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5/16/02 Updated

RE: Internet Advertising and Product Pricing

I would like to advise all perspective customers that we (SkeeterS marine) have contracts with all of our boat suppliers and builders stating a certain market area that we are to sell into. (Mainly the Florida Keys.)

With this in mind we ask that any and all perspective customers should make a serious effort to deal as close to home as possible. In the event that you as buyer/shopper for a new boat, find it hard to get information and pricing from any dealer about the product you wish to purchase you certainly have every right to obtain information/pricing and purchase a boat from any dealer you please.

Because of some dealers and builders not wishing to deal first hand with the Internet advertising/pricing problem it is making it very hard for you the customer to acquire the information to make a final decision.

SkeeterS marine has a no hassle policy that works the first time and every time you the customer ask for pricing.

We know this is the best way to do business now and in the future because it works and our customers tell us so.

Please print and sign this form, fax it to 305-872-3560 to receive

 your low no Hassle price

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