Mar-Wind Turbine

by SkeeterS marine of the Florida Keys

1.5KW Wind Turbine

14' Blade Diameter,  3 Glass Fiber Composite Blades

400 RPM Blade Speed

Rare Earth Magnet Generator (see chart below)

Blade to Generator Ratio: 9-1

Open unregulated AC Voltage

Rectified to unregulated DC Voltage

Charge Controlled to Charge 12 Volts up to 90 Amps

(24 Volt System is available)


Over Speed and Yaw Mechanical controlled

Automatic (or remote) Brake and Vibration Shut Down

Tower is 46', pivoting, counterbalanced and motor controlled to allow lowering

of turbine for maintenance and extreme wind conditions.

 Watch Video (about a 50 second download)

A Few Items of Information

The unit kWh is a unit of energy, which is power multiplied by time. Multiply the power of the equipment (measured in W or kW) by time used (measured in h) and you get the energy in kWh.


A power of 1 kW over a time of one hour is one kWh. A 100 W (0.1 kW) bulb left on for 5 hours uses 0.1 x 5 = 0.5 kWh.

If your home uses an average of 500 W (0.5 kW) then it will consume 12 kWh per day (24 h).

Also not the correct capitalization. Only the W (Watt) is capitalized, the k (kilo = 1000) prefix and the time unit h (hour) are not.

1 KWh, is 1 kilowatt per second, for 1 hour, or 1KW x 3600 seconds (3,600,000 watts)


Oki Data specifies power consumption in Watts. How is that converted to Kilowatts per hour?

The Unit kWh actually means Kilowatts multiplied by hours.

The correct formula to calculate kWh from W is:

kWh = (Watts/1000) * hours

Where hours is the time in hours the unit is switched on.

To find the power consumption for a 95Watt unit during an 8 hours working day:

95W/1000 * 8h = 0.76kWh

If the same machine is always on and you want to know the consumption for one month, the formula is:

95W/1000 * 24h * 30 = 68.4kWh