ON ORLANDO PASSENGERRAIL LINE: Virgin Trains USA has brokenground on an extension of its privately-funded passenger rail line fromWest Palm Beach to Orlando. The company, formerly Brightline, is developing170 miles of new track into the completed intermodal facility at OrlandoInternational Airport. [Progressive Railroading, 6-25-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN COAL TRAIN DERAILS NEAR NORFOLK,AMTRAK DISRUPTED: Amtrak service to andfrom Norfolk was canceled after a Norfolk Southern coal train derailed nearthe Portlock area of Chesapeake, Va., near Norfolk, early June 25. No injurieswere reported. [Virginian-Pilot, 6-25-19]

KEOLIS LAUNCHES LIGHT-RAIL OPERATION IN WATERLOO,ONTARIO: Keolis has launched its firstNorth American light-rail operation on a nearly 10-mile light-rail linein the Waterloo region of Ontario. [Progressive Railroading, 6-25-19]

AMTRAK DOWNEASTER TURNING AWAY PASSENGERS: Several of Amtrak's Downeaster trains run full in whatis expected to be a record year, but adding cars to those trains does notmake economic sense. The Downeaster has about 16 cars, which must be dividedbetween three train sets. Two of the trains run twice a day, and the othergoes just once. Staff can switch a car here or there, but they cannot switchtoo many cars, as they will be out of position for succeeding runs. TheDowneaster is considering adding another run, but staff knows that peoplewant to ride at prime times, and the trains are not available. [NewsCenter Maine, 6-24-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Eighteen (18) percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending June 23, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 45 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 6-23-19]

FEDS GRANT $300-M TO BART:The Federal Transit Administration will allocate $300-million to improvecapacity on the Bay Area Rapid Transit's heavy-rail system between Oaklandand San Francisco. [Progressive Railroading, 6-21-19]

AMTRAK, CALIFORNIA CANCEL HIGH-SPEED TRAIN MANUFACTURINGAGREEMENT: Amtrak and the California High-SpeedRail Authority have canceled a joint agreement seeking companies to buildhigh-speed trains. The parties said their needs are too different, and manfacturersare not yet ready to build trains that can run on both Amtrak's line andthe hgih-speed corridors planned for the state's system. [San Mateo DailyJournal, 6-21-19]

ELECTRICAL POWER PROBLEM STRANDS NEC TRAINS: Amtrak and NJ Transit passengers experienced significantservice delays early June 19 due to an overhead power issue between Trentonand Philadelphia. All trains traveling between New York and North Philadelphiawere stopped. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 6-21-19]

EUROPEAN RAIL OPERATORS SEEK END TO TAX-FREESTATUS OF AVIATION FUEL: European railoperators have called on the European Union's finance inisters to end thetax-free exemption of aviation fuel, which they say contributes to a priceimbalance between transport modes, resulting in an 'uneven playing field.'[International Railway Journal, 6-21-19]

SOUND TRANSIT RECEIVES FIRST LIGHT-RAIL VEHICLEOF LATEST ORDER: Sound Transit has receivedthe first light-rail vehicle of the agency's $642.5-million order for 152vehicles from Siemens. One to three vehicles per month will be deliveredthrough 2024. [Progressive Railroading, 6-20-19]

VA. APPROVES $774-M FOR PASSENGER RAIL: The Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board has approved$774-million in funding to sustain and improve the state's passenger railnetwork. Rail service will increase by 16 pct, reliability and travel timeswill improve, and Amtrak stations will be upgraded under the funding. [Virginiansfor High Speed Rail, 6-20-19]

JACK GRIFFIN DIES, RETIRED CSX OFFICIAL, HEADEDPASSENGER DEPT.: John H. 'Jack' Griffin,a retired CSX executive who during his 44-year career rose from being anoffice clerk to director of the railroad's passenger operations, died June17. The former Catonsville, Westminster and Towson, Md., resident was 93.A Navy veteran, he worked a number of capacities in his railroading career,retiring in 1985. He played a pivotal role in managing the Chessie Steam Special andChessie Safety Express programs between 1977 and 1981, and whistle-stopcampaign specials in Ohio in 1984 for President Ronald Reagan. [BaltimoreSun, 6-20-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending June 15, 2019, U.S. rail freightoriginations was 527,989 carloads and intermodal units, down 5.4 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,6-19-19]

FEDS GRANT $2.8-M TOWARD SOUTH SHORE TRACK UPGRADE: The U.S. Dept. of Transportation has awarded a $2.8-millionrailroad safety grant to the Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroadto upgrade 7.5 miles of track between Michigan City ad LaPorte, Indiana.The project will replace the existing 90-pound rail with 115-pound rail.[WFYL, 6-18-19]

ADDITION OF TWO SIEMENS CHARGER LOCOMOTIVESAUTHORIZED FOR COASTER SERVICE: The boardof North County Transit District of San Diego has authorized the purchaseof two additional Siemens SC-44 Charger diesel locomotives, pending receiptof funding. The procurement is part of a plan to increase Coaster frequencyto 30-minute headways during peak times. [Progressive Railroading, 6-18-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-six percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending June 16, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 38 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 6-17-19]

BOMBARDIER TO OPEN RAILCAR ASSEMBLY SITE INCALIFORNIA: Bombardier Transportation willbe opening a railcar assembly site in Pittsburg, California, to free upspace at the company's site in New York State. The first equipment off theassembly line in California will be for Bay Area Rapid Transit's 775-carorder. As of May 1, BART has received 84 railcars, with 48 currently inservice. [Progressive Railroading, 6-17-19]

RAIL LINE IN N.Z. REOPENED FOLLOWING STORM DAMAGEREHAB: KiwiRail in New Zealand has completedrehabilitation of its 71-mile Napier-Wairoa line, which had been out ofservice since Dec. 2012 due to storm damage. [Railway Gazette, 6-17-19]

FULL STEAM AHEAD FOR UNION PACIFIC'S BIG BOYMIDWEST TOUR: The newly-restored UnionPacific Big Boy 4014 is returning to the rails for its own 'Great Race Acrossthe Midwest.' The locomotive will leave Cheyenne July 8, making brief stopsin communities along its route through Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska,Wisconsin and Wyoming. Twenty-five Big Boys were built for Union Pacificto handle the steep terrain between Cheyenne and Ogden. Eight are stillin existence, but only 4014 is currently operating. [Railway Track &Structures, 6-14-19]

FRA AWARDS $32.9-M TOWARD RESTORATION OF PASSENGERRAIL BETWEEN NEW ORLEANS & MOBILE:The Southern Rail Commission has been awarded up to $32.9 from the FederalRailroad Administration to restore intercity passenger rail service alongthe Gulf Coast between New Orleans and Mobile. [International RailwayJournal, 6-14-19]

AMTRAK TO ACQUIRE 52 MILES OF CSX TRACK IN FLORIDA: The Federal Railroad Administration has awarded Amtrakup to $3.85-million for rehabilitation of 52 miles of CSX's A-Line betweenPalatka and DeLand, Florida, in use by Auto Train, Silver Meteor and SilverStar. CSX will transfer the renovated track's ownership to Amtrak, the firstsignificant acquisition by Amtrak in recent times of a line used solelyfor long-distance trains, not part of a state-supported corridor. [RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 6-14-19]

MARTA APPROVES $2.7-BILLION IN EXPANSION PROJECTS: The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority hasapproved the timeline for $2.7-billion in expansion projects. Included are14 miles of bus rapid transit, 22 miles of arterial rapid transit, and 29new miles of light-rail. [Progressive Railroading, 6-14-19]

PALMETTO RAILWAYS TO SERVE NEW PLASTICS TRANSLOADFACILITY IN S.C.: Frontier Logistics hasbroken ground on a new warehouse facility that will support the handlingof plastics and resin exports from the Port of Charleston, S.C. The facilitywill be built on 26 acres of a former Navy base in North Charleston, andwill be served by Palmetto Railways with connections to Norfolk Southernand CSX. [Progressive Railroading, 6-14-19]

MBTA SUFFERS MAJOR DERAILMENT: The Massachusetts Bay Transait Authority was thrown intochaos this week as a major derailment on the Red Line caused shutdowns,massive delays and signal outages. The derailment happened just outsidethe JFK/UMass stop early June 10, taking out a number of critical systemsheds next to the tracks leading into the station. There were no injuries.This followed a Green Line trolley derailment two days earlier, and wasthe fifth such incident so far this year. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,6-14-19]

WHITE HOUSE DROPS PROPOSAL REQUIRING TWO CREWMEMBERS ON LOCOMOTIVES: The White Househas pulled a stalled Obama-era proposal that would have mandated two crewmembers in most locomotives, and has banned states from requiring railroadsto do so. At least nine states have laws that mandate crew size, but theFederal Railroad Administration will not allow individual states to regulatestaffing of train crews. [Washington Post, 6-13-19]

TEXAS RANKS NO. 1 IN R.R. CROSSING ACCIDENTS: Texas tops the list for the number of railroad crossingaccidents with a total of 1,223 such accidents from 2014 to 2018, accordingto the Federal Railroad Administration. [KSAT, 6-13-19]

WARSAW ORDERS 123 LIGHT-RAIL VEHICLES: Warsaw Tramways has signed a $490-million contract withHyundai Rotem for 123 low-floor light-rail vehicles, with an option for90 additional vehicles. [International Railway Journal, 6-13-19]

BABY BORN ON TRAIN GIVEN FREE RAIL TRAVEL FOR25 YEARS: A baby girl who was born on anIrish train has been given 25 years of free rail travel. The unscheduledarrival happened June 11 with the help of a doctor and two nurses who happenedto be on the train, and Irish Rail has said it will provide free transportto the girl up to the age of 25. [BBC News, 6-13-19]

EMPIRE BUILDER MARKS 90TH ANNIVERSARY: June 10 marked the 90th anniversary of the Empire Builderroute across the northern U.S. from Chicago to Seattle and Portland. Theservice was inaugurated by the Great Northern Railway and was named forJames Hill, known as the 'empire builder.' Amtrak assumed the train in 1971,and it was rerouted to include Milwaukee as one of its stops. [ProgressiveRailroading, 6-12-19]

COOS BAY RAIL LINE REHABS 37 TIMBER BRIDGES: The Coos Bay Rail Line in Oregon has completed a $2.3-milerehabilitation project on 37 of its timber bridges. The 134-mile line isowned and operated by the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay with 10shippers. [Progressive Railroading, 6-12-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending June 8, 2019, U.S. rail freight trafficwas 513,099 carloads and intermodal units, down 8.5 pct compared with thecorresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 6-12-19]

AMTRAK TO RESUME ONE ROUND-TRIP TRAIN BETWEENST. LOUIS AND KANSAS CITY: Amtrak has announcedit is restoring one of the two daily Missouri River Runner round-trips betweenSt. Louis and Kansas City, beginning June 13. [Missourian, 6-12-19]

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, UNION STATION REOPENED: Amtrak and CTrail trains returned to Union Station inSpringfield, Massachusetts, June 10 after previously using a temporary stopas part of a station upgrade project. [Progressive Railroading, 6-11-19]

SUMMERTIME EXTENSION OF DOWNEASTER FALLS THROUGHAGAIN: For the second summer in a row,plans to extend Amtrak's Downeaster north of Brunswick, Maine, through Rocklandfor a limited seasonal schedule have fallen through. [Bangor Daily News,6-11-19]

NTSB CONFIRMS RAIL WORKER STRUCK, KILLED BYREMOTE-CONTROL LOCOMOTIVE IN APRIL: A remote-controllocomotive struck and killed a CSX employee working in the Wauhatchie Railyard in Chattanooga, Tennessee, back on April 13, the National TransportationSafety Board has confirmed. The employee had worked for CSX for 24 years.[Railway Track & Structures, 6-11-19]

MEGASTATION ENVISIONED FOR CHICAGO'S SOUTH LOOP: A bill approved by the Illinois Legislature includesa provision to enable the state to cooperate with a private developer tobuild a new Amtrak/Metra/Chicago Transit 'megastation' in Chicago's SouthLoop as part of a vision called 'One Central.' [International RailwayJournal, 6-10-19]

WISCONSIN COMMITTEE APPROVES FUNDS FOR INCREASINGHIAWATHA SERVICE: The Wisconsin LegislatureBudget Committee has approved a $35-million proposed expansion of Amtakservice between Milwaukee and Chicago by adding three more roundtrips aday. However, the committee did not approve an additional $10-million tocomplete final design and construction of a second daily train between Milwaukeeand St. Paul. [Progressive Railroading, 6-10-19]

LIRR TO BEGIN PENN STATION CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: Long Island Rail Road officials say construction of anew Penn Station entrance at 33rd sreet and Seventh avenue in New York willbegin June 17. Included will be widened corridors, heightened ceilings,improved lighting and safety. [Progressive Railroading, 6-10-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-four percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending June 9, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived two hoursand 10 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 6-10-19]

STADLER SEES SUCCESS ON SIX AXLES: Stadler says that its family of six-axle diesel, electricand bi-mode Eurodual locomotives are 30 to 40 pct better in terms of trackforces than most of the four-axle locomotives in use around Europe today.The company continues to extend the capability of the Eurodual as it seeksto establish what it terms a 'universal loco.' [Railway Gazette, 6-10-19]

ILLINOIS APPROVES FUNDING FOR AMTRAK SERVICE: The Illinois Legislature has approved an increase ininvestment for Amtrak service. Included are $500-million to launch two servicesfrom Chicago to the Quad Cities and Rockford, and eventually Dubuque; $100-millionfor upgrades to CN-owned track between Chicago and Carbondale; and $400-millionwith funding for the 75th street project to reduce congestion of Amtrakand Metra lines on Chicago's South Side. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,6-7-19]

SOUND TRANSIT TO BEGIN CONSTRUCTION OF HILLTOPTACOMA LINK EXTENSION: Sound Transit onJune 20 will begin construction on the 2.4-mile Hilltop Tacoma Link Extensionthat will operate along Commerce street and Stadium way to Tacoma's Hilltopdistrict, and will continue through September 4. [Progressive Railroading,6-7-19]

CP OPENS AUTOMOTIVE COMPOUND IN VANCOUVER: Canadian Pacific this week marked the opening of itsnew Vancouver, B.C., Automotive Compound to handle vehicles made in NorthAmerica for imported through the Port of Vancouver for distribution in B.C.,parts of Alberta,and northern Washington state. The 19-acre facility isadjacent to CP's Vancouver Intermodal Terminal. [Progressive Railroading,6-7-19]

SEOUL ORDERS 336 METRO CARS: Seoul Metro has awarded Woojin Industrial Systems a contractworth about $314.7-million to supply 336 metro cars. The new trains usea permanent magnet synchronous motor which saves up to 30 pct in energyconsumption compared with induction motors. [International Railway Journal,6-7-19]

SCHOOL BUS DRIVER INDICTED IN STUDENT'S DEATHIN CROSSING ACCIDENT: A 78-year-old schoolbus driver has been indicted for manslaughter in the death of a middle-schoolstudent when his bus was struck by a Union Pacific train Jan. 25 in Texas.A second student on the bus was severely injured. [ABC News, 6-6-19]

TWO APPOINTED TO AMTRAK MANAGEMENT POSTS: Amtrak has named Tracie Winbigler executive vice-presidentand chief financial officer, effective June 24, and Stephen Gardner hasbeen named chief operating and commercial officer. [Progressive Railroading,6-6-19]

MAY 2019 U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail carload and intermodal originations were 2,607,355in May 2019, down 4.1 pct compared with May 2018. [Association of AmericanRailroads, 6-5-19]

AMTRAK UPGRADING SLOWEST BALTIMORE-WASHINGTONTRACK TO HIGHER SPEED: Amtrak is now upgradingits lowest-speed track between Baltimore and Washington to 125 MPH capabilityto further accommodate Acela train service. The 31-mile stretch of trackis one of three main tracks, but the affected track does not currently meetthe 125 MPH standard that the other two tracks already have. The improvementwill avoid congestion and reduce delays, and the project is expected tobe complete by 2021. [WTOP, 6-4-19]

UNION PACIFIC WORKS TO CLEAN UP FROM FLOOD DAMAGE: Union Pacific has been working around the clock in itsattempt to restore service for customers, and has already invested about$70-million in the cleanup effort. The company's track in Nebraska has beenhit the hardest. [Railway Track & Structures, 6-4-19]

VIA RAIL REPORTS 1-Q RIDERSHIP, REVENUE GAINS: VIA Rail Canada has reported first-quarter rail ridershipincreased 5.1 pct to 1,145,000 riders, and passenger revenue rose 8.4 pctto $77.6-million (C), compared with the same quarter last year. The resultsrepresent VIA Rail's 13the consecutive quarter of ridership increase, and20th straight quarter of revenue growth. [Progressive Railroading, 6-4-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN PREPARES TO ROLL OUT PRECISIONRAILROADING PLAN: Norfolk Southern is preparingto roll out TOP21, the railroad's new 'precision railroading' operatingplan, to increase operating efficiencies. TOP21 is a key initiative of thecompany's new three-year strategic plan in all aspects of business operations.The first phase will focus on the general merchandise market. [NorfolkSouthern, 6-4-19]

CSX SELLS FLORIDA PANHANDLE LINE: RailUSA has announced its acquisition of the CSX 430-mileFlorida Panhandle line and related real estate. The line, now named FloridaGulf & Atlantic, operates from Baldwin to Pensacola, passing throughTallahassee, with a connecting to Attapulgus, Georgia. [RailUSA, 6-3-19]

SUPREME COURT DECLINES AAR REQUEST ON AMTRAKPERFORMANCE STANDARDS: The U.S. SupremeCourt has declined a request from the Association of American Railroadsto review a lower-court ruling regarding the authority of Amtrak and theFederal Railroad Administration to establish on-time performance metricsand standards for Amtrak operation on host freight railroads. [TrainsMagazine, 6-3-19]

ACCESS IMPROVEMENTS IN STORE FOR MARTINSBURG,W.VA., TRAIN STATION: A $2-million projectby Amtrak to improve access at the train station in Martinsburg, W.Va.,is scheduled to be completed by spring 2020. The work includes a new platformon the westbound side, and upgrades to pathways and an existing pedestrianbridge and elevators. [Herald-Mail, 6-3-19]

MAY 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-seven percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inMay, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hour and 33 minuteslate. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 6-1-19]

CN BLOCKS AMTRAK DUE TO SPILLWAY CONCERN: Canadian National is requiring passengers on Amtrak'sCity of New Orleans to disembark at Jackson, Mississippi, and use charteredbuses from that point to Hazelhurst, Brookhaven, McComb, Hammond and NewOrleans. CN has cited the opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway, despitethe fact that CN is running freight trains across the bridge daily. Moreover,CN has also denied requests to allow the train to run as far as McComb orHammond, where there is room to turn the train around and reduce the timepassengers must spend on a bus. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 5-31-19]

COLORADO TO STUDY COMMUTER RAIL BETWEEN PUEBLOAND FORT COLLINS: Colorado is acceptingapplications to study the possibility of bringing a commuter rail line tothe 173-mile Front Range between Pueblo and Fort Collins. More than 1.7million people are expected to move into the region by 2045. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 5-31-19]

I-20 CORRIDOR COUNCIL SUPPORTS RAIL SERVICECONNECTING TEXAS WITH MISSISSIPPI: TheI-20 Corridor Council, a group founded in 2004 to re-establish passengerrail along the I-20 corridor, met May 30 to announce joint plans with Amtrakto connect Marshall, Texas, and Meridian, Mississippi, via existing rail.The proposed route would bring a daily round-trip which would also connecta number of schools along the corridor, such as Gambling State and MarshallUniversity. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 5-31-19]

AMTRAK SUSPENDING SERVICE BETWEEN ST. LOUISAND FORT WORTH: Amtrak says flooding isforcing it to suspend service between St. Louis and Fort Worth until June7. Amtrak said flooding has diverted freight train traffic onto tracks usedby its Texas Eagle passenger train service. [The State, 5-31-19]

L.A. METRO COMPLETES SOUTHERN BLUE LINE UPGRADES: Los Angeles Metro has announced that the southern sectionof the Blue Line between Compton and downtown Long Beach will reopen onJune 1 following the completion of upgrades on tracks, new switches, powerlines and train control. [Progressive Railroading, 5-30-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending May 25, 2019, U.S. rail freight trafficwas 527,966 carloads and intermodal units, down 6.7 pct compared with thecorresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 5-29-19]

FRANK LONEGRO, CFO OF CSX, LEAVES COMPANY: CSX has announced the departure of Frank Lonegro, executivevice-president and chief financial officer. Kevin Boone has been named interimCFO while the company seeks a permanent replacement. [Railway Track &Sructures, 5-28-19]

AMTRAK ANNOUNCES 'CUSTOMER NOW' PROGRAM: Amtrak has unveiled plans for a $72.5-million program,'Customer Now,' which aims to improve the customer experience at stationsacross the network. Projects range from new door systems, lavatories andplatforms at certain stations, which are in addition to general repairsand improvement work. A more complex project was the skylight and improvementsto the Great Hall in Chicago. [Railway Age, 5-28-19]

SOUND TRANSIT IDENTIFIES PREFERRED ROUTE, DESIGNALTERNATIVES FOR LIGHT-RAIL EXTENSIONS:Sound Transit's board has identified preferred design alternatives for the11.8-mile West Seattle and Ballard Link light-rail extensions to study ina draft environmental impact statement. The route alternatives include designof 14 stations based upon 18 months of public engagements within the community.[Progressive Railroading, 5-28-19]

CSX TO BOOST TRAIN SPEEDS THROUGH PARTS OF ALABAMA,GEORGIA: CSX will increase its maximumspeeds from 25 MPH to 40 MPH on tracks between Waycross, Georgia, and Montgomery,Alabama. The route, which includes Troy, Ozark and Dothan, covers about260 miles. The company also plans to increase the average length of trains,varying upon volumes. [AL.com, 5-28-19]

CHINA'S NEW 373 MPH MAGLEV WILL BE THE WORLD'SFASTEST: State-owned rail company ChinaRailway Stock Corp. has unveiled the body prototype of its new magnetic-levitationtrain, which it claims will reach a top speed of 373 MPH, the world's fastest.Launch date is promised for 2021. [Robb Report, 5-28-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-two percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending May 26, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 33 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 5-27-19]

FRA WITHDRAWS PROPOSED TRAIN-CREW STAFFING RULE: The Federal Railroad Administration has withdrawn its2016 proposed rule calling for federal regulation of train-crew staffing.The FRA said that such regulation is not necessary for safe rail operations'at this time.' [Progressive Railroading, 5-24-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN CUTS 50 JOBS AT JUNIATA SHOPIN PA.: Norfolk Southern laid off about50 workers at its Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona May 22. Furloughedworkers will be offered positions elsewhere in the railroad's system. [AltoonaMirror, 5-23-19]

INVESTMENT FIRMS AMONG BIDDERS FOR GENESEE &WYOMING: Affiliates of Brookfield AssetManagement, Blackstone Group, Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners and EQTPartners are vying to acquire railroad operator Genesee & Wyoming, accordingto people familiar with the matter. The investment firms are among suitorsthat have progressed into the next round of bidding for the company, whichis seeking at least $110 per share, or about $6.2-billion. [Bloomberg,5-23-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending May 18, 2019, U.S. rail freight trafficwas 536,358 carloads and intermodal units, down 1.8 pct compared with thecorresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 5-22-19]

TRINITY TO BUILD RAIL CAR MAINTENANCE FACILITYIN IOWA: Trinity Rail Mainenance Services,a subsidiary of Trinity Industries, has selected a 2,230-acre site in ShellRock, Iowa, to build a new rail-car maintenance services facility by theend of 2020. Located along the Iowa Northern Railway, it has optimal accessto the Class I network and strategic access to the upper Midwest. [ProgressiveRailroading, 5-22-19]

DENVER'S S.E. LIGHT-RAIL EXTENSION COMPLETED: Construction is complete on a 2.3-mile extension of Denver'sE, F and R light-rail lines, known as the Southeast Rail extension, addingnew stations at Sky Ridge, Lone Tree City Center and Ridgegate Parkway.[Progressive Railroading, 5-22-19]

NTSB ISSUES REPORT ON 2017 AMTRAK CASCADES WRECK: Failure to provide effective mitigation of a hazardouscurve and inadequate training of a locomotive engineer led to the deadlyderailment of Amtrak Cascades train 501 near Dupont, Washington, on Dec.18, 2017, according to a report by the National Transportation Safety Board.Three passengers were killed and 65 others were injured on the train's inauguralrun on the Point Defiance Bypass between Seattle and Portland. The trainderailed on an overpass as the train entered a 30-MPH curve at about 78MPH. [Progressive Railroading, 5-22-19]

FOUR TALGO TRAINSETS TO BE REMOVED FROM CASCADESSERVICE: The state of Washington will soonremove the type of older Talgo Series VI train from Amtrak Cascades service.It is this older type, four in service since 1999, that crashed in 2017killing three people. The National Transportation Safety Board found theadjoined train cars broke apart and wheel units flew around like missiles,and the board recommended they be discontinued as soon as possible. [KIRO-7,5-22-19]

METRA TO INCREASE WEEKDAY SERVICE ON BNSF LINE: Beginning June 3, Chicago's Metra will add two trainsto its BNSF line weekday schedule to relieve crowding on some trains. TheBNSF line is the agency's busiest, and the additional service is not expectedto eliminate all crowding, but no additional equipment is currently available.[Progressive Railroading, 5-22-19]

CN TO ESTABLISH GRAIN-BY-CONTAINER HUB IN SASKATCHEWAN: CN Rail says Regina, Saskatchewan, will soon become asecond hub for the expanded movement of grain by container instead of hoppercars. [CKRM, 5-21-19]

ROB REILLY NAMED EXECUTIVE V.P., CHIEF OPERATINGOFFICER OF CN: CN has announced that RobReilly will become executive vice-president and chief operating officereffective July 1, replacing Mike Cory who will retire. [Progressive Railroading,5-21-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS ANNOUNCES CONTRACTORS FOR EXPANSION: Virgin Trains USA (formerly Brightline) has chosen contractorsfor construction of phase 2 of its expansion between Orlando and South Florida.[Railway Age, 5-21-19]

DIVERTED FREIGHT TRAFFIC SUSPENDS AMTRAK TRAINSON TWO ROUTES: Services on the Amtrak RiverRunner between Kansas City and St. Louis, and a portion of the SouthwestChief between Kansas City and Hutchinson have been suspended due to divertedfreight traffic. Chartered buses are being used instead. [KSHB. 5-21-19]

CAPEFLYER BEGINS SEASONAL WEEKEND SERVICE MAY24: The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authoritywill begin its seasonal weekend CapeFlyer rail service between Boston andCape Cod May 24, ending Sept. 2. [Progressive Railroading, 5-21-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN TEXAS: A northbound Union Pacific train derailed four locomotivesand approximately 13 cars May 19 in a rain-stricken area between Palestineand Elkhart, Texas. There were no injuries. [Palestine Herald, 5-20-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-seven percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending May 19, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 29 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 5-20-19]

N.E. CORRIDOR SERVICE DISRUPTED BY PERSON BEINGSTRUCK NEAR ODENTON, MD.: MARC Penn Lineservice between Baltimore and Washington was suspended and Amtrak servicewas disrupted early May 16 after a person was struck on the tracks nearOdenton, Md. [Fox 5 DC, 5-16-19]

BIRMINGHAM RAIL & LOCOMOTIVE CO. TO EXPANDWITH SUPPLIER ACQUISITION: Rail and trackmaterial provider Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. has acquired AustintownRail Supply, a supplier of switching materials and other railroad trackproducts. [Railway Age, 5-16-19]

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, TRAIN STATION TO BE RENAMEDIN HONOR OF STATE ASSEMBLYMAN: The CapitolCorridor Joint Powers Authority's Fairfield-Vacaville Station in Californiawill be renamed the Fairfield-Vacaville Hannigan Station in honor of thelate Tom Hannigan, a former state assemblyman who helped establish the intercityrail service. [Progressive Railroading, 5-16-19]

TWO-PERSON CREWS REQUIRED ON FREIGHT TRAINSIN NEVADA: Nevada's governor has signedlegislation requiring a minimum crew of two people on Class I and II freighttrains operating in the state. [Progressive Railroading, 5-16-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending May 11, 2019, U.S. rail freight trafficwas 529,263 carloads and intermodal units, down 3.7 pct compared with thecorresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 5-15-19]

CONTRACTOR SELECTED FOR CONSTRUCTION OF UINTABASIN RAILWAY: Utah's Seven County InfrastructureCoalition board has voted to select Drexel Hamilton Infrastructure Partnersfor a public-private partnership to finance and build the proposed UintaBasin Railway. [Railway Track & Structures, 5-15-19]

CONTRACT SIGNED FOR REBUILD OF 121 METROLINKCARS: The Southern California RegionalRail Authority has awarded a contract to a Talgo-SYSTRA joint venture torebuild 121 Bombardier rail cars used by Metrolink. The base order is for50 cars, which will be increased by 71 cars if funding becomes available.Overhaul will be performed in Milwaukee. [Progressive Railroading, 5-15-19]

THAILAND TO BUILD HIGH-SPEED RAIL LINE BETWEENTHREE AIRPORTS: The government of Thailandhas selected a group of 13 companies for a public-private partnership todevelop a $6.8-billion, 137 MPH railway between three of the country's mostimportant airports. [International Railway Journal, 5-15-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Twenty-seven percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending May 12, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 27 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 5-13-19]

NJT TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS MAN ON MONTCLAIR-BOONTONLINE: A man was struck and killed by aNew Jersey Transit train early May 13 on the Montclair-Boonton line. Thirtycustomers were aboard the train at the time, and they continued their delayedjourney by bus. [North Jersey Record, 5-13-19]

NJT RESUMES ATLANTIC CITY RAIL LINE SERVICE: Service on the Atlantic City rail line resumed today,two weeks earlier than expected. NJ Transit said the Princeton branch Dinkyservice would also resume today. [6ABC, 5-12-2019]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TRAIN DERAILS IN MISSISSIPPI: A Norfolk Southern freight train en route from Birminghamto New Orleans derailed early May 11 near Lumberton, Mississippi. Floodwaters may have contributed to the derailment. Twenty-eight cars derailed,according to the railroad, and there were no hazardous materials involvedand no injuries were reported. [U.S. News & World Report, 5-11-19]

GOLDEN SPIKE ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATED ON SITE: Thousands of people gathered May 10 at the remote spotin the Utah desert where the final spikes of the Transcontinental Railroadwere hammered 150 years ago, united a nation long separated by vast expansesof desert, mountains and forests, and fresh off the Civil War. Completionof the rail line shortened cross-country travel from as long as six monthsin wagons and stage coaches to about 10 days by train. [U.S. News &World Report, 5-10-19]

LIRR RAIL WORKERS RUFUSING OVERTIME AFTER MTACRACKDOWN: It is reported that hundredsof unionized workers on the Long Island Rail Road are refusing to work overtimeshifts today and throughout the weekend in response to an MTA crackdownon overtime and the posting of MTA police officers at worksites to monitorattendance. [ABN New York, 5-10-19]

FRA PROPOSES UPDATED LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER QUALIFICATIONREGS: The Federal Railroad Administrtionis proposing rulemaking to update the regulation governing locomotive engineerqualification and certification to make the rule consistent with the correspondingregulation for conductors. The conductor certification process was establishedin 2012 whle the engineer certification regulation was last amended in 2000.[Progressive Railroading, 5-9-19]

LORAM ACQUIRES RAIL BUSINESS OF FINNISH COMPANY: Loram Maintenance of Way has acquired the rail divisionbusiness of Roadscanners Oy, a Finland-based company. The purchases includesRail Doctor softward and related intellectual property rights. [ProgressiveRailroading, 5-8-19]

W.VA. TO BUILD RAIL TRAIL ALONG ELK RIVER ANDBUFFALO CREEK: The state of West Virginiaplans to build a major rail trail along the Elk River and Buffalo Creek.A letter of intent has been signed to purchase land needed to complete theproject, which aims to utilize 72 miles of existing rail line in Clay andKanawha counties to either repurpose the tracks for recreational purposes(rail excursions or rail-biking) or convert them into trails. The plannednetwork has the potential to become the second-longest rail trail east ofthe Mississippi River. [W.Va. Governor's office, 5-8-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending May 4, 2019, U.S. rail freight trafficwas 535,089 carloads and intermodal units, down 2.0 pct compared with thecorresponding week last year. Calculated separately, carloads were up 1.0pct, and intermodal volume was down 4.9 pct. [Assn. of American Railroads,5-8-19]

DOHA OPENS FIRST METRO LINE: Public services began operating on the first phase ofthe metro network in the Qatari capital Doha May 8 with the soft openingon the Red line South. [International Railway Journal, 5-8-19]

CSX TO SELL 47.5 MILES OF PITTSBURGH AREA RAILLINES TO ALLEGHENY VALLEY R.R.: AlleghenyValley Railroad has filed a notice of exemption with the Surface TransportationBoard to acquire 47.5 miles of rail line from CSX in the Pittsburgh area,which Allegheny Valley has leased and operated since 2003. The acquisitioninvolves ports of the W&P subdivision, the Tylerdale connecting track,the P&W subdivision, and Glenwood Yard. [Progressive Railroading,5-7-19]

CP HIKES QUARTERLY STOCK DIVIDEND 27.5 PCT: Canadian Pacific has boosted its quarterly dividend by27.5 pct, an increase from 65 cents to 83 cents per share. [CanadianPress, 5-7-19]

FIRE AT NORFOLK SOUTHERN YARD IN CHATTANOOGASHUTS DOWN THREE MAINLINE TRACKS: A firelate May 6 at the Norfolk Southern rail yard in Chattanooga required fourcompanies to put out. A large stack of railroad ties were burning next tothe main line, and three tracks had to be shut down for firefighter safety.[WRCB, 5-7-19]

UNION PACIFIC PLANS $20-M PROJECT FOR N.M. BLOCK-SWAPYARD: Union Pacific is investing $20-millionto build an additional block-swap yard at its Santa Teresa intermodal terminalin New Mexico. The additional yard will allow the railroad to add containerblocks to passing trains faster and more efficiently. [Progressive Railroading,5-6-19]

CP SETS GRAIN TRAFFIC RECORD IN APRIL: Canadian Pacific move a record amount of Canadian grainand grain products in April with 2.6 million metric tons, the company said.[Progressive Railroading, 5-6-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-six percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending May 5, 2019, with no grace allowance for minimal lateness. The remainingtrains, on average, arrived one hour and 29 minutes behind schedule. MORE.. [Bull Sheet StatisticalDept., 5-6-19]

UNION PACIFIC BIG BOY 4014 COMES BACK TO LIFE: The long journey to bring Big Boy 4014 back to life hasreach fruition. It arrived in Cheyenne five years ago with the goal to rehabit in time for the sesquicentennial of the completion of the transcontinentalrailroad. The team at the Union Pacific shop has worked since 2014 to rehabboth 4014 and Living Legend 844, the last steam locomotive built for thecompany. While 844 has been working in special service, the Big Boy hadbeen sitting idle in California since 1962. [Wyoming Tribune Eagle, 5-4-19]

WASHINGTON STATE TO STUDY EAST-WEST DAYTIMERAIL SERVICE OVER CASCADES: The WashingtonState transportation budget includes a proviso to commit a quarter of amillion dollars to fund a formal study to establish daytime rail servicefrom the Puget Sound region towards Ellensburg, Yakima and Spokane. [RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 5-3-19]

UNION PACIFIC TO IDLE GLOBAL-3 RAMP, CLOSE CANALSTREET DEPOT IN ILLINOIS: Union Pacificplans to idle its Global-3 intermodal ramp in Rochelle, Illinois, in earlyJuly, and close its Canal Street container depot in Chicago shortly thereafter.Plans also call for moving international volume out of Global-2 ramp inNorthlake and, in turn, process domestic intermodal shipments. The YardCenter in Dolton will handle auto parts and north-south shipments. [ProgressiveRailroading, 5-3-19]

AMTRAK ON TRACK FOR BEST PERFORMING YEAR INITS HISTORY: Amtrak's fiscal-year ridershipis up 1.3 pct year-over-year through March, and its operating earnings areheading toward breakeven by FY-2021. Those figures put Amtrak on track forthe best performing year in its 48 years of operation, officials said. [ProgressiveRailroading, 5-2-19]

APRIL 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-seven percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inApril 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hour and 24 minuteslate. MORE..{Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 5-1-19]

AMTRAK TO CONTINUE INFRASTRUCTURE RENEWAL THISSUMMER AT N.Y. PENN: Amtrak is set to continueits infrastructure renewal program this summer at New York Penn Station.State of good repair work is slated at JO interlocking, which directs Amtrak,Long Island and NJ Transit trains heading east and west from the East Rivertunnels. There will be some disruptions to service from June 28 until September2..

MOODY'S LOWERS OUTLOOK FOR NORTH AMERICAN RAILROADS: Citing slowing freight volumes, Moody's Investors Servicehas revised its North American railroad industry outlook to 'stable,' downfrom 'positive.' Moody's says expectations are for a more pronounced slowdownin freight volumes over the next 12 to 18 months, led by a steepening declinein coal shipments and slowing intermodal growth. [Progressive Railroading,5-1-19]

KCS REVISES TWO SERVICE METRICS: Kansas City Southern had revised the definitions of twoservice metrics for operating performance. 'Cars Online' has been renamed'Operational Cars Online,' representing the number of rail cars on the railroad'snetwork that are not at a customer's location. 'Train Speed' has been renamed'Gross Velicity,' measuring the average velocity of a train between originand destination, calculated as the sum of the miles traveled divided bythe sum of total transit hours. The railroad said the revised metrics willgive stakeholders a more accurate understanding of operational performance.[Progressive Railroading, 5-1-19]

MONTHLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. railroads originated 2,097,690 carloads and intermodalunits in April 2019, down 2.4 pct from April 2018. [Association of AmericanRailroads, 5-1-19]

CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL COSTS RISE $1.8-B: Californians will have to shell out an additional $1.8-billionto complete the 119-mile stretch of tracks for the state's first bullettrain through the Central Valley, bringing the cost to $12.4-billion, accordingto a report by the state's High-Speed Rail Authority. [Mercury News,5-1-19]

EVENTS PLANNED TO MARK LOS ANGELES UNION STATION'S80TH ANNIVERSARY: Los Angeles County Metroplans to hold events May 3 and 4 to mark the 80th annivesary to Los AngelesUnion Station. It opened May 3, 1939, is the largest train terminal in thewestern United States.. Events include cultural displays, concerts, guidedtours, arts and crafts, model trains, memorabilia, live music and activities.[Progressive Railroading, 4-30-19]

GENESEE & WYOMING REPORTS 1-Q EARNINGS: Genesee & Wyoming reported first-quarter 2019 adjustedearnings per share of 78 cents, an 11.4 pct increase over the same periodlast year, in spite of severe winter weather and flooding in North America.Operating revenue fell 2.9 pct to $558.1-million, and operating income decreased8.3 pct to $79.7-million. [Progressive Railroading, 4-30-19]

HOOSIER STATE TRAIN TO STOP RUNNING AFTER JUNE30: The Hoosier State Amtrak passengertrain that runs between Chicago and Indianapolis four days a week will endafter June 30 due to a lack of state funding, an Indiana official has confirmed.[Chicago Tribune, 4-30-19]

WORLD'S OLDEST COVERED R.R. BRIDGE TO GET FACELIFT: New Hampshire will stain and make minor repairs to theContoocook covered railroad bridge beginning April 30. The bridge, whichspans the Contoocook River, was built in 1889 for the Concord and ClaremontRailroad, and is the oldest surviving covered railroad bridge in the world.It served rail traffic until 1960, and was listed to the National Registerof Historic Places in 1980. [New Hampshire Dept. of Natural & CulturalResources, 4-29-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-six percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending April 28, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand eight minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 4-29-19]

THREE DIE AS JEEP IS STRUCK BY TRAIN IN ALABAMA: Three people are dead after an early morning April 28collision involving a train and a Jeep Wrangler in Mobile, Alabama. It appearsthe vehicle went off an exit ramp and onto the railroad tracks and was struckby the train. A fourth person was able to escape prior to impact but wasinjured. [WKRG, 4-28-19]

AMTRAK TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS MAN IN CALIFORNIA: A man died when was struck by a southbound Amtrak PacificSurfliner train the afternoon of April 27 in Ventura, California. [VenturaCounty Star, 4-27-19]

BNSF TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS MAN IN FARGO, N.D.: Police say a man was struck and killed by an eastboundBNSF train late April 25 near downtown Fargo, N.D. [U.S. News & WorldReport, 4-26-19]

D.C. METRO TO CONSTRUCT OFFICE BUILDINGS INMARYLAND, VIRGINIA: The Washington MetropolitanArea Transit Authority plans to build office buildings in New Carrollton,Md., and Alexandria, Va., in an effort to reduce the number of its buildingsfrom 10 to four. The agency estimates a savings of $130-million over thenext 20 years. [Progressive Railroading, 4-26-19]

SETTLEMENT REACHED OVER BID-RIGGING AND INFLATEDINVOICES FOR AMTRAK ACCESSIBILITY PROJECTS:The U.S. Attorney's office of the Eastern District of Pa., has reached a$466,500 settlement with a Michigan-based electric company and two constructionfirms after an Amtrak office of inspector general investigation uncoveredalleged bid-rigging and inflated invoices for projects to increase assessibiltyat train stations in Hammond, Louisiana; Beaumont and Alpine, Texas; andLittle Rock, Arkansas. [Progressive Railroading, 4-26-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN-SERVED TRANSFER STATION OPENEDIN GAINESVILLE, N.Y.: Norfolk Southernand the Wyoming County Industrial Development Agency have marked the openingof the Wyoming Transfer multimodal facility in Gainesville, N.Y. [ProgressiveRailroading, 4-26-19]

ROCKY MOUNTAINEER EXPANDING DOME CAR FLEET: The first four of 10 custom-designed double-deck domecars ordered by Rocky Mountaineer from Stadler are expected to enter serviceshortly, to operate from Vancouver to Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff duringthe tourist season. Each coach has 72 heated composite-leather recliningseats that can be rotated. The lower level has a galley with ovens and stovetops,electric grills and an eco-friendly dishwasher. Three more cars are slatedto arrive later this year, and the final three in 2020. [Railway Gazette,4-26-19]

VERMONT AWARDS $2-M FOR SAFETY IMPROVEMENTSTO AMTRAK ROUTE: The Vermont Agency ofTransportation has awarded $2.08-million from the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure& Safety Improvements grant program for safety repairs along the NewEngland Central Railroad, route of Amtrak's Vermonter. Included will berock-fall detections systems, track and signal repairs. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 4-26-19]

WINTER PARK EXPRESS HAS BEST SEASON EVER: The Winter Park Express from Denver into the ColoradoRockies enjoyed its best season yet. Almost 20,000 skiers rode the trainin 32 round-trips. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 4-26-19]

PANAMA'S METRO LINE 2 INAUGURATED: Panama City's second metro line was inaugurated April25. Construction on the 13-mile line running northeast from San Miguelitowith 16 stations began in Oct. 2015. [International Railway Journal,4-26-19]

JOBS AT AMTRAK'S BEECH GROVE FACILITY THREATENEDBY LOSS OF HOOSIER STATE TRAIN: Hundredsof jobs at Amtrak's Beech Grove repair facility in Indiana could be threatenedby the planned elimination at the end of June of Amtrak's state-sponsoredHoosier State train between Chicago and Indianapolis. The train, which runsfour days a week (on days the three-day-a-week Cardinal does not run), isroutinely used to shuttle cars to and from the facility for maintenanceand repair. More than 500 people work at Beech Grove. The state has declinedto budget the operation of the train citing reducing ridership. [WISH-TV,4-25-19]

GEORGIA CENTRAL TO SERVE PLASTICS DISTRIBUTIONFACILITY IN POOLER, GEORGIA: Genesee &Wyoming's subsidiary Georgia Central Railway will serve a major plasticsdistribution facility under construction in Pooler, Ga., expected to exceed5,000 carloads annually. Georgia Central operates a 211-mile-line betweenMacon and Savannah, interchanging with CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Heartof Georgia Railroad. [Progressive Railroading, 4-25-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN POISED TO START NEXT STAGEOF NEW OPERATING PLAN: Norfolk Southernexpects to have the next stage of its new operating plan in place by theend of July. In this stage, the railroad plans to run heavier, faster trainsalong certain routes. It follows an initial stage called 'clean sheeting,'in which marketing, customers and yard employees worked at the local levelto determine where capacity could be freed up at the yards. The railroadalso plans to close more classification yards and lower headcount as a resultof faster velocities and reduced need to recrew trains. [Freight Waves,4-25-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN CITED FOR BLOCKING CROSSINGUP TO THREE HOURS IN OHIO: Norfolk Southernhas been cited eight times this year for blocking a busy crossing in Moraine,Ohio, with railcars, sometimes up to three hours and at least once detouringan ambulance en route to a hospital. [Dayton Daily News, 4-25-19]

CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON CSX RAIL HUB IN N.C.: Ground was broken April 24 on the future CSX intermodalrail hub along U.S. 301 across from Wesleyan College in Edgecombe County,North Carolina. CSX has commited at least $40-million and the state up toat least $118-million in the project, actually a scaled-back version ofits original plan. [Rocky Mount Telegram, 4-24-19]

WABTEC DELIVERS 1,000TH EVOLUTION SERIES TIER-4LOCOMOTIVE: Wabtec has celebrated the deliveryof the 1,000th Evolution Series Tier-4 locomotive at its former GE Transportationfacility in Fort Worth. It was delivered to CN, one of six Class I railroadsand two mining companies acquiring this particular model. [Railway Age]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN REPORTS 1-Q RESULTS: Norfolk Southern reported first-quarter 2019 net incomewas $677-million, up 23 pct year-over-year, a result of a 16 pct increasein income from railway operations and an increase in other income. DulutedEPS were $2.51, up 30 pct year-over-year and a first-quarter record. Railwayoperating expenses were $1.9-billion, a decrease of $8-million from thesame quarter last year, as fuel price declines and lower compensation andbenefits were offset by increased purchased services and rents. [NorfolkSouthern, 4-24-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN CARRYING ETHANOL BURNS INFORT WORTH: Homes were evacuated earlyApril 24 in several Fort Worth neighborhoods when cars of a Union Pacifictrain derailed. [Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 4-24-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending April 20, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 526,141 carloads and intermodal units, down 2.4 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,4-24-19]

CP REPORTS 1-Q EARNINGS:Canadian Pacific reported first-quarter 2019 revenue of $1.77-billion (C),up by 6 pct compared with the same quarter last year. Earnings rose about3 pct during what the company described as one of the most challenging wintersfor the railroad in decades. Net income rose 25 pct to $434-million, andits operating ratio was 69.3 pct. [Progressive Railroading, 4-24-19]

HYBRID ELECTRIC TRAIN INTRODUCED IN THE PHILIPPINES: A hybrid electric train was introduced to the publicApril 24 on the Philippine National Railways from Alabang to Binan. Thenew trainset uses diesel and batteries for its power system with regenerativebraking that stores up energy to the battery bank. [Newsbites Philippines,4-24-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN NAMES TWO TO V.P. POSITIONS: Norfolk Southern's board has elected Thomas Schnautzvice-president of advanced train control - a newly-created position - andEdward Boyle Jr. vice-president engineering to replace the retiring PhilMerilli. [Norfolk Southern, 4-23-19]

AMTRAK NAMES DENNIS NEWMAN TO HEAD PLANNING& STRATEGY: Amtrak has appointed DennisNewman as executive vice-president of planning & strategy. He will beresponsibile for corporate planning and strategy, schedule and consist planning,Amtrak services and host railroad groups, and participation in the GatewayProgram. [Railway Age, 4-23-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-seven percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their final scheduled destination on time or earlier inthe week ending April 21, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 16 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 4-22-19]

FOUR CARS OF CSX TRAIN DERAIL IN BALTIMORE: Four cars of a CSX train derailed late April 21 in theMount Winans area of South Baltimore, and one of the cars leaked dieselfuel. There were no injuries and no evacuations were necessary. MARC Camdenline trains were able to pass the scene the following morning. [WBAL,4-22-19]

UNION PACIFIC TEMPORARILY HALTS CONSTRUCTIONON BRAZOS RAIL YARD IN TEXAS: Union Pacificis 'pausing' construction of its new $550-million Brazos rail yard in Texas,saying it will shift the money instead to making improvements to its 760-mileline from El Paso to Los Angeles. [Dallas News, 4-22-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS GETS $1.75-B IN PRIVATE ACTIVITYBONDS: Virgin Trains USA (x-Brightline)has closed on $1.75-billion in private activity bonds underwritten by MorganStanley and purchased by 67 different investors to help fund the company'sexpansion from West Palm Beach to Orlando. [Railway Age, 4-21-19]

MAN KILLED BY LIGHT-RAIL TRAIN IN MINNEAPOLIS: A man was killed by a light-rail train early April 20in Minneapolis. He was on the platform as the green line train was aboutto depart the Stadium Village station, and he fell between train cars. [KSPT,4-20-19]

THREE INJURED AS MBTA TRAIN STRIKES PICKUP TRUCK: Officials in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, say a pickuptruck with three people inside was hit by an MBTA commuter train early April20 after the driver apparently went around a lowered crossing gate. Allthree occupants were injured with one having to be extracted from the vehicle.The incident caused train delays on the Middleborough line to Bridgewaterwith passengers having to be bused. [WBUR, 4-20-19]

VIRGINIA ISSUES DRAFT SIX-YEAR TRANSPORTATIONIMPROVEMENT PLAN: Virginia has releaseda draft six-year transportation improvement plan, and it includes nearly$762-million in projects to sustain and improve its passenger rail network,including $96-million to sustain the state's six Amtrak regional trains,$19-million to improve train stations, and $641-million toward expansionof the Long Bridge spanning the Potomac River into D.C., higher speed railalong the RF&P corridor, and additional trains to Norfolk, Lynchburgand New River Valley. [Virginians for High Speed Rail, 4-19-19]

SAN DIEGO UNVEILS NEW-GENERATION LIGHT-RAILVEHICLES: The first 'next-generation' SiemensS700 light-rail vehicles for San Diego Metropolitan Transit System wereunveiled April 17. The vehicles are ADA-compliant, feature a redesignedmiddle section to improve passenger flow and provide door-to-door accessibilityfor passengers in wheelchairs. They were built in Sacramento, and bringthe total number of Siemens light-rail vehicles supplied to 244. [InternationalRailway Journal, 4-19-19]

OHIO-MICHIGAN 'T' RAIL LINE BEING STUDIED: A study being championed by members of the Toledo citycouncil would connect Detroit, Toledo and Ann Arbor through a 110-MPH, 86-milepassenger train line dubbed the 'T' due to its layout. A lower-cost 80-MPHversion is also being studied. [Rail Passengers Assn., 4-19-19]

STATION LOUNGES OFFERED AT 10 AMTRAK STATIONS: Station lounges, such as Club Acela and MetropolitanLounge, are currently offered in the following stations: Washington DC,Philadelphia, New York Penn, Boston South, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland,St. Paul, St. Louis and New Orleans. Services vary by location, but sleeping-carpassegers have access to all of them. [Rail Passengers Assn., 4-19-19]

UNION PACIFIC REPORTS FIRST-QUARTER RESULTS: Union Pacific reported first-quarter 2019 net incomeof $1.4-billion or $1.93 per diluted share, compared to $1.3-billion or$1.68 per diluted share in the same quarter 2018. Operating ratio of 63.6pct improved 1.0 point. [Union Pacific, 4-18-19]

ATLANTIC CITY RAIL SERVICE TO RESUME MAY 12: New Jersey Transit will resume service on its AtlanticCity line May 12. The agency closed the line last September to install positivetrain-control, but reopening was delayed by other factors. The Princeton'Dinky Line' will also reopen May 12. [6ABC Action News, 4-18-19]

GREENBRIER TO ACQUIRE MANUFACTURING BUSINESSOF AMERICAN RAILCAR INDUSTRIES: The GreenbrierCos. has agreed to acquire the manufacturing business of American RailcarIndustries from ITE Management for $400-million. Greenbrier will acquiretwo manufacturing facilities in Arkansas, and five other operations thatprovide railcar component and parts supply. [Progressive Railroading,4-18-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending April 13, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 528,167 carloads and intermodal units, down 1.2 pct comparedwith the same week last year. Calculated separately, carloads were up 1.0pct and intermodal volume dropped 3.2 pct. [Assn. of American Railroads,4-17-19]

KCS REPORTS 1-Q RESULTS:Kansas City Southern reported record first-quarter revnues of $675-million,an increase of 6 pct from the same quarter last year. Adjusted diluted earningsper share were 18 pct higher than a year ago. Adjusted operating ratio was64.2 pct. [Kansas City Southern, 4-17-19]

METRA TO BUILD TWO NEW STATIONS: Construction on two new Metra stations is expected tostart within the next year after state funding was approved. About $15-millionwill go toward a station in Edgewater on the Union Pacific North line, andanother $20-million will go toward a station in Gresham on the Rock Islandline. [Chicago Sun-Times, 4-17-19]

DOT ISSUES ASSESSMENT OF BALTIMORE-D.C. TUNNEL: Elon Musk wants to build a 35-mile loop that would transportpassengers at up to 150 MPH between Baltimore and Washington in as littleas 15 minutes. The Dept. of Transportation has issued a draft environmentalassessment for the loop, addressing surface-level noise and vibration effects.[Reuters, 4-17-19]

AMTRAK TO EXPAND ACELA EXPRESS ON SATURDAYSSTARTING MAY 4: An additional Acela Expressround-trip between Boston and Washington on Saturday will begin May 4. Train2252 will depart Washington mid-morning and train 2255 will depart Bostonin the early afternoon, filling gaps in the current schedule. [ProgressiveRailroading, 4-16-19]

LIRR PLAGUED BY PROBLEMS INSTALLING PTC: Problems are still plaguing Long Island Rail Road's effortto install positive train-control. At an April 15 meeting, a contractorsaid a mistake was discovered in how the system was being installed on traincars, which is now delaying the project even more. After several delays,the railroad was given another extension, this time to 2020, to finish implementingPTC. [News 12 Long Island]

MAN STRUCK, KILLED BY UNION PACIFIC TRAIN INOKLAHOMA: Police say a man was killed whenhe ran into the path of a Union Pacific train April 15 just north of McAlester,Oklahoma. [U.S. News & World Report, 4-16-19]

BIG PLANS IN STORE FOR GOLDEN SPIKE SESQUICENTENNIAL: The Spike 150 Foundation has been organizing for twoyears to prepare for the 150th anniversary of the joining of the transcontinentalrailroad with over 150 events. The big event is May 10 at Promontory Point,which is sold out, but the town of Echo will be visited two days earlierby Big Boy 4014, the largest locomotive ever made. Events are also beingstaged in Ogden. [KPCW, 4-16-19]

CSX REPORTS 1-Q RESULTS:CSX reported first-quarter 2019 net earnings of $834-million versus $695-millionin the same period last year, an EPS increase of 31 pct. Operating ratioof 59.5 pct set a company first-quarter record, an improvement from 63.7pct in the same quarter 2018. [CSX, 4-16-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-eight percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending April 14, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 43 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 4-15-19]

PTC IS NOW FULLY OPERATIONAL ON VRE: Positive train-control is now fully operational on allVirginia Railway Expess trains. Each of the agency's 32 inbound and outboundtrains on the Fredericksburg and Manassas lines ran under PTC operationfor the first time April 11. [Progressive Railroading, 4-12-19]

DART RENAMING THREE TRAIN STATIONS: Dallas Area Rapid Transit will be renaming Union Stationin Dallas as EBJ Union Station, in honor of U.S. Representative Eddie BerniceJohnson; Fort Worth's downtown Intermodal Transportation Center as FortWorth Central Station; and Texas & Pacific Station as Fort Worth T&PStation. [Progressive Railroading, 4-12-19]

AMTRAK RETROFITS CAR ON BOSTON SECTION OF LAKESHORE LTD TO ACCOMMODATE BICYCLES: In anattempt at continuing to provide bike service on the Lake Shore Limitedto and from Boston, Amtrak has modified the Amfleet business class-cafecar by removing two of the six cafe section tables and replacing them withfour bike racks. Amtrak has previously eliminated the Boston section's baggagecar where bikes had been accommodated. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,4-12-19]

AMTRAK'S CITY OF NEW ORLEANS NOW RUNNING FULLROUTE: Amtrak's City of New Orleans, theroute of which at the southern end had been cut off due to flooding fora numer of weeks, is now once again operating end to end.

UNION PACIFIC TO HOST 150TH ANNIVERSARY OF TRANSCONTINENTALR.R. MAY 9 IN OGDEN, UTAH: Union Pacificwill host a celebration May 9 in Ogden, Utah, to mark the 150th anniversaryof the completion of the transcontinental railroad. The ceremony, includingthe presence of steam locomotives 844 and 4014, will be the day prior toUtah's celebration of the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit. [ProgressiveRailroading, 4-11-19]

SOUND TRANSIT TO ADVANCE TO ENGINEERING PHASEOF LIGHT-RAIL EXTENSION: Sound Transithas received approval from the Federal Transit Administration to advanceits eight-mile light-rail extension project between Sea Tac and FederalWay to the engineering phase. [Progressive Railroading, 4-11-19]

RAILROAD TRESPASSING DEATHS INCREASE 12 PCTIN 2018: Citing preliminary statistics,U.S. railroad trespassing deaths grew 12 pct in 2018 compared with 2017.Trespassing injuries declined 6.3 pct. Meanwhile, crossing collisions rose4.3 pct, according to Operation Lifesaver. [Railway Age, 4-11-19]

DOUBLE-TRACKING OF SALT LAKE CITY'S S-LINE STREETCARROUTE COMPLETED: Utah Transit Authorityhas marked the completion of construction on a new section of double-trackingon the S-Line streetcar route, which connects the Fairmont station in SaltLake City to the Central Pointe TRAX station in South Salt Lake City. [ProgressiveRailroading, 4-10-19]

PORT OF HOUSTON'S RAIL TERMINAL TO BE REFURBISHED: Texas Deepwater Deer Park Terminal has entered into alease agreement with Shell Oil Products to retrofit and refurbish the DeerPark Rail Terminal in order to load refined products on the Houston ShipChannel at the Port of Houston. When completed later this quarter, the terminalwill have room for loading up to 48 rail cars per day. [Progressive Railroading,4-10-19]

AMTRAK STOPS TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR HOOSIERSTATE TRAIN BEYOND JULY 1: Amtrak has stoppedtaking reservations beyond July 1 for its four-day-a-week Indianapolis-ChicagoHoosier State train, which will likely be discontinued due to cut in fundingby the state of Indiana. [Houston Chronicle, 4-10-19]

MBTA TRAIN DERAILS OUTSIDE SOUTH STATION, NOINJURIES: A Massachusetts Bay Fairmountline train derailed at low speed late April 9, with cars remaining upright,just outside Boston's South Station. No injuries were reported. Normal trainservice was suspended on the line the following day, April 10. [BostonHerald, 4-10-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending April 6, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 510,192 carloads and intermodal units, down 2.8 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,4-10-19]

METRANS ORDERS 10 VECTRON MS LOCOMOTIVES: German rail freight operator Metrans has ordered 10 VectronMS locomotives from Siemens Mobility Czech Republic, to be used on cross-borderfreight service in central and eastern Europe. [International RailwayJournal, 4-10-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TRAFFIC CONTINUES FLOODINGINTERRUPTIONS IN HANNIBAL, MISSOURI: NorfolkSouthern is continuing to address service interruptions due to floodingconditions in Hannibal, Missouri. Traffic from Decatur, Illinois, to KansasCity, Missouri, is being diverted via St. Louis. The traffic is being divertedto minimize the impact, but cutomers with shipments normally moving overthe route should expect delays of 12 to 14 hours, officials said. [ProgressiveRailroading, 4-9-19]

IRONHORSE RESOURCES ACQUIRES TWO SHORT LINES: Ironhorse Resources has acquired two Tennessee-basedClass III rail carriers: Sequatchie Valley Railroad, an 11.5-mile shortline connecting with CSX at Bridgeport, Alabama; and Walking Horse &Eastern Railroad, an eight-mile short line connecting with CSX at Wartrace,Tennessee. [Railway Age, 4-9-19]

SILICON VALLEY LIGHT-RAIL LINE TO CLOSE: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority plans toclose a 2.2-mile light-rail line in Silicon Valley, California, as partof a recast of the public transport network in response to the agency'sgrowing operating deficit. The line opened in 1981 but ridership fell somewhatshort of projections, and was since threatened twice with closure. [InternationalRailway Journal, 4-9-19]

SPERRY RAIL SERVICE MOVES HEADQUARTERS TO SHELTON,CONNECTICUT: Track inspection firm Sperry,for many years based in Danbury, Connecticut, has completed the relocationof its headquarters to Shelton, Connecticut. [News Times, 4-9-19]

GEORGE H.W. BUSH LIBRARY SEEKS UNION PACIFICLOCOMOTIVE 4141 FOR PERMANENT DISPLAY:The George and Barbara Bush Foundation is requesting Union Pacific locomotive4141, which powered the funeral train for the final leg of George H.S. Bush'sfuneral procession, as a permanent display at the Presidential Library inCollege Station, Texas. Similarly, the foundation is requesting an Air ForceOne plane set to be retired in 2025. [KWRX, 4-9-19]

PETITION FILED TO AMEND RAIL PERFORMANCE REPORTINGRULES: The Surface Transportation Boardhas opened a rule-making proceeding in response to a petition from the AmericanChemistry Council to amend the board's railroad performance reporting rules.The council asked the board to modify its rules to include chemical andplastics traffic as a distinct reporting category, along with other changes.[Progressive Railroading, 4-8-19]

METRA SEEKS TO BUILD FLYOVER AT BUSY INTERLOCKING: At the site of one of Chicago Metra's biggest bottlenecksat Western and Grand avenues, more than 350 trains pass daily. Amtrak andfreight trains are included. Overseeing the traffic is an interlocking towerwith an appartus built in the 1930's, and was considered state-of-the-artat the time. Now, parts are unavailable for repairs and have to be madeby scratch, and the amount of traffic has vastly increased resulting inmassive delays when a failure occurs. Metra now seeks to construct a flyoverto eliminate the problem as one of its top priorities. [Chicago Tribune,4-8-19]

WRESTLEMANIA FANS STRANDED AS NJT TRAIN CREWSREACH HOURS-OF-SERVICE: N.J. Transit blamesthe promotors of WrestleMania for delaying the ending of their April 7 performanceat MetLife Stadium, which resulted in trains slotted to bring fans homecould not operate because crews had reached their limits of hours of service.The event had been scheduled to end at 10:30 P.M., but it was extended bytwo hours. Six trains had been assigned for the move, but only three ofthem were able to do so, resulting in some riders being stranded for hours.[Politico, 4-8-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-seven percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending April 7, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 32 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 4-8-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN REJECTS PLANNED SITE FOR NEWAMTRAK STATION IN TUSCALOOSA: The cityof Tuscaloosa, Alabama, had $1.8-million earmarked for a new station forAmtrak's Crescent, but the city's mayor says host carrier Norfolk Southernrejected the site because of hard-to-fix concerns about 'sight distance.'[Advance Local, 4-7-19]

CSX CLOSES LOCOMOTIVE SHOP IN RUSSELL, KENTUCKY: CSX announced April 5 to employees at its Russell, Kentucky,facility that the company will close the locomotive shop and eliminate 113positions. Impacted employees were send home after the announcement, andfurloughed union employees will be covered by the terms of their agreementsand will receive at least 60 days of regular pay and benefits. The decisionto close the shop was made after a thorough review of operations, the companysaid. [Huntington Herald-Dispatch, 4-6-19]

PROSPECTIVE BUYER SEEKS TO OWN NICKEL PLATER.R. IN INDIANA: U.S. Rail Holdings hasappealed to the Surface Transportation Board for the rights to operate andpurchase the Nickel Plate Railroad. In its filings, the company seeks aninjuction to prevent rails from being removed in order to convert the lineinto a rail trail, as were the plans of the city of Fishers, Indiana. However,U.S. Rail Holdings says it has no objection, and even supports having atrail alongside the reactivated rail line. [Hamilton County Times, 4-5-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS USA UNVEILS REBRANDING IN MIAMI: The branding transition from Brightline to Virgin TrainsUSA took a major step April 4 with the unveiling of Virgin MiamiCentral,the new rail station in downtown Miami. [Progressive Railroading, 4-5-19]

AMTRAK'S CITY OF NEW ORLEANS CONTINUES TO BEIMPACTED BY FLOODING: Due to flooding,Amtrak's City of New Orleans continues to be annulled south of Jackson,Mississippi. Bus service is provided between Jackson and New Orleans, includingintermediate stations. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 4-5-19]

AMTRAK'S PALMETTO IMPACTED BY TRACK WORK: Due to track work, Amtrak's Palmetto will not operatesouth of Washington April 8-11, 15-18, 22-25, and April 29 to May 2. Thetrain will only operate its schedule north of Washington to and from NewYork. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 4-5-19]

PA. GRANTS $1-M TO IMPROVE RAIL ACCESS IN DANVILLE: Pennsylvania's department of community and economic developmenthas approved a $1-million grant to Montour County toward rehabilitatinga site at a former Metso Minerals property in Danville, Pa., to improverail access and minimize damage from flash floods. [Railway Track &Structures, 4-5-19]

GERMANY SEES STRONG PASSENGER RAIL GROWTH: Long-distance rail passenger numbers grew by 4.4 pctlast year in Germany, according to a study released by the German FederalSatistical office. Over the past 15 years, the growth of rail was 39.5 pct,followed by light-rail/metro, up 22.4%. Meanwhile, bus usage grew just 0.5pct, although bus still remains the biggest mode of public transport. [InternationalRailway Journal, 4-5-19]

AMTRAK NEEDS BETTER DATA TO MANAGE REAL ESTATE,INSPECTOR GENERAL SAYS: Amtrak could saveat least $23-million in unnecessary costs and realize as much as $6.8-millionin additional revenue if it does a more effective job at managing its realestate, according to a report by Amtrak's Office of Inspector General. Severalopportunities to strengthen effectiveness were identified, including useof better data and analytical tools in making decisions about properties.[Progressive Railroading, 4-4-19]

L.A. METRO COMPLETES RAIL MAINTENANCE FACILITY: Los Angeles Metro officials have marked the completionof a $172-million, 115,000-square-foot rail maintenance facility in theSouthwestern Yard that will serve the future Crenshaw/LAX light-rail linenear Los Angeles International Airport. [Progressive Railroading, 4-4-19]

STATUS OF ADIRONDACK SCENIC R.R. IS STILL UNSETTLED: Last year, the Adirondack Rail Preservation Society,which operated tourist trains between Saranac Lake and Lake Placid, N.Y.,as the Adirondack Scenic Railroad, said it wanted to start a rail bike businessfrom Saranac Lake. However, the state Dept. of Transportation now says thesociety will only operate on the southern end of the line, from its basein Utica north to the Old Forge area. A unit management plan will be releasedthis summer recommending that the tracks be replaced by a trail over the34-mile portion between Lake Placid and Tupper Lake. The state also plansto upgrade the tracks for 45 miles north of Big Moose, allowing trains torun from there to Tupper Lake. Even if such a plan is approved quickly,no construction could take place this summer. [Adirondack Daily Enterprise,4-4-19]

ALSTOM TO SUPPLY 212 METROPOLIS CARS TO MONTREAL: Alstom will supply 212 Metropolis cars for the automaticlight-metro system to connect downtown Montreal with the south and northshore, West Island and Trudeau International Airport. [Progressive Railroading,4-4-19]

SWEDEN BACKS INTERNATIONAL NIGHT TRAIN SERVICES: The Swedish government will allocate $5.4-million towardsthe development of night train services to destinations in other Europeancountries as it seeks to reduce the climate impact of international travel.The funding will be used to study potential routes and make preparationsfor the selection of operators. [International Railway Journal, 4-4-19]

BOMBARDIER TO MODIFY QUEENSLAND SUBURBAN TRAINS: Bombardier has been awarded a contract by the Australianstate of Queensland to modify the New Generation Rollingstock commuter electricmultiple-units being introduced on the Southeast Queensland rail network.[International Railway Journal, 4-4-19]

D.C. AREA PURPLE LINE GETS $120-M FEDERAL FUNDING: Funding in the amount of $120-million has been grantedthrough the Federal Transit Administration toward construction of the 16-milePurple light-rail line between Bethesda and New Carrollton. The grant ispart of a $900-million funding agreement. [Progressive Railroading, 4-3-19]

CHEMICAL SPILLED FROM RAIL LOADING FACILITYHOLDING TANK IN N.D.: Crews are workingto clean up a chemical spill at a rail loading terminal in Fryburg, N.D.The spill is estimated at 200 to 600 gallons of ethyl mercaptan. [BismarckTribune, 4-3-19]

U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT FOR MARCH: U.S. railroads originated 957,144 carloads in March 2019,down 8.9 pct from March 2018, and 1,065,790 intermodal units, down 1.5 pct.Combined originations were down 5.2 pct. Petroleum and petroleum productsincreased 21.1 pct, while coal was down 19.1 pct and grain was down 12.6pct. [Assn. of American Railroads, 4-3-19]

NEW ORLEANS PUBLIC BELT R.R. GETS EPA GRANTTOWARD RETROFITTING ELECTRIC SWITCHER:The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded the New Orleans PublicBelt Railroad and the Port of New Orleans a national clean diesel fundinggrant that will cover 40 pct of the cost of retrofitting one diesel-electricswitcher with a Tier-4 compliant prime mover. [Railway Age, 4-3-19]

CALEDONIAN SLEEPER CAR INTERIORS UNVEILED FORLONDON-SCOTLAND OVERNIGHT SERVICE: Londonto Scotland overnight train operator Caledonian Sleeper has unveiled theinteriors of its new cars, which are being built by CAF in northern Spain.Bookings may be made for travel on the new fleet beginning June 2, and includefive different accommodations: comfort seats, classic rooms, club rooms,Caledonian doubles and accessible rooms. [Railway Gazette, 4-3-19]

PERMIT SOUGHT TO EXTEND ALASKA R.R. INTO ALBERTA: Alaska's governor has submitted a request for a presidentialpermit to extend an Alaska Railroad line 1,700 miles to tar-sands fieldsin Alberta, including 200 miles within Alaska. The Alaska Railway DevelopmentCorp. says it plans to fund the $17-billion project without using statemoney. Supports of the initiative say the extension would reduce traveltime by at least two days for freight trains headed to the Far East to useshorter sea routes. [U.S. News & World Report, 4-2-19]

AMTRAK CREW EJECTS 13-YEAR OLD FROM TRAIN FORBEING TOO YOUNG TO TRAVEL ALONE: A BattleCreek police official is critical of Amtrak for kicking a 13-year-old girloff the train because she was too young to travel alone. She was en routefrom Lapeer, Michigan, to visit an uncle in Chicago, and had been on thetrain two and one-half hours when the incident occurred. The girl's motherhad to drive from Lapeer to Battle Creek to return her home. Amtrak saysthe policy is enforced to prevent runaways or girls who are being traffickedfrom using trains. [WKZO, 4-2-19]

UNION PACIFIC STORING SURPLUS LOCOMOTIVES INKLAMATH FALLS, OREGON: There looks to bemore than 30 idled locomotives covering about two miles of line in KlamathFalls, Oregon. According to the railroad, it is part of the company's strategicUnified Plan 2020, and over 1,200 locomotives and about 30,000 freight carshave been shifted from the network since Aug. 1, 2018. The exact numberof locomotives stored in Klamath Falls was not immediately known. [Heraldand News, 4-2-19]

ROGER HARRIS NAMED CHIEF MARKETING AND COMMERCIALOFFICER OF AMTRAK: Amtrak has appointedRoger Harris executive vice-president and chief marketing and commercialofficer. He will succeed Tim Griffin, who will retire April 12. [ProgressiveRailroading, 4-2-19]

WEST COAST RAILWAY ASSN. GETTING GRANT TO ACQUIRE,RENOVATE HISTORIC WORKSHOP IN B.C.: TheWest Coast Railway Association will receive $985,000 from the Canada CulturalSpaces Fund to acquire and renovate a former British Columbia Railway workshopto support a heritage railway's preservation in Squamish, B.C. The grantwill help the association maintain, protect and preserve its collectionof historic locomotives and rail cars. [Progressive Railroading, 4-2-19]

AMTRAK WASTED $23-M IN UNNEEDED OFFICE SPACE,INSPECTOR GENERAL SAYS: Amtrak wasted atleast $23-million by acquiring unneeded office space in Boston, New York,Washington and several other cities, according to a report by the railroad'sinspector general. [Washington Post, 4-2-19]

NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCED TO MORE EFFICIENTLY CUTRAIL: Rail industry supplier Holland isintroducing a sparkless carbide saw with the ability to cut rail withoutsparks and harmful dust. The process uses carbide-tipped steel blades, rotatingat low revolutions, and reduces the risk of fire starting on the job. Hollandsays such features make the saw ideal for use in bridge and tunnel workas well as high fire-risk areas. [Railway Track & Structures, 4-2-19]

CYNTHIA GARNEAU TO BECOME PRESIDENT, CEO OFVIA RAIL CANADA: Canada's transport ministryhas appointed Cynthia Garneau as president and chief executive officer ofVIA Rail Canada for a five-year term beginning May 9. [Progressive Railroading,4-1-19]

CHICAGO TRANSIT COMPLETES BELMONT BLUE GATEWAYMODERNIZATION PROJECT: Chicago TransitAuthority has marked the completion of its $17-million Belmont Blue Gatewayproject, part of a $492-million program to modernize and improve the O'Harebrand of the CTA's Blue Line. The Belmont Blue project represents the firstmajor renovation to the facility since it opened nearly five decades ago.[Progressive Railroading, 4-1-19]

AMTRAK'S 'STATE OF GOOD REPAIR' BACKLOG EXCEEDS$33-B: Amtrak says its state of good repairbacklog has passed $33.3-billion, with $28.1-billion of that on the Northeastcorridor. Amtrak Engineering has set a target of 10 years to eliminate thebacklog. [Railway Track & Structures, 4-1-19]

BLET REACHES TENTATIVE LABOR AGREEMENT WITHLOUISVILLE & INDIANA R.R.: The Brotherhoodof Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen has reached a tentative agreementwith the Louisville & Indiana Railroad covering rates of pay, benefitsand work rules for about 20 members. The railroad operates 106 miles ofline between Indianapolis and Louisville. [Progressive Railroading, 4-1-19]

AMTRAK SEEKS TO RESTORE DETROIT-TORONTO SERVICE: In its annual report submitted to Congress, Amtrak includeda line item labeled, 'Restoration of the Detroit-Toronto Service.' [CurbedDetroit, 4-1-19]

DENVER'S G LINE TO OPEN THIS MONTH: Denver's Regional Transportation District says its 11-milecommuter rail G Line from Union Station to Wheat Ridge is set to begin operationApril 26. The agency expects 9,000 passenger trips per day in the line'sfirst year. Meanwhile, a 2.3-mile extension of the E, F and R lines to LoneTree will open May 19. [U.S. News & World Report, 4-1-19]

MARCH 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-four percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in March2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived two hours and two minuteslate. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 4-1-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN UTAH: Authorities say it may take several days to clean upa train derailment near Eureka, Utah, that happened March 30. Twenty-threecars came off the rails, and one of the cars was on its side and releasingpropane into the air. There were no injuries. [Local News 8 ABC, 3-31-19]

THREE CREW MEMBERS HURT IN UNION PACIFIC TRAINCOLLISION IN TEXAS: Three crew memberswere injured March 31 when two construction trains collided on an elevatedportion of Union Pacific tracks in Round Rock, Texas. [KVUE, 3-31-19]

CHICAGO-ST. LOUIS RAIL SPEEDS TO INCREASE: Rail travel between Chicago and St. Louis is soon expectedto pick up speed thanks to nearly $2-billion of improvements to the route,noted the Wall Street Journal recently. The Illinois effort to increaserail speeds was supposed to have been completed in 2017, bu ran into numerousdelays, including the preparation of upgrades at over 300 rail crossings.[Peoria Journal Star, 3-30-19]

EUROSTAR TRAINS SUSPENDED DUE TO MAN OBSTRUCTINGSERVICE FOR SEVERAL HOURS: British policearrested a man for blocking the railway line March 30 after Eurostar, whichruns trains between London, Paris and Brussels, had to suspend trains inand out of Britain for several hours. Local media showed pictures of theman on the roof of the station carrying an English flag. [U.S. News &World Report, 3-30-19]

OVERNIGHT TEST RUNS BEGIN ON NEWLY-ELECTRIFIEDRAIL LINE IN DENMARK: The first overnighttest runs have been undertaken using 25 kV 50 Hz electrification newly installedon the 28 mile, 99 MPH Koge Nord-Naestved rail line in Denmark. The routeis the third to be wired under a program aimed at reducing operating costsand increasing reliability and running speeds. [Railway Gazette, 3-30-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN ISSUES 2018 ANNUAL REPORT: Norfolk Southern's 2018 annual report has been posted,highlighting strong growth and best-ever operating ratio (65.4 pct) andincome from railway operations ($4-billion). [Norfolk Southern, 3-29-19]

PA. RAIL AUTHORITY GETS FUNDS FOR LACKAWANACUTOFF PROJECT: The Pennsylvania NortheastRegional Railroad Authority has been awarded a $400,000 state grant forengineering services needed to continue track and structure constructionfor the Scranton to New York City Lackawanna Cutoff passenger rail restoration.In the meantime, N.J. Transit is in the construction phase of its part ofthe project between Port Morris and Andover, N.J. [Progressive Railroading,3-29-19]

MBTA TO RENAME YAWKEY STATION TO LANSDOWNE STATION: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority will renamethe Yawkey station on the Framingham-Worster rail line to Lansdowne station,effective April 8. The name was chosen in accordance with the agency's station-namingpolicy. [Progressive Railroading, 3-29-19]

STADLER LANDS POLISH ORDER FOR 12 FLIRT EMU'S: Poland's Koleje Mazowieckie has signed a contract withStadler Polska for the supply of 12 five-car Flirt electric multiple-units.The order forms part of a framework contract covering up to 61 five-carand 10 two-car EMU's. [Railway Gazette, 3-29-19]

MORE ALSTOM TRAINS ORDERED FOR GRAND PARIS EXPRESS: Options have been exercised for 23 additional Alstomthree-car Metropolis metro trains for Grand Paris Express lines 16 and 17.The trains will enter service in 2024. [International Railway Journal,3-29-19]

CANADA'S TRANSPORTATION AGENCY ISSUES WARNINGOVER MATERIAL LEFT ON TRACK: Canada's transportationsafety watchdog is issuing a warning after two VIA passenger trains wereseriously damaged by material left on the track. In one instance a trainwas en route from Halifax to Montreal near Truro, N.S., when its fuel tankwas punctured and had lacerations to belly plates and water tanks; and theother instance was near Brighton, Ontario, when a train suffered similardamage. [CBC, 3-28-19]

AMTRAK TRUCK STOLEN IN BOSTON, STRIKES PEDESTRIAN: Police are searching for a driver who stole an Amtraktruck March 22 and proceeded to hit a light pole, a parked car and a pedestrianin Boston's Seaport district. The pedestrian had non-life threatening injuries,and the driver fled the scene. [Boston Herald, 3-28-19]

ROCHESTER AMTRAK STATION DEDICATED TO LATE U.S.REPRESENTATIVE: Amtrak has dedicated itstrain station in Rochester, N.Y., after the late U.S. Representative LouiseSlaughter, a longtime Amtrak supporter. The station opened in Oct. 2017.[Progressive Railroading, 3-27-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TRAIN DERAILS IN RICHMOND: Police and fire crews responded early March 27 to a secondderailment of a Norfolk Southern train in Richmond, Va., this week. Sixcars of a 24-car train derailed while en route to a rail yard. All of thecars remained upright, and no products were released. There were no injuries,and no passenger train service was impacted. [Richmond Times-Dispatch,3-27-19]

METRA TO CLOSE TICKET OFFICE AT FRANKLIN PARKSTATION: Chicago's Metra will be closingits ticket office at the Franklin Park station April 15 due to decliningon-site ticket sales. The agency says ticket sales have declined at manyof its stations as passengers have been switching to mobile purchasing.Passengers will continue to have access to the building. [Railway Track& Structures, 3-27-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending March 23, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 503,017 carloads and intermodal units, down 4.5 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. Calculated separately, carload volumedropped 10.9 pct, while intermodal volume increased 2.1 pct. [Assn. ofAmerican Railroads, 3-27-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TO UPDATE LAMBERTS POINT HUMPYARD PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM: TrainyardTech has landed an order from Norfolk Southern to update its hump yard processcontrol system at Lamberts Point coal-dumping facility in Norfolk. Automaticequipment identifier radio frequency readers to monitor cars during dumpingwill be added. [Progressive Railroading, 3-27-19]

INDIANA'S WEST LAKE COMMUTER RAIL EXTENSIONGETS FAVORABLE FEDERAL RATING: The FederalTransit Administration has given the Northern Indiana Commuter TransportationDistrict a favorable rating for its proposed West Lake Corridor rail extensionplan. The project is a southern branch extension of the South Shore railline in Lake County. [Progressive Railroading, 3-26-19]

AMTRAK TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS PERSON IN N.Y. STATE: Two Amtrak trains were stopped early March 26, one inAlbany, after a train struck and killed a person on the track in Stockport,N.Y., north of Hudson. There were 125 people on board the train, none ofwhom were injured. [Daily Gazette, 3-26-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN NAMES THREE TO NEW EXECUTIVEPOSITIONS: The board of Norfolk Southernhas elected three company officers to new executive positions, effectiveApril 1: John Scheib is executive vice-president and chief strategy officer,Annie Adams is executive vice-president and chief transformation officer,and Vanessa Allen Sutherland is senior vice-president law and chief legalofficer. [Norfolk Southern, 3-26-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN BREAKS GROUND ON NEW ATLANTAHEADQUARTERS: Norfolk Southern on March26 broke ground to begin construction of its new corporate headquartersin Atlanta's Tech Square. Located on a 3.4-acre site, the building willfeature about 750,000 square feet of office space using two connecting towersand a lush entry plaza. [Norfolk Southern, 3-26-19]

CALIFORNIA SELLS $600-M IN HIGH-SPEED RAIL PROJECTBONDS: California sold $600-million inbonds March 26 for its high-speed rail project, even as lawmakers and GovernorNewsom acknowledge challenges to completing the line between Los Angelesand San Francisco. [NBC Los Angeles, 3-26-19]

FEC TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS MAN IN FLORIDA: A 47-year old man was struck and killed by a FloridaEast Coast train late March 26 in Fort Pierce, Florida. The man was on abridge with his fiancee at the time of the incident, and she jumped intothe water in time to escape the path of the train. [Treasure Coast Palm,3-26-19]

KCS EXPECTS GASOLINE TRANSPORT BUSINESS TO GROWTHIS YEAR: The Mexican subsidiary of railroadoperator Kansas City Southern expects its gasoline transport business togrow at least 15 pct by volume this year, and possibly more. [nasdaq.com,3-26-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN WISCONSIN: Union Pacific is cleaning up and making repairs followinga train derailment late March 25 in Monomonee Falls, near Milwaukee. Thirteencars were involved, four of them coming to rest in a ravine. There wereno injuries or public safety concerns. [Star Tribune, 3-26-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-eight percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending March 24, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 48 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 3-25-19]

RAIL UNIONS ENDORSE TWO-PERSON CREW LEGISLATION: The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen,and the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and TransportationWorkers have announced their support of a bill that calls for two-personrail crews. [Progressive Railroading, 3-25-19]

METRO-NORTH TRAIN STRIKES CAR, NO INJURIES: Police are investigating a collision involving a Metro-Northtrain and a car March 25 at a crossing in Pawling, N.Y., on the Harlem line.The occupants escaped from the car prior to impact, and no injuries werereported. [Poughkeepsie Journal, 3-25-19]

NEW MASS-TRANSIT RAIL LINE IN INDONESIAOPENED: The first phase of a massrapid transit rail line in Indonesia was officially opened on March 24.The 9.7-mile line serves seven elevated and six underground stations witha fleet of six-car trains supplied by Nippon-Sharyo. [InternationalRailway Journal, 3-25-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN TEXAS: No injuries were reported in a 14-car Union Pacific trainderailment early March 23 north of Big Sandy, Texas. No leaks of hazardousmaterial were involved, officials said. [Longview News Journal, 3-23-19]

AMTRAK'S CITY OF NEW ORLEANS CONTINUESTO BE IMPACTED BY FLOODING: The routeof Amtrak's City of New Orleans south of Jackson is still closed due toflooding. Bus service is offered from that location to New Orleans, includingHazlehurst, Brookhaven, McComb and Hammond. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,3-22-19]

GENESEE & WYOMING SUBSIDIARIES TO OPERATE57 MILES OF TRACK IN INDIANA: Genesee& Wyoming subsidiaries Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway and CentralRailroad Co. of Indianapolis have signed long-term agreements to lease andoperate the Winamac Southern Railway and Kokomo Railroad, respectively,which together own 57 miles of track in Indiana. [Daily Freeman, 3-22-19]

TRIMET INSTALLS WIND TURBINES ON LIGHT-RAILPOLES: The Tri-County MetropolitanTransportation District of Oregon will install 12 small wind turbines ontop of poles on the Tilikum Crossing bridge to complete one of the finalelements of the MAX light-rail Orange line construction. The turbines willgenerate electricity to be stored in batteries to power lights at night.[Progressive Railroading, 3-22-19]

FOUR-YEAR-OLD BOY STRUCK BY TRAIN IN N.D.: Authorities say a four-year-old boy escaped serious injuryafter he was struck by a train while standing on a railroad track late March21 in Eckelson, N.D. He was airlifted and is in stable condition at a Fargohospital. [U.S. News & World Report, 3-22-19]

AMTRAK TAKES FIGHT AGAINST TRAIN DELAYSONLINE: Amtrak's new, attention-grabbingstrategy for highlighting reasons behind delays caused by host carrier freighttrains is grabbing headlines, including a front page story in the Wall StreetJournal. Amtrak has also taken to using a Twitter handle (@AmtrakAlerts)to tell riders when trains are delayed, including when they are stuck becauseof freights. That prompted a lawyer for Norfolk Southern to send a 'demand'to Amtrak to stop tweeting about their trains, or the railroad will be forcedto 'consider further action.' [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 3-22-19]

AMTRAK RELEASES FIVE-YEAR PLAN: Amtrak's new five-year plan lays out a commitment toretain national network capacity and long-distance equipment. It outlines$405-million for Superliner refurbishments, and goes into detail surroundingthe estimated $1.55-billion for the replacement of Superliner I cars, tentativelystarting in 2022. Also discussed is the full deployment for the 130 newViewliner cars, including reinstatement of sleeper service on NortheastRegional trains 65, 66 and 67. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 3-22-19]

N.Y. HUDSON YARDS COMPLEX OPENS TO THEPUBLIC: The brand new $25-billionHudson Yards complex has opened to the public. It is the largest (by squarefootage) private development in the U.S., and sits on nearly 27 acres ofland in the Chelsea and Hudson Yards neighborhood in Manhattan. Buildingswere built over the existing West Side Yard - storage for Long Island RailRoad trains. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 3-22-19]

MISSOURI RIVER RUNNER SERVICE SET TO RESUMEMARCH 25: Amtrak's Missouri RiverRunner train, suspended due to flooding, is now expected to resume on March25. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 3-22-19]

ELIZABETHTOWN STATION CLOSES TEMPORARILY: The Elizabethtown, Pa., train station is closed temporarily.Trains will continue to stop at the station, and passengers will have accessto platforms. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 3-22-19]

CHINA PLANS ZHOUSHAN ISLAND RAIL LINE: Surveying and design work has begun for constructionof a 48-mile rail link between Ningbo and the Zhoushan Islands in easternZhejiang province. This would include China's first section of undersealine designed for 155 MPH trains. [Railway Gazette, 3-22-19]

FEDS DECLARE EMERGENCY EVENT FOR RAIL OPERATIONSDUE TO MIDWEST FLOODING: The FederalRailroad Administration has declared an 'emergency event' for railroad operationsbecause of extreme flooding throughout the Midwest. Numerous reports estimatethe flooding could last all spring. [Progressive Railroading, 3-21-19]

IMPROVEMENTS SLATED FOR 30-MILE RAIL CORRIDORIN OHIO: A more than $30-million projectto improve a 30-mile stretch of Norfolk Southern rail line from Dilles Bottomto Mingo Junction, Ohio, will soon be under contract. Ohio has receiveda $16.25-million grant through the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, and a $14.5-milliongrant from Norfolk Southern. Included will be rail line rehab, bank stabilization,yard improvements at Mingo Junction, and grade-crossing improvements alongthe line. [Herald-Star, 3-21-19]

AMTRAK TO SHAVE 15 MINS OFF HOOSIER STATESCHEDULE: Beginning in April, Amtrakwill cut 15 minutes from the schedule of the Hoosier State train betweenIndianapolis and Chicago. The same may be in store for the Cardinal, whichoperates on days the Hoosier State does not, but this is currently beingconsidered. [Journal & Courier, 3-21-19]

PATH NAMES NEW DIRECTOR OF RAIL TRANSIT,GENERAL MGR: Clarelle DeGraffe hasbeen named new director of rail transit and general manager of Port AuthorityTrans-Hudson, effective March 25. She will succeed Director Mike Marino,who is retiring. [Railway Track & Structures, 3-21-19]

PHOENIX TO DELAY PLANNED LIGHT-RAIL LINEFOR WEST PHOENIX: The Phoenix CityCouncil has voted to delay a planned light-rail line for West Phoneix, touse the money for street repairs instead. The line was slated to open in2026. [U.S. News & World Report]

SECOND CHICAGO-TWIN CITIES TRAIN ADVOCATED,BUT NOT TO BE 'HIGH-SPEED': Advocatedfor high-speed rail from Chicago to St. Paul are now adopting a less ambitiousgoal. They now want to establish a second daily train, traveling at roughlythe same speed as the existing Empire Builder train. The Great River RailCommission says the idea is the 'realistic thing.' They may advocate forhigh-speed rail in the future, but not now. The train would make the samestops as the present service, but at different times, and perhaps 30 minutesfaster. [Twin Cities Pioneer Press, 5-21-19]

HITACHI ELECTRIC TRAINSETS ORDERED FORLONDON-EDINBURGH SERVICE: FirstGrouphas finalized an order for five Hitachi AT300 electric trainsets which itwill use to launch a London-Edinburgh open access service in the fall of2021. A service of five trains a day each way is planned, with three stopsand a journey time of about four hours. [Railway Gazette, 3-21-19]

NJT LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER SHORTAGE COULDSPELL DELAYS THIS SUMMER: Threatsof a critical engineer shortage are preventing N.J. Transit to get backon track. The agency is only graduating eight new engineers in May, andnot until October will 25 to 30 more will graduate.. The shortage couldspell major delays this summer. [PIX 11, 3-20-19]

VEHICLE STRUCK BY TRAIN IN INDIANA, DRIVERKILLED: Authorities say a 20-year-oldwoman died after the vehicle she was driving was struck by a freight trainlate March 19 in New Whiteland, Indiana. [U.S. News & World Report,3-20-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending March 16, 2019, total U.S. rail freighttraffic was 501,000 carloads and intermodal units, down 6.8 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,3-20-19]

METRA SEEKS PROPOSALS FOR UP TO 400 NEWRAILCARS: Chicago's Metra has approvedseeking proposals from manufacturers for up to 400 new railcars with armrests and cupholders, and possibly heated floors, USB ports and tray tables.Planners hope to maximize passenger space with two levels, with the seconddeck closed off. Metra also intends to buy eight Tier 4 locomotives. [DailyHerald, 3-20-19]

CP NAMES ISABELLE COURVILLE TO HEAD ITSBOARD OF DIRECTORS: Canadian Pacifichas selected the first woman to head the board of direcors. Isabelle Courville,56, has been designated to replace Andrew Reardon at the company's annualmeeting in May. [BNN Bloomberg, 3-20-19]

AMTRAK RIVER RUNNER TRAINS CANCELED DUETO FLOODING: Record-setting floodlevels are changing Amtrak's train schedule. The company has canceled allRiver Runner trains between Kansas City and St. Louis until March 25. [WMIZ,3-19-19]

MIDWEST FLOODS DISRUPT LIVESTOCK FEED SUPPLIESFOR CALIFORNIA FARMS: Some farms,dairies and feed companies in California's San Joaquin Valley are facingshortages of livestock feed supplies after river flooding in the Midwestclosed major railroad shipping corridors in recent days. [Fresno Bee,3-19-19]

UNION PACIFIC LINE IN WASHINGTON STATECLOSED DUE TO DERAILMENT: The UnionPacific line that runs through eastern Washington state has been shut downsince March 15 by a 23-car derailment near Ritzville that included a hazardouscargo spill and subsequent fire that flared over the weekend. [SeattleTimes, 3-19-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-two percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending March 17, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived two hoursand 35 minutes late. Severe snowstorms and flooding impacted western tanscontinentaltrains during the week. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 3-18-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAINS STRANDED IN NEBRASKADUE TO FLOODING: Because of easternNebraska's continuing unprecedented flooding, Union Pacific rail trafficeast of Gibbon has been at a standstill since March 15. Stranded trainshave been sitting on the main line east of Grand Island. [Grand IslandIndependent, 3-18-18]

CSX TRAIN STRIKES CAR IN OHIO: A CSX train hit a car late March 17 in Findlay, Ohio.The driver escaped from the vehicle prior to impact, but was later chargedwith operating a vehicle while intoxicated. [Fox 106.3, 3-18-19]

MAN ARRESTED FOR LUNGING AT AMTRAK CONDUCTOR: A man who forced his way onto an idled Amtrak in Fullerton,California, and lunging at a conductor with a pick axe and chain has beenarrested and taken to a hospital for evaluation. [NBC Bay Area, 3-18-19]

WEATHER IMPACTING BNSF OPERATIONS: BNSF is engaged in service recovery in multiple areasacross its network in the northern and central Plains following a majorwinter storm. Blizzard conditions with high wind gusts in six states havecaused significant delays since March 14. With temperatures rising, therailroad is now confronting major flooding issues, particularly in easternNebraska and western Iowa, as multiple subdivisions are out of service dueto washouts. [Railway Age, 3-17-19]

AMTRAK MISSOURI TRAINS IMPACTED BY FLOODING,CONGESTION: Amtrak's Missouri RiverRunner trains between Kansas City and St. Louis have delays of up to fivehours because of flooding and congestion. [Kansas City Star, 3-17-19]

RECREATIONAL TRAIL BEING DEVELOPED ON OLD R.R.BED IN INDIANA: Contractors hired by MonroeCounty, Indiana, have begun clearing trees along the planned 1.7-mile pavedLimestone Greenway along the roadbed of a former Illinois Central Railroadcorridor. Illinois Central sold the line to Indiana Rail Road in 1986, butit was vacated a couple of years later. [U.S. News & World Report,3-17-19]

CONSTRUCTION ON CSX INTERMODAL FACILITY IN N.C.TO BEGIN IN APRIL: CSX's planned 330-acreintermodal rail facility in Edgecombe County, N.C., across from N.C. WesleyanCollege, is slated for beginning of construction in Apri. It is anticipatedto take 18 to 20 months to complete. The N.C. transportation departmentis going to invest at least $118-million, and CSX will contribute at least$40-million. [Rocky Mount Telegram, 3-16-19]

CSX FREIGHT TRAIN DERAILS IN BALTIMORE: Approximately nine cars of a CSX freight train derailedFriday afternoon, March 15, on a bridge spanning Jones Falls, Falls road,and property of the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, with rail cars plummetingfrom the bridge. No injuries have been reported, and the extent of damagesis being assessed. The section of track, known as the 'Belt Line,' is alongthe railroad's main freight line through Baltimore. [3-15-19]

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION BUDGET COULD END LONG-DISTANCERAIL SERVICE: The White House has releaseda budget proposal that would slash FY-2020 funding for rail and transitprograms, cutting $455.6-million from Amtrak and intercity rail programs,eliminating long-distance routes and replacing corridor train service withsubsidized bus service. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 3-15-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN MINNESOTA: No major injuries were reported after a Union Pacifictrain derailed near Le Sueur, Minnesota, early March 15, but two crew memberswere taken to a hospital as a precaution. Authorities say a locomotive and12 cars left the tracks, and diesel fuel spilled from the locomotive sparkinga fire. [U.S. News & World Report, 3-15-19]

KNORR-BREMSE ACQUIRES 21.3 PCT SHARE OF RAILVISION: Knorr-Bremse Group has acquireda 21.3 pct share of Rail Vision Ltd. The investment is expected to allowthe company to expand from automated driving into the railway sector byintegating Rail Vision's obstacle detection capabilities into automatictrain operation offerings. [Progressive Railroading, 3-15-19]

COAST GUARD RESTRICTS OPENING PORTAL BRIDGEIN N.J.: Under a Coast Guard order,all marine traffic on the Hackensack River requiring Amtrak's Portal bridgein Kearny, N.J., to open has been halted between 5 A.M. and 10 A.M., andbetween 3 P.M. and 8 P.M., with limited exceptions due to tidal restrictions,and with a minimum two hours' notice. [WABC, 3-15-19]

ALSTOM INSTALLS SMARTLOCK 400 SIGNALING SYSEMIN MAGHAGHA, EGYPT: Alstom has supplied,tested and put into commercial operation its computer-based interlockingsignaling system (Smartlock 400) at the main rail station in Maghagha, Egypt.[Progressive Railroading, 3-15-19]

INJURED BALD EAGLE CAUSES D.C. METRO DELAYS: Some commuters in the Washington DC area faced delayslate March 13 after an injured bald eagle was found on Metro tracks in Landover,Md. The bird was close to an electrified third rail, and the track was closedwhile a rescue crew recovered it. Full rail service was restored after nearlytwo hours. [U.S. News & World Report, 3-14-19]

WARREN COUNTY, N.Y., SUES FORMER RAIL OPERATOR: Warren County, N.Y., has sued Saratoga & North CreekRailway, which formerly ran service on the county-owned line, for unpaidrevenue and tax bills. The railroad, a subsidiary of Iowa Pacific Holdings,is alleged to have breached a contract with the county, which seeks over$110,000 that the county claims was incurred in 2017-2018 before the railroadclosed its freight and excursion operations. [Adirondack Daily Enterprise,3-14-19]

BNSF TESTING DOUBLE-LENGTH EMPTY GRAIN TRAIN: BNSF is experimenting with the process of combining twoempty unit grain trains into one, and sending the 230-car train over the235-mile Stampede Pass route. A train of such a length will exceed the capacityof most passing sidings, but the Stampede route is presently operated inan eastward direction only. [Railway Ae, 3-14-19]

DUTCH TO RESTORE PASSENGER RAIL SERVICE TO STADSKANAAL: An agreement has been reached to reinstate regular passengerrail service on the 16-mile Veendam-Stadskanaal line. Excursion trains haveoperated on the route since 1995, but regular passenger service was withdrawnin 1955. [International Railway Journal, 3-14-19]

BRITISH RAIL ELECTRIFICATION COSTS COULD BECUT BY UP TO 50 PCT, REPORT SAYS: The costof delivering main line rail electrification projects in Britain could bereduce by up to 50 pct, according to a report by the Railway Industry Association.At present, only 42 pct of the 9,825-mile network is electrified. [InternationalRailway Journal, 3-14-19]

REQUEST BY KCS FOR MEXICAN BRAKE TESTS DENIEDBY FRA: The Federal Railroad Administrationhas denied a request by Kansas City Southern to outsource brake tests toMexico, explaining that the request was not in the public interest or consistentwith railroad safety. KCS is already exempt from conducting full brake testsat the border (just a 'minimal' test), so long as it as it conducts its'major' brake test in Laredo, Texas, nine miles beyond the border. [AFL-CIOTransportation Trades Dept., 3-14-19]

SIEMENS COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF RUSSELECTRIC: Siemens has closed its acquisition of power control systemsmanufacturer Russelectric. [Progressive Railroading, 3-13-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending March 9, 2019, total U.S. rail freighttraffic was 508,958 carloads and intermodal units, down 4.7 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,3-13-19]

HIGH WINDS TOPPLE RAIL CARS IN N.M.: High wind gusts contributed to a train derailment March13 near Logan, N.M., leaving 26 rail cars in a pile of wreckage at the bottomof a deep ravine. [Miami Herald, 3-13-19]

CP INVESTING IN CRACKED-WHEEL DETECTION SYSTEM: Canadian Pacific Railway is investing in new technologyto detect surface and subsurface cracks in rail car wheels. The system willuse electromagnetic sensors to detect flaws in steel before they can causea fracture. [Calgary Herald, 3-13-19]

PRESIDENT'S 2020 BUDGET SLASHES FUNDING FORAMTRAK'S LONG-DISTANCE TRAINS: PresidentTrump's FY-2020 budget request calls for 'restructuring' Amtrak and slushingits budget to emphasize shorter distance routes. The administration believesthat the Amtrak system can result in better service at a lower cost by focusingon trains of fewer than 750 route miles, while providing robust intercitybus service to currently underserved rural areas via a partnership betweenAmtrak and bus operators. [Progressive Railroading, 3-12-19]

PRESIDENT'S 2020 BUDGET SLASHES FUNDING FORAMTRAK'S LONG-DISTANCE TRAINS: PresidentTrump's FY-2020 budget request calls for 'restructuring' Amtrak and slushingits budget to emphasize shorter distance routes. The administration believesthat the Amtrak system can result in better service at a lower cost by focusingon trains of fewer than 750 route miles, while providing robust intercitybus service to currently underserved rural areas via a partnership betweenAmtrak and bus operators. [Progressive Railroading, 3-12-19]

TRAIN STRIKES SEMI IN INDIANA: No one was injured when a train and a semi crashed earlyMarch 12 in Austin, Indiana. [WAVE3, 3-12-19]

STADLER TO SUPPLY 60 NEW DIESEL LOCOMOTIVESTO FINLAND: Finland's VR Group has ordered60 new center-cab diesel locomotives from Stadler, primarily for freightoperations, which the company says will improve efficiency in freight yardsand on non-electrified lines, which make up 45 pct of the Finnish network.[International Railway Journal, 3-12-19]

AMTRAK'S HIAWATHA SERVICE SETS RIDERSHIP RECORD: Amtrak's Chicago-Milwaukee Hiawatha service had an all-timerecord high of more than 858,000 riders in 2018, a more than 3.5 pct increasecompared to 2017. [WDJT, 3-11-19]

PORT OF VIRGINIA OPENS 12 NEW CONTAINER STACKS: Twelve new container stacks have begun operating at thePort of Virginia's Norfolk International Terminals. Four railroads servethe port. [Progressive Railroading, 3-11-19]

FINANCING SECURED FOR FINLAND-ESTONIA RAIL TUNNEL: Finest Bay Area Development has signed a memorandum ofunderstanding with Touchstone Capital Partners in China to secure financingfor construction of a 62-mile railway tunnel under the Gulf of Finland betweenFinland and Estonia. [International Railway Journal, 3-11-19]

NEW GO TRANSIT STATION PLANNED IN TORONTO AREA: Metrolinx and the province of Ontario are partneringwith Woodbine Entertainment to build a new GO Transit station in the Torontoarea at Woodbine on the Kitchener rail line. [Progressive Railroading,3-11-19]

JAPAN'S LAST-SURVIVING COAL-CARRYING RAILROADTO SHUT DOWN: The only remaining coal-carryingrailroad in Japan will cease operation at the end of March, ending its 94-yearmission. The 2.5-mile line carried 720 tons of coal six times a day. [JijiPress, 3-11-19]

WOMAN RESCUED FROM LOCKED RAIL CAR: A Southern California homeless woman was rescued March10 after being locked inside a rail car for several days. Officials saythe woman and a man had been living in the car for a week, and the womangave the man money for food and drugs, and he intentionally locked the dooras he left. [U.S. News & World Report, 3-11-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PEFORMANCE: Thirty-three percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending March 10, 2019, according to an analysis by the Bull Sheet.The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hour and 55 minutes behindschedule. MORE..[Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 3-11-19]

CONRAIL ORDERS HUMP YARD PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMFOR OAK ISLAND: Trainyard Tech has receivedan order from Conrail to install the Classmaster hump yard process controlsystem at Oak Island Yard in New Jersey. The system will include a railyard reporting tool called TyT Reporter that will be customizable to simplifytroubleshooting, analyze yard trends and review historical performance.[Progressive Railroading, 3-8-19]

JOSEPH BOARDMAN DIES, FORMER AMTRAK HEAD, FRAADMINISTRATOR: Joseph H. Boardman, formerAmtrak president and CEO, and Federal Railroad Administrator, died March7 while vacationing with his family in Florda. He was 70. The second-longestserving head of Amtrak from 2008 to 2016, he had been in the transportationindustry for more than 40 years. He was named Railroader of the Year byRailway Age magazine in 2014. [Railway Age, 3-7-19]

CSX CREATES NEW MARKETING TEAM: CSX as created a new marketing team focused on researchand analytics, and has expanded its sales team. Two new vice-presidentsare being added, and focus is being increased on port and short-line development.Kevin Boone has been named vice-president of marketing and strategy, andArthur Adams has been named vice-president of sales and marketing engagement.[Progressive Railroading, 3-7-19]

CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON BNSF LOGISTIC CENTERIN COLORADO: BNSF says construction isunderway on its newest logistics center near Hudson, Colorado, outside ofDenver. The 430-acre center will feature 15 sites for customers wantingto ship via individual rail cars, and a unit-train site for customers wantingto ship entire trainloads. [Progressive Railroading, 3-7-19]

MBTA OPENS NEW BLUE HILL AVENUE RAIL STATION: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority on March 6opened its new Blue Hill Avenue commuter rail station in Boston. The station'sopening marks the completion of the agency's $130-million investment intothe Fairmount line. [Progressive Railroading, 3-7-19]

INITIAL EMPLOYEES BEGIN TRAINING FOR CHICAGOTRANSIT 7000-SERIES RAIL CAR ASSEMBLY:CRRC Sifang America has hired the initial group of employees to assembleChicago Transit Authority's newest 7000-series rail cars at the $100-millionrail-car manufacturing plant in Chicago. More than 70 employees have beenhired to date. The new cars will be the first CTA vehicles produced in Chicagosince 1964. [Progressive Railroading, 3-6-19]

SECOND CHICAGO-TWIN CITIES TRAIN TO BOOST ECONOMY,RAIL PASSENGERS ASSN. SAYS: The Rail PassengersAssociation has released an assessment of an Amtrak feasibility study andfound that adding a second Amtrak train between Chicago and St. Paul couldbring Minnesota $25-million in annual economic benefits. The overall benefitto the three states served by the train would be $47-million annually, theassociation said. Currently, the Empire Builder is the only train to servethat route. [Progressive Railroading, 3-6-19]

THIRD AMTRAK TRAIN TO NORFOLK PLANNED FOR 2022: Virginia, in 2022, is planning to extend a third Amtrakregional train to Norfolk. [Virginians for High Speed Rail, 3-6-19]

ALSTOM LANDS CONTRACT TO MODERNIZE MBTA RED,ORANGE LINE SIGNALING: Alstom, in partnershipwith Barletta Heavy Division, has signed an $80-million contract to upgradeand modernize the signaling systems of the Massachusetts Bay TransportationAuthority's Red and Orange subway lines. [Progressive Railroading, 3-6-19]

FEBRUARY 2019 U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffic in Febr. 2019 was 2,094,477carloads and intermodal units, down 1.8 pct compared with the same monthlast year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 3-6-19]

TOGO PLANS DEVELOPMENT OF RAIL LINE SPANNINGLENGTH OF COUNTRY: The West African nationof Togo has announced plans to evolve itself into a major logistics hub,including the development of a 472-mile heavy-rail line spanning the lengthof the country. Togo last operated passenger services in the mid-1990's.[International Railway Journal, 3-6-19]

NEW SOUTH WALES TO EXPAND INTERCITY RAIL VEHICLEFLEET: The New South Wales government hasawarded the RailConnect consortium a contract to supply a further 42 double-deckelectric multiple-unit cars, taking its new intercity fleet to a total of554 vehicles. The additional vehicles will enable peak services to the SouthCoast line to be increased from eight to 10 cars. [Railway Gazette, 3-6-19]

MARYLAND APPLIES FOR FEDERAL GRANT TOWARD REBUILDOF HOWARD STREET TUNNEL: Maryland has appliedfor a $228-million federal infrastructure grant to help fund the rebuildingof the Howard Street rail tunnel in Baltimore. The application follows ayear-long negotiation with CSX to eliminate height restrictions for double-stackedintermodal trains to reach the port of Baltimore. CSX is willing to commit$91-million toward the cost of the $466-million project, and the state wouldfund $147-million. [Progressive Railroading, 3-5-19]

BYPASS TRACK PROJECT COMPLETED IN RICHMOND: Trains traveling between Richmond's Staples Mill andMain Street stations will now run faster thanks to a new track bypassinga two-mile bottleneck. A $132-million project that included improvementsto CSX's Acca Yard and upgrades installed around the Richmond region hasbeen completed, while celebrating the debut of expanded Amtrak train serviceto Norfolk. [Richmond Times-Disptach, 3-5-19]

CAR STRUCK BY TWO TRAINS IN VA.: A collision late March 3 between two trains and a carin Bealton, Va., happened after a Honda Civic got stuck on the tracks. Fourpeople in the car escaped prior to the collision and were not injured. Trainsapproached on separate tracks from opposite directions, crushing the carbetween them. One of the trains was Amtrak's Crescent, en route to New Orleans.There were no reported injuries, but there were significant delays to thetrains. [Fauquier Times, 3-4-19]

FREIGHT TRAIN DERAILS IN N.D.: Authorities say 33 rail cars carrying mostly cargo leftthe tracks when a train derailed early March 2 south of Carrington, N.D.Some of the cars may contain ammonia, and a hazardous materials team wascalled to the area. [U.S. News & World Report, 3-2-19]

DUKE UNIVERSITY WILL NOT SUPPORT LIGHT-RAILPLAN: GoTriangle officials have receivedword from Duke University officials that the university will not sign acooperative agreement needed for a proposed 17.7-mile light-rail systemthat would connect Chapel Hill and eastern Durham, intended to serve educational,medical and other key activity centers. [Progressive Railroading, 3-2-19]

FEBRUARY 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-nine percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their final destination on time or earlier in Febr. 2019, acccordingto the Bull Sheet. The average arrival of those trains that were behindschedule was one hour and 59 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 3-1-19]

AVALANCHE CAUSES SUSPENSION OF AMTRAK SERVICETHROUGH DONNER PASS: Amtrak passenger trainservice between Reno and Sacramento has been suspended until at least March1 because of a lingering winter storm that sent an avalanche across UnionPacific tracks in the Siera Nevada, officials said. [News Tribune]

NEW RIVER TRAIN SCRUBBED FOR 2019: The Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society,sponsor of the annual New River excursion trains in West Virginia, saidplans to run the trains this fall have been canceled. For 52 years, theNew River Train has been run on certain weekends in October between Huntingtonand Hinton. They ran last year, although Amtrak had significantly increasedthe price to run them, and the trips lost $180,000 in spite of being soldto capacity. [Herald-Dispatch, 2-28-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending Febr. 23, 2019, total U.S. rail freighttraffic was 522,630 carloads and intermodal units, a decline of 1.1 pctcompared with the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,2-27-19]

BRIDGE FIRE DISRUPTS AMTRAK SERVICE AT OREGON-WASHINGTONCOLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING: There was a firewith heavy smoke early Febr. 26 on the BNSF railroad bridge spanning theColumbia River between Oregon and Washington, disrupting Amtrak trafficthroughout much of the day. No injuries were reported. [KOIN, 2-27-19]

LIRR TRAINS COLLIDE AFTER CAR DRIVES AROUNDCROSSING GATES: Late Febr. 26 a car wentaround lowered crossing gates onto Long Island Rail Road tracks in Westbury,N.Y., and was struck by a train going in one direction and then struck byanother train heading in the opposite direction. Three people in the carwill killed, and at least seven passengers on the trains were injured. Significantdamage resulted, and the tracks were closed until the following morning.[Progressive Railroading, 2-27-19]

AMTRAK TO PROVIDE MATCHING FUNDS FOR S.W. CHIEFROUTE: Amtrak has informed federal, stateand local officials along the route of the Southwest Chief that it willprovide matching funds to enable a federal grant to be awarded for upgradesto the train's route in Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico. [Rail PassengersAssn., 2-27-19]

GARBAGE TRUCK DRIVER ACQUITTED IN 2018 AMTRAKCROSSING ACCIDENT IN VA.: A jury has founda garbage truck driver not guilty of involuntary manslaugter and DUI inthe fatal crash in Virginia involving an Amtrak special train carrying membersof Congress to a retreat Jan. 31, 2018. There was no doubt that the driverhad driven onto the track, but there was insufficient evidence to convicthim of manslaughter or 'callous disregard' for human life. Evidence of DUIhad been earlier ruled inadmissible. One of the driver's co-workers waskilled and another was injured in the collision. [Richmond Times-Dispatch,2-27-19]

NJT TRAINS TO ATLANTIC CITY TO RESUME MAY 24: New Jersey Transit says Atlantic City line rail servicewill resume beginning May 24, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Theline had been out of service for installation of positive train-control,but it remained out of service following that due to 'other problems' anda shortage of engineers. [KYW, 2-27-19]

FRENCH RAIL SYSTEM UNVEILS FUEL-EFFICIENT TRAIN: France's national carrier SNCF has unveiled a 'GrandVitesse' prototype that will be 20 pct more fuel efficient than existingengines, primarily because of a braking system that channels energy intoelectricity to power the train. [CityLab, 2-26-19]

AMTRAK TRAIN MAROONED BY SNOW IN OREGON: As record snow kept falling, nearly 200 people remainedtrapped on Amtrak's Coast Starlight train early Febr. 26 in Oakridge, Oregon.Later the train was moved back to a less-confined location where passengerscould depart. [CNN, 2-26-19]

LIRR BABYLON BRANCH SERVICE SUSPENDED BY TRESPASSERINCIDENT: A train struck a trespasser onLong Island Railroad's Babylon branch late Febr. 26 temporarily suspendingservice between Lynbrook and Babylon. Numerous trains were held at stationsuntil service was allowed to resume more than an hour and a half later.[News 12, 2-26-19]

BNSF REPORTS 2018 EARNINGS:BNSF Railway reported 2018 operating income of $7.8-million, up 7 pct comparedwith the prior year, and total revenue of $23.9-billion, up 12 pct. [ProgressiveRailroading, 2-26-19]

NATIONAL GUARD RESCUES NINE PEOPLE ON STRANDEDTRAINS IN MINNESOTA: The National Guardrescued nine people off two trains that had become stuck in a snow driftnear Ellendale, Minnesota, early Febr. 25. According to Union Pacific, anorthbound train stalled in a drift late Febr. 24, and a second train wasdispatched to help, but it also got stuck. [Fox 9, 2-25-19]

WABTEC COMPLETES MERGER WITH GE TRANSPORTATION: Wabtec Corp announced Febr. 25 that it has completedits merger with GE Transportation, a former business unit of GE. The combinedcompany expects to have revenues of more than $8-billion this year. [Wabtec,2-25-19]

EARLY CONSTRUCTION OF PORTAL NORTH BRIDGE REPLACEMENTCOMPLETED: N.J. Transit, in partnershipwith Amtrak, has completed early construction work for the Portal NorthBridge replacement program. Included were new fiber optic poles and cables,utility protection, a finger pier to support future construction, transmissionlines and a retaining wall to support the new bridge alignment. Portal NorthBridge is a century-old moveable bridge, and it will be replaced with amdoern span that is less prone to failure. [Progressive Railroading,2-25-19]

GEORGIA INITIATES RAIL CROSSING SIGNAGE IMPROVEMENTPROGRAM: Georgia's Dept. of Transportationhas partnered with five railroads to add 'Stop' or 'Yield' signs at nearly600 crossings that do not have automatic warning devices. [Railway Age,2-25-19]

MBTA TO RESUME CONSTRUCTION OF GREEN LINE LIGHT-RAILEXTENSION: Massachusetts Bay TransportationAuthority will resume construction of its Green line light-rail extensionproject March 22. [Progressive Railroading, 2-25-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-nine percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending Febr. 24, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived two hoursand one minute late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 2-25-19]

TOKYO METRO LAUNCHES NEW MARUNOUCHI LINE TRAINS: Tokyo Metro's new fleet of 2000-series trains enteredcommercial service on the Marunouchi line Febr. 23. [International RailwayJournal, 2-25-19]

METRA TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS MAN WALKING ON TRACK: A man was hit and killed early Febr. 22 in Chicago'sFar South side by a Metra electric-line train, causing extensive delaysduring the morning rush-hour commute. [Chicago Sun-Times, 2-22-19]

METRA TO ACQUIRE 15 REBUILT SD70MAC LOCOMOTIVES: Chicago's Metra will purchase 15 remanufactured SD70MAClocomotives to replace some of its aging fleet. The units will be upgradedto meet EPA Tier 3 emissions standards. The purchase is critical to Metraas, overall, 70 pct of the agency's current fleet of locomotives is ratedin marginal or poor condition. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 2-22-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS REQUESTING ADDITIONAL $95-M INTAX-EXEMPT BONDS FOR PLANNED ORLANDO EXPANSION:Officials with Virgin Trains (Brightline) are requesting $950-million intax-exempt bonds for its planned extension to Orlando. The bonds would bein addition to $1.75-billion bonds approved in Aug. 2018. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 2-22-19]

WALMART TO EXPEDITE INTERMODAL CONTAINERS FROMRAIL TO STORES: Walmart has launched itsown fleet of intermodal containers and is using its own drivers to movethe containers from rail hubs to stores. The process eliinates the use ofthird-party logistics and saves hours, or even days, of transit time. [ProgressiveRailroading, 2-22-19]

METRA TO INITIATE REVERSE-COMMUTE ON MILWAUKEEDISTRICT NORTH LINE: Chicago's Metra willbegin operation of a new reverse-commute service on the Milwaukee DistrictNorth line on March 4. Lake County businesses had sought the service toallow employees living in Chicago to commute to work. [Progressive Railroading,2-22-19]

UNION PACIFIC SETTLES SUIT WITH 2016 FLOOD VICTIMS: A federal lawsuit against Union Pacific filed last Aprilby victims of a 2016 flood has been settled. The suit alleged the railroadhad aggravated flood damage by failing to properly maintain drainage andculverts. No admission of guilt was made by Union Pacific, and the amountof the settlement was ordered to remain confidential. [Palestine Herald-Press,2-22-19]

PITTSBURGH OBJECTS TO NORFOLK SOUTHERN PROPOSALTO BULD HIGHER BRIDGE FOR DOUBLE-STACKS:Pittsburgh has filed a formal objection with the Pa. Public Utility Commissionto Norfolk Southern's plans to reconstruct a city street bridge in the Northside so double-stack trains can pass beneith. The city contends that runningdouble-stacks through dense neighborhoods would be a public safety hazard.Currently, double-stack trains must use a longer route. [Pittburgh Tribune-Review,2-21-19]

RAIL CAR REPAIR FACILITY TO BE DEVELOPED INGRAND FORKS, N.D.: Northern Plains RailServices will develop a rail-car serving and repair facility in Grand Forks,N.D. To be the Grand Plains Rail Center, it will complement the company'sexisting repair facility in Erskine, Minnesota, along with its mobile carrepair operations in Minnesota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Alberta.[Progressive Railroading, 2-20-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending Febr. 16, 2019, the Association ofAmerican Railroads reports combined U.S. rail freight traffic was 523,915carloads and intermodal units, down 3 pct compared with the correspondingweek last year. [Railway Age, 2-20-19]

FRA TO CANCEL $929-M IN GRANTS TOWARD CALIFORNIAHSR PROJECT: The U.S. Federal RailroadAdministration intends to cancel $929-million in federal grants awardedto the California high-speed rail project, and has begun exploring legaloptions to seek return of $2.5-billion already granted. [InternationalRailway Journal, 2-20-19]

FRA IDENTIFIES COUNTIES WITH MOST TRESPASSERCASUALTIES: In a program to reduce theincidence of trespasser casualties, the Federal Railroad Administrationhas identified the top 10 counties where the most such casualties occurredbetween Nov. 2013 and Oct. 2017. They were Cook County, Illinois; HarrisCounty, Texas; Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Fresno, Riverside, San Bernardinoand San Diego counties, California; and Broward and Palm Beach counties,Florida. Excluding suicides, 4,242 trespassers were killed or injured onrailroad property nationwide during that same period. [Progressive Railroading,2-20-19]

D.C. METRO PROPOSES BUILDING METRORAIL REPAIRFACILITY IN LANDOVER, MD.: The WashingtonMetropolitan Area Transit Authority is considering the construction of aMetrorail heavy repair and overhaul facility in Landover, Md., and is seekingpublic comments on the proposal. It would feature repair bays for up to40 rail cars, vehicle storage for up to 24 cars, a traction power substation,and offices. [Progressive Railroading, 2-20-19]

PROJECT TO MODERNIZE GERMANY'S RAIL NETWORKBEGINS: Deutsche Bahn on Febr. 20 launcheda year-long project to modernize Germany's rail network, investing over$12-billion into the network in a bid to tackle persistent delays. Includedwill be upgrades to about 930 miles of track, 650 train stations and 300bridges. [Deutsche Welle, 2-20-19]

ABB LANDS INDIAN CONTRACT TO SUPPLY ELECTRICLOCOMOTIVE CONVERTERS: ABB has won a $42-million-pluscontract from Diesel Locomotive Works to supply converters for electriclocomotives in India. The government plans to fully-electrify Indian Railwaysby 2022. [Progressive Railroading, 2-20-19]

ARCTIC OCEAN RAIL LINK NOT VIABLE, WORKING GROUPCONCLUDES: The construction of a joint289-mile Finnish-Norwegian railway between Lapland and the Arctic Oceanto transport minerals, fish and forestry products is not currently viable,a working group has concluded. The line would need 2.4 million tons of freightannually just to cover its maintenance costs, which is not realistic, thegroup said. [Railway Gazette, 2-20-19]

MOTORIST RUNNING CROSSING GATES KILLED BY AMTRAKTRAIN IN WISCONSIN: A70-year-old motoristdied Febr. 18 at a crossing in Brookfield, Wisconsin, after driving aroundrailroad gates and being struck by an Amtrak train. [U.S. News &World Report, 2-19-19]

FRA CONCERNED OVER HIGH COST OF PROPOSED ANNARBOR AMTRAK STATION: The Federal RailroadAdministration has raised concerns about the possible cost of a new Amtrakstation in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The city's new capital plan includes $14.7-millionfor final station design and parking deck, a cost considerably higher thanother new intercity passenger and multimodal stations for which Michiganhas been awarded funding by FRA. [Railway Track & Structures, 2-19-19]

BNSF FAULTED FOR DELAYED NOTIFICATION OF COALTRAIN DERAILMENT IN MINNESOTA: The Fonddu Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and area emergency agencies claimBNSF waiting hours to notify them about a 40-car coal train derailment Febr.16 on the St. Louis River on the Fond du Lac Reservation in Minnesota. Atribal attorney said the railroad's easem*nt through the reservation givestribal authority over the land requiring operation with due regard to therights of its citizens. [Duluth News Tribune, 2-19-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-six percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending Febr. 17, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 50 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 2-18-19]

FIRST OF NEW VIEWLINERS SOON TO BE DELIVERED: Amtrak expects delivery of the first of 25 new CAF Viewlinersleeping cars next week. The sleepers are intended to augment the existingViewliner fleet of 50. A noticeable difference in the new cars will be theabsence of toilets in roommettes. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 2-15-19]

SPEEDING DENVER LIGHT-RAIL TRAIN WITH PTC DERAILS: Denver's use of positive train-control is in questionafter a light-rail train derailed in January as it sped through a turn duringa snowstorm, injuring a number of passengers. Denver's regional transportationdistrict said that the PTC technology in their light-rail trains will notprevent trains from speeding at risk of a derailment, only that it willprevent running red signals, entering a track blocked by another train,or a safety defect or broken rail. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 2-15-19]

AAR APPROVES KELSO'S VACUUM RELIEF VALVE FORTANK CARS: Kelso Technologies' vacuum reliefvalve has successfully completed a required two-year field service trial,and has obtained Association of American Railroads approval for full commercialuse. The valve is designed to prevent a tank car from rupturing during loadingor imploding while pumping its load from the tank. [Progressive Railroading,2-15-19]

PRESIDENT WANTS CALIFORNIA TO RETURN MONEY FORABORTED HIGH-SPEED RAIL PROJECT: PresidentTrump demanded in a tweet Febr. 13 that California pay back the federalgovernment $3.5-billion for its aborted high-speed rail project. [DailySignal, 2-14-19]

TRAIN CRASHES INTO PROPANE TRUCK IN MICHIGAN: The Macomb County, Michigan, sheriff's office has re-openedseveral crossings in Mount Clements that were closed for nearly two hoursafter a train crashed into a propane truck early Febr. 14. Officials saidthe truck had parked too close to the tracks to fill a propane tank. Therewere no injuries. [Detroit News, 2-14-19]

NJT SETTLES BACK PAYMENTS WITH AMTRAK FOR USEOF NEC: New Jersey Transit has paid $182-millionto Amtrak to make good on missed payments for use of the Northeast Corridor.The repayments stemmed from former Governor Christie's decision to haltpayments from March 2017, after several derailments, with payments resumingin June 2018 under Governor Murphy. [News & Observer, 2-13-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. rail freight traffc was 519,779 carloads and intermodalunits in the week ending Febr. 9, 2019, an increase of 0.1 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,2-13-19]

FORMER AMTRAK CONDUCTOR CLAIMS BIAS AGAINSTCOMPANY: Amtrak must face some of the biasclaims brought by a former conductor who alledged that she was subjectedto misconduct for about 18 years, a federal district court judge has ruled.Included in the claims were sexual harassment, race discrimination, a hostilework environment, and retaliation. She was terminated in 2017. [hrdive,2-13-19]

BNSF BUDGETS $3.57-B IN CAPITAL INVESTMENT THISYEAR: BNSF has announced itscapital investmentplan of $3.57-billion toward maintenance and expansion of its network in2019. [Trains Newswire, 2-13-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS CANCELS PUBLIC STOCK OFFERING: Virgin Trains (formerly Brightline) has decided to remainprivate and will not issue stock in an initial public offering. [OrlandoWeekly, 2-13-19]

CSX COLLECTED OVER $365-M IN FEES LAST YEAR: CSX collected $365.7-million in demurrage and accessorialfees in 2018, about $30-million more than Norfolk Southern. [JacksonvilleBusiness Journal, 2-13-19]

CANADA TO SPEND $1.85-M FOR TANK-CAR COMMODITYSENSORS: TansRail Innovation Group willreceive $1.85-million (C) from the Canadian government to develop an electronicsensor to measure the volume of a commodity inside a railroad tank car.The device will help eliminate exposure to hazardous vapors and reduce therisk of spills while cars are filled. [Progressive Railroading, 2-13-19]

SAUDI HSR SERVICE INCREASES: Operations were stepped up on Aaudi Arabia's Haramainhigh-speed rail line Febr. 13 with the launch of Wednesday services on the281-mile route between Mecca and Medina. Formerly, since Oct. 2018, trainsoperated Thursday-Sunday. [International Railway Journal, 2-13-19]

CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR CALLS FOR SCALED-BACK HIGH-SPEEDRAIL PROJECT: California Governor GavinNewsom has called for a scaled-back focus on a section of high-speed raillinking Merced and Bakersfield, adding that there is simply not a path tobuild a full-scale high-speed rail line to connect northern and southernparts of the state without more funding. He does not want to waste the billionsalready spent on the project, and he does not want to return $3.5-billionthe state has already received in federal funding. [Sacramento Bee, 2-12-19]

WABTEC'S EXECUTIVE V.P. RESIGNS: Wabtec executive vice-president and chief operating officerStephane Rambaud-Measson has resigned, the company said. He was presidentand CEO of Faiveley Transport when it was acquired by Wabtec in 2016. [RailwayAge, 2-12-19]

METRA TO CLOSE TICKET OFFICE AT WINNETKA STATION: Chicago's Metra plans to close the ticket office at itsWinnetka station on the Union Pacific North line Febr. 22 due to decliningon-site sales. [Progressive Railroading, 2-12-19]

CHUCK BAKER NAMED PRESIDENT OF ASLRRA: Chuck Baker assumed the position of president of theAmerican Short Line & Regional Railroad Association Febr. 4. He succeedLinda Bauer Darr, who resigned. [Progressive Railroading, 2-12-19]

FLORENCE, ITALY, OPENS AIRPORT LIGHT-RAIL EXTENSION: Florence, Italy, opened a 3.1-mile extension of its light-railnetwork Febr. 11 from Unita to Peretola Airport The new line extends thecity's light-rail network to 10.4 miles with 37 stops.. [InternationalRailway Journal, 2-12-19]

UNION PACIFIC CUTS WORKFORCE BY 250: Union Pacific says it cut its workforce by about 250people. The company also said it had furloughed about 450 mechanical departmentemployees as more than 1,000 locomotives have been recently idled. [OmahaWorld-Herald, 2-12-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-two (42) percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains surveyed by the Bull Sheet arrived at their scheduled final destinationon time or earlier in the week ending Febr. 10, 2019. The remaining trains,on average, arrived one hour and 54 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept, 2-11-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN DETAILS STRETEGIC PLAN: Norfolk Southern on Febr. 11 shared highlights of itsfinancial targets. It plans full year operating ratio improvement by 2021of 60 pct; revenue growth at a compound annual rate of 5 pct through 2021;capital expenditures between 16 and 18 pct of revenues through 2021; anddividend payout ratio of 33 pct and continuance of share repurchases. [NorfolkSouthern, 2-11-19]

GOLETA, CALIFORNIA, SEEKS NEW TRAIN DEPOT: The city of Goleta, California, is searching for a designfor a new, expanded train depot just south of the existing Amtrak platform.The facility would house waiting rooms, cafe, community meeting room andrestrooms. The current platform serves about 61,000 riders a year. [SantaBarbara Independent, 2-10-19]

TALKS CONTINUE ON NORTHERN LIGHTS EXPRESS PROPOSAL: Minnesota has concluded that there is no significantenvironmental impact for the propsoed Northern Lights Express rail systemlinking Twin Cities with Duluth. North Shore Scenic Railroads hosted a representativefrom Amtrak and city officials in a recent meeting, and Amtrak says Duluthcould make use of federal grants meant for rail-starter projects. [Fox21 News, 2-10-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN EMPLOYEE STRUCK, KILLED BYTRAIN IN BALTIMORE: A Norfolk Southernemployee was struck and killed by a train at the railroad's Bay View yardin east Baltimore early Febr. 7, officials said. The incident is being investigatedby the National Transportation Safety Board. [Baltimore Sun, 2-8-19]

B.C. PROVINCE CONTRIBUTING $300,000 TOWARD SEATTLE-VANCOUVERHSR STUDY: The British Columbia governmentis contributing $300,000 toward a study of potential high-speed rail linkingSeattle to Vancouver. [Global News, 2-8-19]

CAR STRUCK BY TRAIN IN IOWA: Davenport, Iowa, police are investigating a crossingincident of early Febr. 8 when the driver apparently attempted to beat theoncoming train, but did not make it. There was also a four-year-old childin the car, but there were no injuries. [Quad City Times, 2-8-19]

SECOND SAN FRANCISCO BAY RAIL CROSSING BEINGCONSIDERED: A second San Francisco Bayrail crossing, either a tube or bridge, is under consideration by both Amtrakand Bay Area Rapid Transit. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 2-8-19]

AMTRAK STUDYING COSTS OF MOVING PRIVATE RAILCARS: Amtrak is working to catalogue andpinpoint all the realistic costs it incurs to handle private railroad carsby the end of March, paving the way for revised pricing and policies aroundspecial movements to be introduced in October. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 2-8-19]

HIGH WINDS TOPPLE TRAIN CARS IN MISSOURI: Officials say high winds caused a train to derail earlyFebr. 7 in Dexter, Missouri, damaging a local business and closing a heavily-traveledroad. One of the rail cars contained hazardous materials, but it did notleak. No injuries were reported. [Delta Dunklin Democrat, 2-8-19]

UNION PACIFIC TO ELIMINATE 450 MECHANICAL POSITIONS: Union Pacific has notified its mechanical employees thatapproximately 450 positions are being eliminated system wide in early Februaryas a result of a reduced locomotive fleet. [Pine Bluff Commercial, 2-8-19]

CP TRAIN HAD SPEED CONTROL PROBLEMS HOURS BEFOREFATAL ACCIDENT: The Canadian Pacific freighttrain involved in a fatal runaway derailment and plunge into a river earlyFebr. 4 near Field, B.C., was flagged for speed control problems hours beforethe incident, according to a veteran employee familiar with the situation.The train later dwelled at a crew change location two hours before proceedingonce again, with a different crew. [Calgary Herald]

UNION PACIFIC HIKES STOCK DIVIDEND 10 PCT: The board of Union Pacific has voted to increase thequarterly dividend on its common stock by 10 pct to 88 cents per share.This marks the company's fourth dividend increase in the past six quarters.The board also approved an authorization to buy up to 150 million of stockby the end of March 2022. [Union Pacific, 2-7-19]

VIA RAIL RENOVATES ITS OTTAWA STATION: Via Rail Canada on Febr. 6 unveiled completed renovationsat its station in Ottawa to meet accessibility standards. The Ottawa terminalis now the most accessible station in the railroad's network. The companyplans this summer to further transform the facility by renovating and expandingits business-class lounge to make it fully-accessible. [Progressive Railroading,2-7-19]

TESTING BEGINS ON SECOND PHASE OF D.C. METRO'SSILVER LINE: The first test trains werelaunched Febr. 6 on the 11.3-mile second phase of the Washington DC MetroSilver Line to Dulles Airport and points in Loudoun County, Va. [ProgressiveRailroading, 2-7-19]

KCS NAMES SAMEH FAHMY TO HEAD PRECISION SCHEDULEDRAILROADING: Kansas City Southern on Febr.7 announced the appointment of Sameh Fahmy as executive vice-president precisionscheduled railroading. [KCS, 2-7-19]

DUTCH PLAN FOR HIGH-FREQUENCY RAIL OPERATIONS: Trains will connect nine major Dutch cities every 10minutes by 2040 under plans unveiled Febr. 6 by the country's ministry ofinfrastructure. [International Railway Journal, 2-7-19]

NEW CEO FOR BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION: Bombardier on Febr. 7 announced that Danny Di Perna hasbeen named the new CEO of Bombardier Transportion, replacing Laurent Trogerwho has resigned. [International Railway Journal, 2-7-19]

CSX TRACKAGE MILES:As of Dec. 2018, CSX had a total of 36,557 track miles in its system, consistingof 26,286 mainline track miles, 9,350 terminal and yard track miles, and921 passing siding and turnout track miles. [Railway Track & Structures,2-7-19]

CP TRAIN THAT DERAILED IN B.C. HAD ACCELERATEDOUT OF CONTROL: The Canadian Pacific trainthat derailed near Field, B.C., Febr. 4 killing three crew members had acceleratedout of control after its brakes released without warning, investigatorssaid. [Calgary Herald, 2-6-19]

GENESEE & WYOMING REPORTS 4-Q RESULTS: Genesee & Wyoming's consolidated operating revenuesincreased 0.7 pct to $575.6 million in the fourth-quarter, compared withthe same quarter the year before. Adjusted operating income increased 5.6pct to $109.9-million. Weak performance in the company's Australian andEuropean operations were offset by stronger financials in North Americanoperations. [Railway Age, 2-6-19]

EUROPEAN UNION REJECTS ALSTOM-SIEMENS MERGER: The European Union on Febr. 6 blocked the rail mergerdeal between Alstom and Siemens. The planned merger between the French andGerman companies would have created a conglomerate with annual revenuesof about $17-billion. Both companys have a large presence in Europe, andthere were concerns that the deal could challenge European Union competitionrules which the firms were not willing to address, according to the EU commission.[CNBC, 2-6-19]

UNION PACIFIC IMPLEMENTS PTC ON ALL PASSENGERTRAIN ROUTES: Union Pacific announced Febr.5 that it has implemented positive train-control on all required passengertrain routes. The system has also been installed with the necessary equipmentalong all of its required route miles. [Progressive Railroading, 2-6-19]

JANUARY 2019 U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: Combined U.S. carload and intermodal originations inJanuary 2019 were 2,554,655, an increase of 1.1 pct compared with Januaryof last year. [Assn. of American Railroads, 2-6-19]

PROGRESS RAIL TO SUPPLY 40 BROAD-GAUGE LOCOMOTIVESTO BANGLADESH: Progress Rail has won acontract from Bangladesh Railways to supply 40 EMD GT42ACL broad-gauge locomotives.[Progressive Railroading, 2-6-19]

GE SETS DATE FOR SPINOFF OF TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMSHOLDINGS: GE has set a record date of Febr.14 for the spinoff of Transportation Systems Holdings Inc. which will holda portion of GE Transportation. Immediately following the spinoff, TransportationSystems Holdings will merge with a Wabtec subsidiary, and continue as thesurviving company. The merger is expected to occur Febr. 25, subject tocertain closing conditions. [Progressive Railroading, 2-6-19]

TRAIN DISPLAY FLAP-BOARD TO RETURN TO PHILADELPHIA,OFFICIALS SAY: The iconic split-flap Solaritrain display board, which was retired from service Jan. 26 at Philadelphia's30th Street Station, will be returning to the station as a permanent fixture,officials say. Amtrak is currently soliciting proposals for an overhaulof the station, includng a new requirement that the developer must utilizethe board as part of the master development. [Billy Penn, 2-5-19]

BNSF COAL TRAIN DERAILS IN WYOMING: A coal train on Febr. 4 sent two locomotives partiallyinto the North Platte River in Wyoming with thousands of gallons of dieselfuel potentially spilling into a remote canyon north of the Guernsey Reservoir.An engineer and a conductor suffered non-life threatening injuries, officialssaid. [Wyoming Star-Tribune, 2-5-19]

UNION PACIFIC CLOSING MECHANICAL SHOP IN BUTLER,WISCONSIN: Union Pacific said its mechanicalshop would be eliminated at the rail yard in Butler, Wisconsin, along withreduced operations at the yard. About 450 mechanical positions will be affected.Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2-5-19]

R.J. CORMAN LINE IN S.C. GETTING MAJOR UPGRADE: Ground was broken Febr. 4 on a $17.5-million track upgradeproject for nine miles of R.J. Corman's former Carolina Southern Railroadin Horry County, S.C. The project includes a complete rebuild of a 220-footbridge spanning Crab Tree Swamp in Conway, rehabilitating 39 grade crossings,improving eight other bridges, and replacing 60,000 ties. [ProgressiveRailroading, 2-5-19]

THREE KILLED IN CP TRAIN DERAILMENT IN B.C.: A Canadian Pacific grain train derailed early Febr. 4near Field, B.C., resulting in the deaths of the train's engineer, conductor,and a trainee. The accident occurred between the upper and lower Spiraltunnels while crossing a bridge, with the train falling nearly 200 feetinto Kicking Horse River. [Progressive Railroading, 2-5-19]

HOUSTON ORDERS 14 LIGHT-RAIL VEHICLES FROM SIEMENS: A contract has been awarded to Siemens to supply 14 S70light-rail vehicles for the Houston MetroRail network. [InternationalRailway Journal, 2-5-19]

EXTENSION OF EMPIRE CORRIDOR TRAIN INTO MASSACHUSETTSBEING CONSIDERED: Under current plans,Massachusetts would pay Amtrak to extend one of its Empire corridor trains,now terminating at Albany, to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, for people to accessthe Berkshires. The train would operate northbound on Fridays and southboundon Sundays. [Albany Times Union]

GERMAN RAIL TO ORDER 23 NEW LONG-DISTANCE TRAINS: German Rail says it is planning to order 23 new long-distanceICE trains for EuroCity international services. [International RailwayJournal, 2-5-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-seven percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending Febr. 3, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 50 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 2-4-19]

FUTURE UNCERTAIN FOR SOUTHWEST CHIEF BEYONDSEPTEMBER 2019: When asked if Amtrak wouldcontinue to run its Southwest Chief as it currently operates beyond September30 of this year, its spokesman Marc Magliari said there are 'too many movingparts' to determine that at this time. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,2-2-19]

AAR APPEALS RULING OVER AMTRAK TRACK PRIORITYON HOST CARRIERS: Host railroads whereAmtrak operates its trains are once again going to court to fight for theright to delay passengers in favor of their freight traffic. The Associationof American Railroads has asked the Supreme Court to hear its appeal toa case passenger interests won last summer in the D.C. Circuit Court ofAppeals over on-time performance standards and enforcement. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 2-2-19]

AMTRAK REOPENS CHICAGO UNION STATION TO RAILTRAFFIC FOLLOWING ARCTIC BLAST: After cancelingservice due to a bitterly cold winter storm for two days, most Amtrak servicesto and from Chicago have been restored as of Febr. 2. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 2-2-19]

SOUNDER TRAINS UPDATED TO PTC OPERATION: All Sounder trains between Lakewood and Everett, Washington,are now equipped with positive train-control technology. The agency saidthat PTC works on more than 99 pct of Sounder trips serving 17,000 passengersweekly. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 2-2-19]

JANUARY 2019 AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-three percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their final destination on time or earlier in January 2019, accordingto a survey by the Bull Sheet. The average arrival of all long-distancetrains in the survey period was 44 minutes late. The average arrival ofthe trains that were behind schedule was one hour and 18 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet StatisticalDept., 2-1-19]

TRACTOR CLEARING SNOW ON CROSSING STRUCK BYTRAIN, DRIVER KILLED: Police say a VermontRail Systems train hit a tractor which was clearing snow from a privatedriveway and across the tracks late Jan. 30 in Fairlee, Vermont, killingthe 88-year-old driver. [U.S. News & World Report, 1-31-19]

AMTRAK CANCELS SERVICE TO & FROM CHICAGODUE TO BITTER WEATHER: With extreme weatherconditions, Amtrak canceled service to and from Union Station Chicago Jan.30 and 31, both short- and long-distance trains. Overnight trains en routefrom Jan. 28 and 29 still arrived, but no departures, according to Amtrak.[Amtrak]

SELF-DRIVING SHUTTLE IN USE AT COMMUTER RAILSTATION IN DENVER: A new autonomous shuttlevehicle that transports riders between the 61st and Pena rail station inDenver to two businesses and a park-ride lot was deployed Jan. 29 by theRegional Transportation District. [Progressive Railroading, 1-30-19]

NEW BLOCK-TRAIN SERVICE IN MEXICO: APM Terminals says a new block-train service from itsterminal in Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, is helping avoid congestion and delaysto reach destinations along the West Coast of Mexico and U.S. The terminalis served by Kansas City Southern de Mexico, and the service is faster andmore secure than it is by truck, officials said. [Progressive Railroading,1-30-19]

CN MECHANICS RATIFY FOUR-YEAR CONTRACT: The union representing Canadian National mechanics, electriciansand apprentices in Canada said workers have ratified a new four-year collectiveagreement. [Canadian Press, 1-30-19]

VIRGIN TRAINS USA PLANS PUBLIC STOCK OFFERING: Virgin Trains USA (a.k.a. Brightline) says it will beoffering more than 28 million shares of common stock priced at between $17and $19 per share, to be listed on the Nasdaq market. [U.S. News &World Report, 1-30-19]

CSX SETTLES LAWSUIT OVER DEATH OF FILM WORKERON TRESTLE: CSX has settled a wrongfuldeath lawsuit brought by the family of a film worker killed in 2014 whena train slammed into a crew shooting a movie on a trestle in Georgia. CSXhad appealed a $3.9-million jury award to the family, claiming that it wasnot responsible for the death as the film workers were trespassing at thetime of the incident and had earlier been denied access to the property.The jury decided that the railroad was 35 pct responsible, however, andawarded $3.9-million out of a $11.2-million value for life, pain and suffering,citing the fact that had crews of two trains passing the scene prior tothe incident were aware of a large gathering of people at the scene anddid not report their presence to their dispatcher. [U.S. News & WorldReport, 1-30-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending Jan. 26, 2019, U.S. rail freighttraffic was 522,026 combined carloads and intermodal units, down 4 pct comparedwith the corresponsing week last year. [Association of American Railroads,1-30-19]

CSX WORKING TO IMPROVE SAFETY: CSX says it is making changes to improve safety for workers.Six workers were killed on its property in 2018. Included are regional safetycommittees and an investment of $900-million in tracks. [WOKV 30, 1-30-19]

CUMMINS ANNOUNCES DEAL FOR 75 LOCOMOTIVE ENGINES: Employees at Cummins Seymour, Indiana, Engine Plant willsoon find themselves busier on the heels of the company's announcement Jan.25 of a deal to make 75 locomotive engines for Siemens Mobility's Chargerlocomotives. The locomotives, equipped with Cummins' QSK95 engine, willbe purchased by Amtrak. The QSK95 is the largest diesel engine Cummins makesat its Seymour plant, which employed more than 900 this past year. [Tribune,1-29-19]

SOME NTSB ACCIDENT DETERMINATIONS MIGHT BE LOSTDUE TO SHUTDOWN: The National TransportationSafety Board has resumed normal operations and begun developing plans toaddress work that could not be done during the federal government's partialshutdown. There were 22 accidents (including two rail accidents with fatalities)in which the agency did not dispatch investigators, and it is possible that'perishable' evidence may have been lost, which could potentially preventdetermination of probable cause, officials said. [Progressive Railroading,1-29-19]

NEW BNSF CAMERAS FIND RAIL, WHEEL DEFECTS: BNSF is deploying new high-speed onboard cameras capableof recording images, at speeds up to 70 MPH, of rail surface defects andother visible flaws. The railroad also uses sensors along its tracks usingthermal, acoustic, visual and force measurements to gather data, along withdrones in the inspection process. [Railway Track & Structures, 1-29-19]

SALE OF CSX'S PENSACOLA LINE IS ON HOLD: The sale of CSX's 373 miles of railroad between Pensacolaand Jacksonville to Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad, a subsidiary ofRail USA, has stalled, officials have confirmed. CSX says it will continueto evaluate options for the rail line. [Pensacola News Journal, 1-29-19]

FUTURE OF BNSF'S HAVELOCK SHOPS IS UNCERTAIN: BNSF says it is working on a restructuring at the shopsat Havelock, Nebraska, but it declined to provide any details. Several unionsrepresenting more than 400 workers working there voted last year on a newagreement, but the affected unions either declined to comment or did notrespond. It is understood, however, that the railroad wants to separatethe seniority rosters for workers at the Havelock shops and those in theHobson Yard diesel shop. [Lincoln Journal Star, 1-29-19]

CN REPORTS 4-Q EARNINGS:Canadian National reported $3.81-billion (C) in fourth-quarter 2018 revenue,an increase of 16 pct compared with the same quarter last year. Operatingincome of $1.45-billion was an increase of 19 pct. [CN, 1-29-19]

CN BOARD HIKES DIVIDEND 18 PCT: Canadian National's board has approved an 18 pct increasein its common stock dividend. The board also approved the repurchase ofup to 22 million shares of stock over a 12-month period. [CN, 1-29-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Thirty-eight percent of Amtrak's named long-distancetrains arrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier inthe week ending January 27, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrivedone hour and 27 minutes behind schedule. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 1-28-19]

DENVER'S SOUTHEAST LIGHT-RAIL EXTENSION TO OPENIN MAY: The Regional Transportation Districtof Denver has announced that the grand opening its 2.3-mile Southeast light-railextension will be May 19. It will provide service south from Lincoln stationto Ridge Gate station in Lone Tree with three news stations. [ProgressiveRailroading, 1-28-19]

AMTRAK TRAIN STRIKES TRUCK IN MICHIGAN, ENGINEERINJURED: An eastbound Amtrak train stucka truck stuck between the gates at a crossing in Three Oaks, Michigan, earlyJan. 25, slightly injuring the engineer and damaging the locomotive. Therewere no injuries to passengers. The driver of the truck escaped from thevehicle prior to impact. [Herald-Palladium, 1-26-19]

TRAIN DISPLAY FLIP-BOARD IN PHILADELPHIA REMOVED: The iconic 30th Street Station Solari flipping boardis gone. It displayed one final message Jan. 26: 'Farewell Philadelphia.'The board will be replaced by a modern digitalboard, which Amtrak says isneeded to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The old boardwill be donated to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. [CBS Philadelphia,1-26-19]

CRUDE-BY-RAIL SURGES IN N.M.: Traffic is surging in the railroad industry in New Mexicothanks to the oil boom in both the state and west Texas. The number of railcars traveling through the Carlsbad area has almost tripled during the regionas extraction continued to grow in the Permian Basin. [Santa Fe New Mexican,1-26-19]

N.Y. CITY'S MOYNIHAN TRAIN HALL TO GET ENHANCEDMETROPOLITAN LOUNGE: Amtrak has releasedseveral images of the Metropolitan Lounge to be included in Moynihan TrainHall slated for opening in 2021. It will include more spacious boarding,dedicated waiting area, private resrooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, priorityboarding, dedicated customer service agents, expanded food and beverageofferings, and a balcony overlooking the train hall. The Metropolitan Loungewill be the turf of Amtrak's premier passengers, such as those riding first-class.[Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-25-19]

ATLANTIC CITY RAIL LINE SHUTDOWN TO CONTINUEINTO SPRING: The shutdown of rail servicebetween Philadelphia and Atlantic City is going to last until at least April1, N.J. Transit says. Causes include an engineer shortage and equipmentavailability. Also, federal approval is required before the service reopens.Raritan Valley service to and from New York, and shuttle service betweenPrinceton and Princton Junction also remain suspended. [New Jersey Herald,1-25-19]

N.Y. CITY HALTS DELIVERIES OF NEW SUBWAY CARSPENDING CORRECTION OF DEFECTS: New YorkCity's transit agency has halted deliveries of new Bombardier train carsuntil ongoing problems are corrected. Several R179 subway cars were pulledfrom service recently, partly because of air-compressor software defects.[Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-25-19]

WAYWARD HUDSON RIVER CRUISE SHIP GETS JAMMEDUNDER RAILROAD BRIDGE: An unoccupied HudsonRiver cruise ship broke loose from its moorings in Troy, N.Y., early Jan.25 amid rising water and ice jams, floated downriver and got stuck undera railroad bridge used by Amtrak trains connecting Albany and Rensselaer.Amtrak said it is still using the bridge, but under reduced speeds. [PostStar, 1-25-19]

TRAIN STRIKES SCHOOL BUS IN TEXAS, ONE KILLED,TWO INJURED: A 13-year-old student waskilled, and a nine-year-old student and a bus driver were injured when aschool bus was struck by a train at a crossing in Athens, Texas, on Jan.25. There were no other people on the bus, according to the school district.[Waco Tribune Herald, 1-25-19]

NEW AMTRAK TRAIN TO SERVE NORFOLK BEGINNINGIN MARCH: In Virginia, Hampton Roads residentswill have another option for Amtrak service when a second train is addedon March 4. The area currently has a train with a daily 6:10 A.M. departurefrom Norfolk, and the second train will add a 9 A.M. departure on weekdays.[Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-25-19]

SAFETY BOARD ISSUES REPORT OF VIA RAIL TRAINDERAILMENT IN SASKATCHEWAN IN JULY, 2018:The derailment of Via passenger train 693 on July 5, 2018, in a remote areaof east-central Saskatchewan could have been averted if local authoritiesand the railroad had communicated about flood waters, Canada's transportationsafety board wrote in a report. A nearby highway had washed out, causingexcess water to flood the railway, resulting in two locomotives and a baggagecar to derail. Two rail crew members had minor injuries. [Railway Track& Structures, 1-25-19]

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, PONDERS CONNECTION TO VALLEYMETRO LIGHT-RAIL SYSTEM: Residents andcity officials of Chandler, Arizona, are looking at the possibility of connectingtheir city to Valley Metro's light-rail system. The idea was first proposedin 2015, but never developed. If the city decides to move forward, it wouldneed voters to approve a transportation tax to support the project. [RailPassengers Assn. hotline, 1-25-19]

TRACK WORK TO IMPACT PALMETTO SERVICE: Palmetto trains 89 and 90 will be annulled between Washingtonand Savannah Febr. 4 through 7 due to track work. No alternate transportationwill be provided. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-25-19]

BRIGHTLINE PLANS STATION DEDICATED TO ORLANDOTHEME PARKS: Florida's Brightline (soonto be rebranded Virgin Trains USA) plans to develop a station somewherearound theme parks in Orlando which would enhance the railroad's partnershipwith the Tampa airport. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-25-19]

GE, WABTEC MODIFIED MERGER TERMS: Wabtec and GE Transportation have modified the termsof their merger agreement, now expected to close by the end of Febr. GEwill complete the spin-off of a portion of GE Transportation to GE shareholders,and immediately thereafter merge GE Transportation into a wholly-owned subsidiaryof Wabtec. Upon closing, Wabtec shareholders will own 50.8 pct of Wabtecon a fully-diluted basis, compared to 49.9 pct under the previous terms.[Railway Gazette, 1-25-19]

HEDGE FUND MANTLE RIDGE SELLS $305-M OF CSXSTOCK: Mantle Ridge, a hedge fund thatis a large shareholder of CSX, sold $305-million of its company stock thisweek. [Barrons, 1-25-19]

CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL COULD HAVE HOUSINGBENEFITS: One offshoot to the Californiahigh-speed rail project, in construction from Los Angeles to San Franciscofor 2029 completion, is that low-income workers might have better accessto affordable housing beyond a city's suburbs. A study by the Universityof California at Los Angeles compared a similar housing result with high-speedrail in Japan. [CityLab, 1-25-19]

CUBA TO ACQUIRE 23 DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES: A contract for the supply of 23 Type LDE-2500 locomotivesto Cuba from Bryansk Machine Building Works has been signed. The units willbe adapted to cope with the humid conditions of the country, and deliveryis planned in 45 months. [Railway Gazette, 1-25-19]

UNION PACIFIC REPORTS 4-Q EARNINGS: Union Pacific reported record 2018 fourth-quarter netincome of $1.6-billion or $2.12 per diluted share, 29 and 39 pct increases,respectively, compared to adjusted results for the same quarter last year.[Union Pacific, 1-24-19]

PTC IN OPERATION OVER 83.2 PCT OF CLASS I RAILROUTE MILES NATIONWIDE: At the end of 2018,the nation's Class I freight railroads were operating positive train-controlover 83.2 pct of required route miles. With this progress, the Class I railroadsmet the 2018 statutory requirements and are well on their way to meetingthe final end-of-year 2020 deadline for full implementation and validation.[Assn. of American Railroads, 1-24-19]

TENNESSEE GRANTS $2-M TOWARD EAST TENNESSEERWY SPUR: Tennessee Dept. of Transportationhas awarded a $2-million grant to fund construction of a new seven-milerail spur for the East Tennessee Railway, a subsidiary of Genesee &Wyoming, near Johnson City, to expand rail access and economic opportunitiesand divert freight from road to rail. [Progressive Railroading, 1-24-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN REPORTS 4-Q RESULTS: Norfolk Southern reported fourth-quarter 2018 net incomewas $702-million and diluted earnings per share were $2.57, and income of$2.67-billion and diluted EPS were $9.51 for the full year. Railway operatingrevenues for the fourth-quarter of $2.9-billion were an increase of 9 pct.[Norfolk Southern, 1-24-19]

N.Y. GOVERNOR THREATENS TO TAKE LEGAL ACTIONAGAINST CSX OVER FLOODING ISSUE: New York'sgovernor said he would possibly pursue legal action against CSX which hesays is responsible for some of the repeated flooding in Whitesboro, N.Y.because the railroad's bridge spanning Sauquoit Creek is so low that inthe winter ice floating down the river gets jammed underneath. The governorsaid he will discuss the matter with CSX before commiting to litigation.[Observer-Dispatch, 1-24-19]

LAYOFFS AT UNION PACIFIC BAILEY YARD IN NEBRASKA: Union Pacific announced more layoffs in Bailey Yard inNorth Platte, Nebraska. The number of layoffs were not disclosed, but theywere the result of the company's Unified Plan 2020. [North Platte Telegraph,1-24-19]

UNION PACIFIC'S CAPITAL SPENDING THIS YEAR ISSAME AS LAST YEAR: Union Pacific has committedto $3.2-billion in capital spending in 2019, the same amount it investedin 2018. [Railway Track & Structures, 1-24-19]

CSX SAYS EMPLOYMENT REDUCTIONS WILL CONTINUE: CSX's job cuts last year exceeded expectations, but companyofficials say they see plenty of room to cut further. Employment at theend of the year was 22,475, and the company expects the count to reduceto 21,000 by the end of 2020. This reduction should be met through expectedattrition, officials said. [Jacksonville Dailly Record, 1-24-19]

PHILADELPHIA 30TH STREET STATION'S FLIP BOARDBEING REMOVED: Time has run out for theiconic split-flap Solari arrivals and departures board at Amtrak's 30thStreet Station in Philadelphia. It is the last active board of its kindon Amtrak's system, and it is slated to be removed over the coming weekend.It will be donated to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum, and it will be replacedby a digital display that is ADA-compliant. [Billy Penn, 1-24-19]

SEPTA AWARDS ENGINEERING CONTRACT FOR HIGH-SPEEDLINE EXTENSION TO KING OF PRUSSIA: HNTBwon a $7.2-million contract with Southeastern Pennsylvania TransportationAuthority to advance engineering for the King of Prussia rail extensionof the Norristown High-Speed line. [Progressive Railroading]

CP REPORTS 4-Q EARNINGS:Canadian Pacific announced fourth-quarter revenues of $2-billion (C), anoperating ratio of 56.5 pct, and record operating income of $874-million.[CP, 1-23-19]

L.A. METRO BLUE LINE TO GET MODERNIZATION: The Los Angeles Metro Blue Line will undergo a comprehensive$350-million modernization beginning Jan. 26. The line, which opened in1990, has been undergoing safety and operational improvements since 2014.The project will include improvements to signaling, tracks and catenary,four new crossovers, and station improvements. [Railway Age, 1-23-19]

GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS, OPPOSES INCREASED AMTRAKHIAWATHA SERVICE: The Glenview, Illinois,board of trustees has approved the allocation of $105,000 from its 2019budget as part of a $500,000 expenditure to oppose an increase in AmtrakHiawatha service from the current seven round-trips a day to ten. At issueis the proposal to build a 10,000-foot holding track for freight trainson the east side of two existing tracks, or an 11,000-foot holding trackon the west side, along with a holding wall. [Railway Track & Structures,1-23-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN NAMES MICHAEL COX V.P. TAXATION: Norfolk Southern has appointed Michael Cox vice-presidenttaxation, effective March 1, replacing Robert Kesler, who is retiring. [NorfolkSouthern, 1-23-19]

CP RAIL TRAIN DERAILS IN ONTARIO: A Canadian Pacific train derailed in Ajax, Ontario, onJan. 23. There were no injuries, but the area of the derailment was expectedto remain closed for two days. [CityNews, 1-23-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN INCREASES DIVIDEND: Norfolk Southern's board has approved an eight pct increasein its quarterly common stock dividend from 80 to 86 pct per share. [NorfolkSouthern, 1-23-19]

JURY AWARDS MAN $13.1-M IN SUIT AGAINST BNSF: A jury has awarded a man driving an 18-wheeler approximately$13.1-million in a suit against BNSF. The jury determined that BNSF hadneglected to cut trees along its right-of-way, obstructing the driver'sview of an oncoming train in 2012 at a crossing in Verendrye, N.D. [GrandForks Herald, 1-23-19]

WHEAT SALES TO CHINA WOULD BENEFIT RAILS: The Chinese government is considerig buying up to 7,000,000tons of U.S. wheat, Bloomberg reported Jan. 22. China has not purchasedAmerican wheat to replenish state reserves in many years, and a deal ofthis size would have significant benefit to commodity prices and transportationactivity in the U.S. [Freight Waves, 1-23-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending Jan. 19, 2019, total U.S. rail freighttraffic was 543,111 carloads and intermodal units, up 6.9 pct compared withthe corresponding week last year. Calculated separately, carloads increased7.4 pct, and intermodal increased 6.5 pct. [Assn. of American Railroads,1-23-19]

AMTRAK NIXES REBUILDING CARS OVER 37 YEARSOLD: Amtrak has decided not to rebuildany of the cars in its fleet that are 37 years old or older. They have toomany miles and are suffering metal fatigue, the company says. [RailPassengers Assn., 1-23-19]

NTSB SUSPENDS ACCIDENT PROBES DUE TO GOVERNMENTSHUTDOWN: There are 83 accidents aroundthe nation where a federal investigation is being delayed due to the partialgovernment shutdown. Because most of its staff is furloughed, the NationalTransportation Safety Board is not beginning new investigations, and it'snot updating cases that were already underway. [News 4 Jacksonville,1-22-19]

SOME METRO-NORTH TRAINS ARE PLANNED TO USE N.Y.PENN STATION: Some Metro-North trains currentlyserving the New Haven line could arrive at Penn Station instead of GrandCentral under an agreement announced Jan. 22. Four new Metro-North stationswould be built in the East Bronx, while Amtrak will explore extending itsown service to Long Island. [Albany Times Union, 1-22-19]

FEDERAL SHUTDOWN PREVENTING ATLANTIC CITY RAILLINE FROM REOPENING: New Jersey's governorhas pledged that service on the Atlantic City rail line will resume, butneither he nor N.J. Transit can say when that will be because of the ongoingfederal shutdown. That line, Princeton Shuttle and direct Raritan Valleyline service has been shut down for four months while positive train-controlinstallation was completed. [NJ.com, 1-22-19]

MORGAN STANLEY PRESIDENT ELECTED TO NORFOLKSOUTHERN BOARD: Thomas Kelleher, presidentof Morgan Stanley, has been elected a director of Norfolk Southern. [NorfolkSouthern, 1-22-19]

BLET MEMBERS RATIFY BARGAINING CONTRACTS WITHW&LE: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineersand Trainmen have ratified new seven-year collective bargaining agreementsfor engineers and trainmen with Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway. [ProgressiveRailroading, 1-22-19]

CHILE'S SANTIAGO METRO LINE 3 OPENS: The Chilean capital Santiago on Jan. 22 celebrated theopening of the 13.5-mile line 3, its sixth metro line. The line, connectingthe city center with Los Libertadores, has 18 stations. [InternationalRailway Journal, 1-22-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-five percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending January 20, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand 16 minutes behind schedule. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept, 1-21-19]

AMTRAK REDUCES SOME SCHEDULES DUE TO IMPENDINGWINTER STORM: Amtrak says it will cancelat least 15 trains in the Northeast and Midwest this weekend (Jan. 19-20)because of an impending major winter storm, and reduce operations on othertrains. Cardinal, Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited are among thosetrains canceled both dates. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-18-19]

AMTRAK ENHANCES MENUS ON LAKE SHORE, CAPITOLLIMITEDS: New, enhanced dining-car menusare now offered on Amtrak's Lake Shore and Capitol limiteds. Included area new, hot breakfast item, and three hot lunch and dinner options. Amtrakhad significantly reduced dining options for the two trains back in June2018, which met with a number of negative reviews from patrons expectingbetter. In the meantime, delivery of high-capacity convention ovens foraffected trains are pending, and these should further enhance the processonce the busy travel season arrives this coming summer. [Rail PassengersAssn. hotline, 1-18-19]

KCS REPORTS 4-Q EARNINGS:Knasas City Southern reported fourth-quarter 2018 revenues of $694-million,an increase of 5 pct from the same quarter a year earlier, while carloadvolumes remained flat compared to the prior year. Record fourth-quarteradjusted diluted EPS of $1.56 were 13 pct higher than a year ago. [KansasCity Southern, 1-18-19]

BNSF EMPLOYEE AWARDED $3.5-M FOR INJURIES INRAIL YARD: A jury in Lancaster County,Nebraska, returned a verdict in favor of a BNSF employee for injuries hesuffered in a Lincoln rail yard nearly five years ago when a rail car rolledover his foot. The employee, who is still working for the railroad, wasawarded more than $7.1-million, but it was reduced by 51 percent, the percentagefor which the jury deemed the employee responsible. [U.S. News &World Report, 1-18-19]

PTC CONVERSION CAUSES NJT MAINTENANCE BACKLOG: New Jersey Transit has several passenger rail cars sittingidle since the agency focused on completing positive train-control implementationrather than routine scheduled maintenance. Through the start of the newyear, NJT has been forced to cancel some trains, but staff is now workingaround the clock to reduce the backlog. [Rail Passengers Assn hotline.,1-18-19]

LAWSUIT FILED OVER STREAMS, WETLANDS DISRUPTIONFOR MD. PURPLE LINE PROJECT: A third lawsuithas been filed to halt the Purple line light-rail project in Maryland, claimingthat construction in streams and wetlands associated with the route is illegalunder the Clean Water Act. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-18-19]

OLD SAYBROOK STATION CLOSED: The Old Saybrook, Connecticut, rail station is closeduntil further notice due to structural concerns. The platform is still accessibleand a service representative will be available for assistance most of theday, but there will be no ticketing for trains. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 1-18-19]

AMTRAK PLANNING TO REPLACE AMFLEET-I CARS: Amtrak has issued a request for proposals for a new fleetof single-level passenger cars to replace its aging fleet of 470 Amfleet-Iand former Metroliner cars. These cars are 40 and 50 years old, respectively.The new vehicles will be used on the Northeast corridor and adjacent statecorridor routes. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-18-19]

ALSTOM'S ORDERS MORE THAN DOUBLE IN MOST RECENTQUARTER: In the third-quarter of its 2018fiscal-year, Alstom booked orders totaling $4.2-billion, compared with $1.9-billionin the same period the previous fiscal-year. Sales increased 10 pct. to$2.3-billion. [Progressive Railroading, 1-18-19]

BNSF IDENTIFIES TWO NEW 'CERTIFIED SITES': BNSF has identified 'certified sites' at Logistics Park,Galesburg, Illinois, and Clovis Industrial Park in New Mexico. There arenow 18 such sites on the system as part of the railroad's program aimedat addressing increasing demand for customer site location by developingvarious types of facilities. [Progressive Railroading, 1-18-19]

MARTA CLEANS UP FOLLOWING DERAILMENT AT ATLANTAAIRPORT: A crane has removed two derailedcommuter train cars at Atlanta's airport, but repairs continued on a damagedtrack as of Jan. 18. An out-of-service train had derailed late Jan. 15,but it was not until Jan. 17 that the crane arrived to remove the cars.There were no passengers on the train, and no injuries were reported. [N.J.Herald, 1-18-19]

CONNECTICUT'S SHORE LINE EAST SERVICE RESTORED: Six weekday trains are being restored to the Shore LineEast schedule to replace bus service that has been operating since April2018. Owned and operated by Amtrak, the Shore Line East runs between NewHaven and New London. [Progressive Railroading, 1-17-19]

AMTRAK AGREES TO LIMIT TICKET SALES ON NEW HAVEN-HARTFORDLINE: To address persistent overcrowdingon afternoon trains on the Hartford line, Connecticut has worked with Amtrakto limit advance ticket sales through the railroad's reservation system,making room for up to 72 CTrail Hartford Line ticketed riders. The stateand Amtrak will continue to monitor ridership levels and consider additionalreservation changes as needed. [Progressive Railroading, 1-17-19]

CP PLANS ROGERS PASS TUNNEL OVERHAUL: Canadian Pacific is planning extensive work in its famedMount Macdonald Tunnel through Rogers Pass in British Columbia, at 9.1 milesthe longest railway tunnel in North America. The project could take betweenfive and 10 years to reach completion. [Railway Track & Structures,1-17-19]

GERMAN RAIL PASSENGERS CAN EXPECT SERVICE IMPROVEMENTTHIS YEAR: A report presented to Germany'stransport ministry by Deutsche Bahn sets forth a plan to address decliningrail performance. It focuses upon rolling-stock availability, additionalstaffing and enhanced workshop capacity, with a goal of improving on-timeperformance to 76.5 pct this year. The report also stresses the need formore reliable customer information systems in depots and trains, refurbishedlounges, new dining-car menus and increased funding. [Railway Gazette,1-17-19]

GREECE PLANS TO CONVERT ATHENS-AREA TRAINS FROMDIESEL TO ELECTRIC: Greek state-owned rollingstock company Gaiaose has issued a tender notice for a contract to conducta feasibility study into the conversion of 17 Stadler GTW class 560 dieselmultiple-units to electric traction. The two-car trains were built in 2003and 2004, and are used in suburban service in the Athens area. [InternationalRailway Journal, 1-17-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: Combined U.S. rail freight carloads and intermodal unitswas 555,127 in the week ending January 12, 2019, an increase of 8.4 pctcompared with the corresponding week last year. Calculated separately, carloadswere up 10.3 pct, and intermodal units were up 6.8 pct. [Assn. of AmericanRailroads, 1-16-19]

ACQUISITION OF 8.5 MILES OF DORMANT RAIL LINEFOR TRAIL USE IN PA. MOVES FORWARD: A purchaseagreement is being prepared that will outline the terms of sale for 8.5miles of dormant Genesee & Wyoming rail line in York County, Pa. Thecounty's Rail Trail Authority has begun meetings with affected municipalitiesto provide updates on the acquisition process for an extension of the HanoverTrolley Trail. [York County Rail Trail Authority, 1-16-19]

CSX REPORTS 4-Q EARNINGS:CSX announced fourth-quarter 2018 net earnings were $843-million or $1.01per share, compared with $4.14-billion or $4.62 per share in the same quarterlast year (which included a tax-reform benefit and a restructuring charge).The company's operating ratio set a fourth-quarter record of 60.3 percent.CSX also announced its board has authorized $5-billion in share repurchasesfollowing the early completion of its existing $5-billion authorization.[CSX, 1-16-19]

LOCAL OFFICIALS 'BLINDSIDED' BY INDIANA GOVERNOR'SDECISION TO CUT AMTRAK FUNDING: Blindsidedby Governor Holcomb's call to put the brakes on Amtrak's four-day-a-weekHoosier State train, local officials in Indiana are bracing for the endof daily passenger train service between Indianapolis and Chicago. The budgetdoes not include a $3-million year allocation for the route, which makesintermediate stops in Crawfordsville, Lafayette, Rensselaer and Dyer. (Theroute will still be covered three times a week by Amtrak's Cardinal.) [JournalReview, 1-16-19]

DESIGN WORK ON MBTA GREEN LINE EXTENSION PROGRESSES: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's $2.3-billionGreen line extension is roughly 60 pct designed and remains on schedule.About 320 people are working on the 4.7-mile light-rail project, but thatnumber will rise over the coming year as construction ramps up. [SomervillePatch, 1-16-19]

TEN PROGRESS RAIL LOCOMOTIVES DELIVERED TO TUNISIA: Tunisian National Railways has taken delivery of an initialbatch of 10 Progress Rail GT42AC diesel locomotives for use to haul phosphatetrains. [Internaional Railway Journal, 1-16-19]

HITACHI TO SUPPLY 50 EMU'S TO TAIWAN RAILWAY: Taiwan Railway Administration and its procurement agenthave signed a $1.6-billion contract with Hitachi for 50 electric multiple-unit12-car intercity trains for delivery beginning 2021. [International RailwayJournal, 1-15-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Fifty percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending January 13, 2019. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hourand three minutes behind schedule. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept, 1-14-19]

AMTRAK NORTHEAST CORRIDOR PLAN UPDATES: By 2021, passengers in New York City will board trainsfrom Moynihan Station in a new sunlit atrium concourse across the streetfrom Penn Station as Amtrak moves into a larger space with a new customerlounge. Amtrak is buying 28 Acela trainsets, eight more than it currentlyoperates. It is also planning to buy a new fleet of trains for its NortheastRegional service in the middle of the next decade. Amtrak says it is consideringoffering some non-stop trains between New York and Washington that couldcut 15 minutes off the current travel time. [N.Y. Times, 1-11-19]

AMTRAK'S HOOSIER STATE MAY LOSE FUNDING: Amtrak's Hoosier State, the four-day-a-week train betweenIndianapolis and Chicago, may lose its $3-million annual appropriation fromIndiana under its governor's proposed state budget. Without the funding,the train will likely be discontinued. The train currently runs on the daysAmtrak's Cardinal three-day-a-week train skips. [NUVO, 1-11-19]

METRO-NORTH HARLEM, HUDSON LINES IMPACTED BYTRACK ISSUES: Metro-North's Harlem andHudson line trains were impacted early Jan. 11 due to broken rails in Pleasantvilleand Tarrytown, and a 'track condition' in Hastings-on-Hudson. The incidentscaused single-track operation with delays of up to 40 or 50 minutes. [Rorkland/WestChester Journal, 1-11-19]

MARYLAND & DELAWARE R.R. NAMES NEW PRESIDENT: The Maryland & Delaware Railroad, which operates120 miles of track, has promoted Cathrin Banks to president. Most recentlyshe served the short line as vice-president and general counsel. [ProgressiveRailroading, 1-11-19]

AMTRAK NAMES THREE TO LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Roger Harris has been named Amtrak's vice-president oflong distance service, Robert Jordon has been named assistant vice-presidentof stations, and Bruno Maestri has been named vice-president of governmentaffairs and corporate communications. Harris and Jordan begin their newroles this month; Maestri will begin in March. [Rail Passengers Assn.hotline, 1-11-19]

AMTRAK'S CALIFORNIA CALL CENTER SET TO CLOSEJAN. 18: Ninety-seven employees from Amtrak'sRiverside, California, call center have accepted an offer to move and workin Philadelphia when the Riverside center closes Jan. 18. Those not optingto move will be given a separation allowance. About 500 employees overallare affected. Meanwhile, some call-in duties will be handled by an outsourcedcall center in Florida where the employees will be working for lower pay.[Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-11-19]

CHECKED BAGGAGE ENDS ON BOSTON SECTION OF LAKESHORE LIMITED: Checked baggage serviceon the Boston section of Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited ended Jan. 7. Additionalon-board storage space is being made available to sleeping-car passengers,but not as 'checked baggage.' [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-11-19]

NEW FLIP-BOARD MIGHT BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR PHILADELPHIA: Amtrak intends to remove its historic split-flap train-statusboard at Philadelphia, but an engineering design firm says it can supplya similar apparatus that will integrate with Amtrak's system and be ADA-compliant.Amtrak is considering the offer. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-11-19]

BOMBARDIER TO SUPPLY 113 COMMUTER CARS TO NJT: Bombardier has landed a $669-million contract to supply113 Multilevel III commuter rail cars to New Jersey Transit, with an optionfor up to an additional 886 cars. [Progressive Railroading, 1-10-19]

UNION PACIFIC TRAIN DERAILS IN TEXAS: A Union Pacific freight train derailment involving alocomotive and 13 cars early Jan. 9 in Aubrey, Texas, sent freight carssmashing into a resident's back yard. There were no injuries, damage tothe resident's property was minimal, but the rail line between Fort Worthand McAleser, Oklahoma, was closed into the following day. [My San Antonio,1-9-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN APPEALS TAX RULING IN HARRISBURG: Norfolk Southern has appealed a property tax levy byDauphin County, Pa., for property the railroad improved at Rutherford Yardnear Harrisburg. State law exempts public utilities from paying local propertytaxes, although railroads are taxed a fraction of that amount. The countyruled that an 'intermodal yard,' which Rutherford became, should not beexempt from the full tax, but instead pay the tax without regard to therailroad being a utility. In the meantime, Norfolk Southern has paid thehigher tax under protest, and a date for a court hearing is pending. [PennLive, 1-9-19]

FORMER CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR OBSERVATION CAR INARIZONA TO BE RELOCATED NEARBY: City officialsin Maricopa, Arizona, are slated to move observation car Silver Horizon,formerly of the California Zephyr, a short distance from the Amtrak stationto a site next to the district school headquarters. The move is part ofan overpass construction for a highway spanning Union Pacific train tracks.[U.S. News & World Report, 1-9-19]

CSX-SERVED TRANSLOAD FACILITY OPENS IN S.C.: The South Carolina Ports Authority announced that C&MHog Farm has opened a transload facility at Inland Port Dillon, which isserved by CSX. The facility will handle agricultural products bound foroverseas markets. [Progressive Railroading website report, 1-9-19]

WEEKLY U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: For the week ending Jan. 5, total U.S. rail freight trafficwas 436,103 combined carloads and intermodal units, up 4.8 pct comparedwith the corresponding week last year. [Assn. of American Railroads,1-9-19]

COURT ORDERS UNION PACIFIC TO PAY $2.3-M INENVIRONMENTAL SETTLEMENT: A Placer County,California, judge has ordered Union Pacific to pay more than $2.3-millionin a settlement for mishandling hazardous wastes in a four-county area overan eight-year period. [Herald News, 1-9-19]

AMTRAK'S SUNSET LIMITED TO BE IMPACTED BY TRACKWORK: One weekly round-trip of Amtrak'sSunset Limited will be annulled between January 17 and March 9 due to UnionPacific track work. During the period, there will be no westbound departurefrom New Orleans on Mondays, and no eastbound departure from Los Angeleson Sundays. Remaining trains will be scheduled to arrive Los Angeles threehours later, and depart Los Angeles at 7:26 P.M. instead of 10 P.M., breakinga connection with the inbound Coast Starlight. [Rail Passengers Assn.,1-9-19]

AUSTRIAN RAIL WORKERS STOP THEIR TRAIN TO RESCUEMOUNTAIN GOAT BURIED IN SNOW: Austriantrain workers shut down their track-clearing operations to rescue a chamois,a type of mountain goat, after seeing it get buried in a deluge of snowthey had been clearing. Workers leapt from their train and shoveled to reachthe animal in a snowdrift at the side of the track in a national park. Theeffort was a success, and the goat loped away into a forest. [Herald-Whig,1-9-19]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TRAIN DERAILS IN GEORGIA: A Norfolk Southern train derailed late Jan. 7 near Bartow,Georgia. Thirty-seven cars derailed, two of which breached hydrogen perixideand hydrochloric acid, respectively, but there was no indication of a chlorineleak. The train crew was taken to a hospital for evaluation. [AugustaChronicle, 1-8-19]

TEXRAIL COMMUTER LINE OPENS JAN. 9: Trinity Metro has announced that TexRail commuter railservice will begin Thursday, Jan. 9. The agency received word from the FederalRailroad Administration that the entire 27-mile route from downtown to theairport has been aproved for passenger service. [Progressive Railroading,1-8-19]

NEW EXPRESS INTERMODAL TERMINAL OPENS IN N.J.: The GCT Bayonne ExpressRail Port Jersey opened for businessJan. 7. The intermodal facility's opening marks a milestone in the five-yearstrategic goal of Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to expand railcapacity for cargo destied for outside the region. [Progressive Railroadingwebsite report, 1-8-19]

CHICAGO TRANSIT OPENS NEW TERMINAL AT RED LINESTATION: Chicago has officially openedthe city's new north terminal at the 95th-Dan Ryan station. The projectsignifies completion of a $280-million project for a state-of-the-art transitfacility. The north terminal is the second of two rail and bus facilitiesreplacing the original 50-year-old terminal. [Progressive Railroadingwebsite report, 1-8-19]

UNION PACIFIC COAL TRAIN DERAILS IN NEBRASKA: Twenty-three cars of a 144-car Union Pacific coal trainderailed early Jan. 8 between Valley and Fremont, Nebraska, blocking highway275. No injuries were reported. [6 News WOWT, 1-8-19]

JINAN, CHINA, OPENS FIRST METRO LINE: China's first urban rail opening of the new year tookplace Jan. 1 when Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, launched trialpassenger operation on its first metro line. [International Railway Journal,1-8-19]

WEEKLY AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE: Forty-six percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their scheduled final destination on time or earlier in the weekending January 6, 2019. The remaining 54 percent, on average, arrived onehour and 11 minutes late. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., 1-7-19]

BRIGHTLINE GIVEN EXTENSION TO ISSUE TAX-EXEMPTBONDS: Brightline has been granted an additionalsix months by a federal court to issue $1.15-billion in tax-exempt bondsthe company needs for planned service from South Florida to Orlando. Thejudge also dismissed a lawsuit by Indian River County, Florida, which hadwanted to block the bonds. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-4-19]

X TRAIN ENVISIONS SERVICE STARTUP BY MID-2019: X Rail Entertainment could begin passenger rail servicebetween Southern California and Las Vegas by mid-2019, according to itsparent company. The proposed service would initially make the trip in fourand one-half hours using Union Pacific and BNSF tracks, eastbound on Fridayand westbound on Sunday. One hour could be reduced from the schedule onceimprovements are completed along the line for higher speeds. As a later,final stage of the project, a 500-room 'X Hotel' would be built above theproposed Las Vegas train station. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline, 1-4-19]

AMTRAK'S CRESCENT TO BE IMPACTED BY TRACKWORK: Trackwork will affect Crescent trains 19 and 20 betweenNew Orleans and Atlanta Monday through Thursday from January 7 through February14. Bus service will be substituted. [Rail Passengers Assn. hotline,1-4-19]

HONGNAO RWY OPENS IN CHINA:The 270-mile Hongnao Railway in the Xinjiang region of China was formallyopened to traffic Jan. 1. The line, one of the longest in China to be developedusing private investment, is primarily intended to serve coal mines. [RailwayGazette, 1-4-19]

ITHACA CENTRAL R.R. IS NEW SHORTLINE IN PA.,N.Y.: Watco Companies has launched IthacaCentral Railroad operating on 48.8 miles of leased track between Sayre,Pa., and Ludlowville, N.Y., from Norfolk Southern. Watco expects the lineto handle about 12,000 carloads annually. [Progressive Railroading, 1-3-19]

WASHINGTON METRO TO PERMIT BICYCLES AT ANY HOUR: Washington Metro on Jan. 7 will end a longstanding restrictionof bicycles on trains during rush hours. Under the new policy, standard-sizebikes will be allowed on any car, at all times, 'provided space is available.'[Progressive Railroading, 1-3-19]

PEDESTRIAN STRUCK, KILLED BY METROLINK TRAIN: A pedestrian was struck and killed by a Metrolink trainearly Jan. 3 in Northridge, California. [KTLA-5, 1-3-19]

DECEMBER 2018 U.S. RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC REPORT: U.S. railroads in December 2018 originated 2,118,094carloads and intermodal units, up 4 pct from December 2017. Calculated separately,carloads increased 2.9 pct, while intermodal increased 5 pct. [Assn.of American Railroads, 1-3-19]

N.Y. CITY'S L TRAIN TO CONTINE OPERATING DURINGREPAIRS: It had previously been reportedthat New York City's L train, the system's busiest, would shut down forat least 15 months for repairs. This has now changed. Under a new plan,work will take place only on nights and weekends with trains running onlimited service through one of the two tubes between Manhattan and Brooklyn.[U.S. News & World Report, 1-3-19]

FEDS EXAMING SHIPPER FEES BY RAILROADS UNDERPRECISION SCHEDULED RAILROADING: The U.S.Surface Transportation Board is looking into fees Norfolk Southern and UnionPacific have begun charging shippers relating to transitions to precisionscheduled railroading for delays to the system such as slow unloading orlate pickups. [Supply Chain Dive, 1-3-19]

SIX DEAD IN DANISH TRAIN ACCIDENT: Six passengers on a Danish State Railways Aarhus-Copenhagenintercity train were killed in the early morning of Jan. 2 when the trainwas hit by an object from an adjacent train while crossing the Great Beltfixed link between Funen and Zealand.High winds have been cited as the causeof the incident. Another 16 passengers were reported as injured. [InternationalRailway Journal, 1-2-19]

FOUR U.S. RAILROADS FULLY MEET PTC IMPLEMENTATIONDEADLINE: North County Transit District,Metrolink, Port Authority Trans-Hudson and Portland & Western Railroadwere the four railroads that had fully implemented positive train-controlas of the end of 2018. Thirty-seven railroads requested alternative schedules- seven Class I carriers, 25 intercity passenger and commuter railroads,and five shortline or terminal railroads - and 12 railroads obtained conditionalPTC system certification permitting them to operate PTC in revenue service.[Progressive Railroading, 1-2-19]

CHICAGO TRAINSIT COMPLETES UPGRADES AT FOURSTATIONS: Four Green Line Chicago TransitAuthority stations - 51st street, Halsted, Cottage Grove and Kedzie - havehad upgrade work completed. The $12-million project was funded by bondsissued in 2017. [Progressive Railroading, 1-2-19]

BRIGHTLINE TRAIN STRIKES, KILLS PEDESTRIAN: Authorities say a Brightline train struck and killeda pedestrian late Jan. 1 in Fort Lauderdale. This is the 11th fatality sinceBrightline began operations in mid-2017. [U.S. News & World Report,1-2-19]

BNSF ASKS COURT TO REJECT CLAIM THAT OBESITYIS A DISABILITY: BNSF, wich has been suedseveral times for allegedly discriminating against obese workers and applicants,has filed a brief with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court, claiming that Congressnever intended to cover obesity with the Americans with Disabilities Act,and new science does not show that obesity itself is a disease unless itresults from some underlying medical condition. [Reuters, 1-2-19]

AMTRAK LONG-DISTANCE TRAIN PERFORMANCE IN 2018: Thirty-one percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trainsarrived at their final destination on-time or earlier in 2018. The remaining69 percent, on average, arrived one hour and 36 minutes behind schedule.MORE.. [BullSheet Statistical Dept., 1-1-19]

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Name: Dan Stracke

Birthday: 1992-08-25

Address: 2253 Brown Springs, East Alla, OH 38634-0309

Phone: +398735162064

Job: Investor Government Associate

Hobby: Shopping, LARPing, Scrapbooking, Surfing, Slacklining, Dance, Glassblowing

Introduction: My name is Dan Stracke, I am a homely, gleaming, glamorous, inquisitive, homely, gorgeous, light person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.