Hurricane Shelter


Procedures of the Shelter  ~  A Sensible Plan from the Inventor


  1. Purchase and store the Storm Safe Shelter in a room close to the area of use. This should possibly be a second story bedroom but as far above the 9 foot flood level as possible.


  1. Attend the free assembly training offered with the shelter, so you will understand how simple assembly is and understand the complete operation of all its features.


  1. Do a test assembly in your own home so you have the experience first hand, by cleaning everything from the room and proceed with putting a few pieces together without sealing.


  1. When a storm threatens, clear the room, assemble the shelter giving yourself at least 12 hours of lead time before the winds begin.


  1. Be sure you have stocked and secured the items you want with you during the storms peak period. (have a complete check list and use it)


  1. Once you feel that you are in danger, enter the shelter and secure the hatch. Leave the air plugs removed at this time. If after you have  water  entering the shelter, install the air vent plugs.  Noting the time and remember that you now have a limited air supply. Regardless of what happens from this point on, your very first action is to remove the air plugs as soon as possible. After the peak period of the storm has pasted, exit the shelter.


  1. If you fully intend to use the shelter to its fullest, you should have bought the seat and shoulder harness package and the foam float drums. With these options, you can strap yourself in so regardless of what position the shelter is in, you will be secure.


  1. Tying down the shelter is controlled by the placement area.  The tie down kit and eyes can be removed from the inside by simply removing the eyes and installing the plugs. (In the event you have to be in a water / floating situation.)


Assembly time should be around 4-6 hours with a helper. As stated above, you should give your self at least 12 hours lead time and be ready if and when a storm threatens.


This shelter is designed for the peak period of the storm only. No other use is intended or condoned. It is also suggested that you tell no others of its presents as their distress may become yours.



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